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Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage

Never Give Up On You Husband & Never Forsake Your Vows

Never Give Up On You Husband & Never Forsake Your Vows

Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your marriage? I know that I have felt like giving up at least once in my marriage. Every wife needs encouragement for marriage!  Some may seriously be contemplating divorce, while others just need a little reminder of why marriage is so important.  This is a perfect guest article from Shakera encouraging all wives to have hope for the miracle of restoration in marriage.  Her message to all of us is: Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!  Enjoy and be blessed!

Shakera writes:

It is no surprise that the devil attacks so many marriages in the world today.  It is one of the most important relationships that we as believers have.

John 10:10 says that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  When the enemy comes into our marriages he is looking to ruin generations to come, not just those in your household.  So many are affected by divorce and separation, and it has long term affects on your children.

Being married to someone who has hurt you by adultery, addictions, and abuse whether physical, verbal, or emotional can be the most hurtful thing you can go through. Why? God says in His word in Genesis 2:23, “And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Mark 10:8 states, “And the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two but one.”  When you’re married you are now one flesh, so things are more devastating.  It feels like there has been a death, and there has been.  There’s been a death of trust, happiness, belief that anything good can come out of your marriage.

The enemy places things in your marriage so that he can end the relationship that he knows can bring so much Godly fruition into your life, your spouse, and your children.

When the enemy attacked my marriage it became personal.  I was hurt, depressed, and devastated, but I knew that God was the only one who could bring me through.  I didn’t know what to think or do and I felt like I was losing my mind.  There were people telling me to get a divorce and move on with my life, that I deserved better, but all I wanted to do was what God wanted me to do and that is it.  So I cried out to Him about what to do, begging Him to help me and He told me to trust Him.

I knew then that divorce wasn’t an option for me. I know that there are biblical reasons to get a divorce and I had the biblical right to do so, but I didn’t believe that was what God wanted me to do.  I decided that day to stand for my marriage and to believe God for the miracle of marriage restoration.  I never thought that I would be separated from my husband like this, but God’s thoughts are above my thoughts. And what the enemy means for harm God will turn it around for my good.

Yes people think I am crazy; they tell me that my husband has a mind of his own and knows what he’s doing.  2 Timothy 2:26 says, “They will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.”

Some may support your stand for your marriage and your fight against the enemy, while some may totally disagree, but all that matters is that you do what God wants you to do. One day we will all have to face judgment and have to be responsible for the things we did.  All those people who had opinions about your situation will not be with you when you have to answer to God.  So you have to do what you know is right. We are married to God first above our spouses and He never divorces us.

Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!

Some of you may be thinking “Well you don’t know what he/she said or did to me” and that is true I don’t, but I know from experience that if you pray and ask God for strength He will give you strength to do things that you never thought possible.  I have been believing God for a miracle in my marriage restoration for almost two years.  And yes it has been hard and there are times that I want to give up, but whenever I feel like that, God always gives me the strength to keep going.

One thing that I know is that God will never give up on me and my family.  He has made me promises that I will always stand on before anything else.  I will always pray for my husband because we are one so I can’t pray for myself without praying for him.  I will not let the enemy win or have my family and you shouldn’t either.  Our God has already defeated the devil so there is nothing that he can do to us.  If God before us, who can be against us???

We have to stop giving the devil things that he doesn’t have rights to.  He doesn’t have rights to our families, our dreams, our faith, our purpose, our jobs, etc.

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”- Luke 10:19

The devil wants you to think that there isn’t anything you can do, that your marriage is over, that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore, and that you’re better off without them. But God can change anyone.

If He changed Saul who killed Christians into Paul who later became a writer of some books in the bible, He can surely change your spouse and you also whether your spouse is an unbeliever or not because God is married to the backslider.

Don’t believe the lies of the enemy.  It is never too late to do what is right for God.  Fight for your marriage and family and don’t let the devil win. Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!!!

Ezekiel 22:30 “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not destroy it, but I found none.” Be the one to stand in the gap for your spouse and family. God Bless!!

– Shakera Causey

***Although this is encouragement many of us need to hear, there are situations that require more help than just encouragement. If you are in an abusive relationship please consider seeking safety and then seek professional help.


