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Daily Marriage Prayers

Praying for your marriage is essential to having a thriving marriage and to seeing Gods power in your marriage. Each of these prayers are specifically written to lift up your marriage to the lord. Please pray them over your marriage and husband.

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Dear God, I love my husband so much!  My heart is heavy for him today.  When I think about our culture and the way advertisers publish ads marketing very sexual content, my heart grows furious. There is no doubt in my mind that the explicit way the world uses sexual content triggers or tempts my husband to think about sex and lust.  It seems inescapable.  I pray that You would change the heart of the world and those making marketing decisions.  I pray for a revolution of modesty.  Lord, I ask that You would guard my husband’s heart and mind, […]

September 30, 2014

Prayer: Protection For My Husband Against Immodesty
Dear God, You creatively built my body and made it function a specific way. I know I am suppose to take care of this body You gave me and make good choices for my health. But I admit there are times that my cravings overwhelm my senses. In moments of weakness I choose things that are not always healthy for me, feeding my craving for sugar, salt, or even my craving to be lazy. My flesh tries to overpower my will to exert self-control and discipline. I not only hurt my body in the process, but I hurt my marriage […]

September 29, 2014

Prayer: Self-Control With Cravings
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for my husband!  Thank You for the love that we share.  I pray that our love continues to grow, mature, and deepen as we continue to remain passionate about living out our vows to each other.  I pray that I would be an encouraging wife.  That every day I would take time to affirm my husband through my words, body language and attitude. May Your Holy Spirit inspire me with different ways to do this, may creativity motivate my desire to bless my husband in this way.  I pray that through my actions my husband […]

September 28, 2014

Prayer: Affirming My Husband
Dear Lord, I pray for marriages all around the world. I pray for peace in every home. Lord, I pray that husbands and wives would be able to communicate in a loving way, seeking harmony at all costs. I pray for the walls in our hearts to come crashing down so that intimacy can happen. My hope is for couples to draw closer together more than they ever have before and to know confidently that it is only possible with You in Jesus’ name AMEN!

September 27, 2014

Prayer: Peace In The Home
Dear Lord, Thank You for my life. I have suffered from many insecurities and many more fears, but You have rescued me! Thank You for giving me the strength and the confidence to do what You purposed for me to do. I know there are many wives who are feeling weak, buckling beneath the weight of insecurity or fear. I want to lift them up to You and implore You to gift them confidence. May You inspire them with courage and strip away their doubt in Jesus’ name AMEN!

September 26, 2014

Prayer: Confidence For The Weak
Dear Lord, Thank you so much for my marriage. I pray that you would continue to reveal to my husband and I the purpose for our marriage. We desire to pursue your purpose for us. Holy Spirit may you transform us from the inside out so that we may reflect your precious love story. Let your purpose for us motivate our hearts to be better at marriage, better in our roles as husband and wife. I pray that my husband would seek after you today. Then I pray that we would be able to talk about the things you are […]

September 24, 2014

Prayer: Purpose For Marriage
Dear Lord, Thank You for today. Thank You for my life. There are so many people around me, people I interact with on a daily basis. Please show me how I can help them. Help me to be less selfish and more thoughtful, willing to help where needed. I pray for creativity and inspiration in helping these people in different ways. I especially pray for my husband. Please motivate my heart to help him, to love him, to serve him, and to encourage him. I know You built me to be a helper and I want to fulfill that purpose […]

September 23, 2014

Prayer: How To Help Others
Dear God, Thank You for Your provision. You always provide for us and fulfill our needs! We are incredibly thankful and we rejoice giving You praise! We pray over our finances right now, asking that You help us manage them righteously.  May we be good stewards of all that You give to us. We pray that husbands and wives would be in agreement on how money is spent and that they submit to one another in deciding their budget. May money never cause tension in our marriages, or be a source of pain. We pray that money would not entrap our hearts. […]

September 21, 2014

Prayer: Money & Marriage
Dear Lord, Thank you so much for today. Thank you for my family and thank you for your provision! I have been noticing how much I am on my phone or computer or other things that keep me from being all present in the presence of others, especially my husband. This takes precious moments of intimacy where we could be talking, laughing, or doing anything that builds up our relationship. Please help me to unplug from technology and plug into real life relationships. I know they matter to you and they definitely matter to me. I pray that I would learn […]

September 20, 2014

Prayer: Being All Present
Dear Lord, The days seem shorter and shorter as we schedule to do more and more.  Our lives are busy, so busy that we spend less quality time with our spouses. I pray that we can reconnect after busy days.  Help my husband and I have the desire to prioritize special time for each other. I pray that we have the energy to love extravagantly and to serve each other each and every day.  May our love grow deeper and richer as the days go by.  Lord, I pray for joy, abundant joy.  May You cover our marriage in every way, […]

September 19, 2014

Prayer: Reconnecting After Busy Days
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for today! Thank You for my life and my marriage! I ask that You would go before me today. May my character reflect Yours, may my heart radiate joy. I pray that I would be an encouragement to my husband in everything I say and do. I pray over our home as well. I pray that my husband and I would protect our marriage and family through what we allow to feed us, what we allow to energize us, and entertain us. Holy Spirit please convict our hearts on things that are in our lives […]

September 18, 2014

Prayer: Entertainment
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that my husband and I would be a generous couple. Please show us how we can sow generosity together! I pray that we would get excited about supporting others, whether it is a child in another country, a family adopting, a friend in need, or a stranger who you want us to bless. Soften our hearts so that we are sensitive to your voice. I pray that you would lead us and that we would follow you! May your Holy Spirit guide us everyday and show us how we can bless others and give us […]

September 17, 2014

Prayer: Sowing Generosity
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