Letter To My Husband

Christian love letters to husbands from their wives.
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Dear Vivin, my husband, my friend, my love! On this very special day I want to let you know how special I am that God has put you in my life! God has sent us to each other […]

Dear Kevin, My love…i just wanted to tell you how much I love you. You are the best man I ever met and I just adore you. I’m so happy to be your wife and I’m grateful to […]

Dear Michael, We’ve been best friends since we were both Seniors in High school. Our meeting was definitely of the Lord, and our becoming friends was a blessing beyond comparison. You and I both know we’ve had our […]

Hi Dawe, This letter is just to tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I love the quote: “I have seen the best of you and the worst of you and […]

Dear Tommy, As I write this letter, it has been 15 years since we said I Do. Even those 17 years ago when my heart, soul and mind were totally devoted to Jesus as my husband, He knew […]

My Dear V, A thousand words a but a few to count the words I want to write about my feelings for you. I made vows to love and honor you till death on the 24th of January, […]

Dear Mohammadim, This is our first valentine’s day together. I don’t have words to describe what I feel for you and how great I feel today. I fall deeper in your love with every passing day. Every moment […]

Dear Jeffrey, My heart knew you before I knew you. Your very name was familiar to me, though we’d never met. I wanted out of our hometown so badly, but yet you captured my heart in a way […]

Paul, The days leading up to your arrival are vastly approaching, and I want to just say Thank you, for all that you do. What an awesome God to let me begin anew. For finding me, loving me, […]

To My Dearest Bob, You are truly my greatest blessing I thank God for you. You have stood by me through the hard times good times so many things, as I struggled with drugs and alcohol you stay […]

Dear Jerry, I have loved you from the moment I laid my eyes on you 4 years ago. You have been my best friend from the beginning and I could not imagine life without you. God placed you […]

Dear Al, I cannot express how much I love you and how much our life together means to me. I pray for us everyday and thank God for you and for guiding and leading us. You are my […]

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