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  • Tina Ca

    I don’t trust him. He has lied to me many times. My husband and I have been married for ten years. We have been separated for the post 3 years, but we still were pretty close on, off. Doing things as a family, saying I love you, miss you, being intimate. During those 3 years he’s been involved withsomeone close to me, having a child with jet. I just found out a few months ago. Then out of the blue he’s been around me acting like were a family, that he was over her completely. He wad confused was sorry for all this. Then she’s in the pic again and they moved in together. Yes on off he says he doesn’t love me, wants a divorce but I never could bring myself to file, cause I don’t feel peace in my Heart to do it and that we need to try again.I’ve been praying every day. It sucks cause we have 2 small kids together who asks for their dad every day he won’t come see them, hadn’t seem them for 3 wks. I’m so emotional I dint know whatto do. Should I keep praying that we can make this marriage work or just give up. I know there is a party of him that still loves me and wants to be a family with us. But with the other women around he won’t let go of her cause he feels sorry for her.

  • Moneik Lee

    God knows and sees all, I will NEVER advise divorce because I know it’s not of God and I know the love one can have for their spouse. I’ll tell you what I’ve been told, and that’s to pray with a sincere heart and ask the holy spirit to minister to his mind,spirit,body and soul and that his Spirit be so overwhelming that your husband and the Adulterous woman will turn from their ways. Bind up those impurities and loose love,unity, forgiveness and faithfulness. I’m praying for you in Jesus Christ name.

  • wanttobemarried

    I pray God answers your prayer and give you the desires of your heart

  • Moneik Lee

    My husband has been gone a month and some days and his last words were” I’m tired of arguing about small things!” We haven’t made a year of marriage yet, sadly our anniversary is on my Birthday July 1 so I am believing God that we will be reformed and together for our 1 yr anniversary and everyday day,month, and year after that. Yes, it hurts like crazy but my deep depressed days have passed and I began to pray for peace, and strength to endure. I started reading the word more on marriage and asking the holy spirit to work on the things in me that needs fixing so i may be a better wife to my husband, as well as asking the Holy Spirit to work on him and fix those things needed to be a better husband to me and that he wouldn’t be able to resist the wooing of the holy spirit. Everyday he’s gone I plead the blood of Jesus over him and bind up all of the evil and loose love,unity, respect, and loyalty. I go on to thank the Holy Spirit for his miracle working power in my marriage. Amen

  • wanttobemarried

    My husband lives out of state with another female. So how long am I suppose to stay in this marriage? It hurts because I want to be married and have a family with my husband

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    I appreciate your comment and I have added a portion at the bottom of the article for those in abusive situations.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    I would encourage you to ask him if going to a marriage conference would be something you two can invest in. my husband and I found healing and breakthrough in communication when we went to a weekend to remember through familylife.

  • Sherri Fyan

    Next week on Oct. 28th I will be “married” 25 years. Just the other day I asked my husband what he had planned for our 25th anniversary. You see when we were planning our wedding 26 years ago he wanted a church wedding, I wanted an outdoor wedding….We had a church wedding. When planning a honeymoon I was the only one with a savings acct. And I suggested a disney 3 day cruise. It was reasonable back then. He wanted a quick drive honeymoon to Niagara falls, we went to Niagara falls. He promised that if we went to niagara falls that on our 10th anniversary we would go on a cruise. Our 10th came and went with the promise that it would come on our 25th anniversary. Well when I asked a few days ago, he said well I don’t have money to spend on that since you contribute nothing to the household. I have been a stay at home mom, working seasonally or babysitting kids out of our home, homeschooling our kids, for the past 22 years. 3 years ago I got a job in our local high school food service program making a decent amount of money for
    part time work.
    I feel like a fool, stupid for trusting him at his word. I am so hurt…I refuse to go anywhere with him, I refuse to continue to act like nothing is wrong.
    To top it all off, he is a preacher. And people think he is perfect.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Hang in there friend! It is so commendable that you have been praying so long for him! Don’t give up! I am praying with you!

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately I have not heard an update from her. I am praying with you!

  • Chris

    WoW! I am so encouraged right now to know that I am not the only one God has spoken to about this. After 19 years of marriage and 5 children later My husband left me 2 years ago. I have been told to do the exact things mentioned in this article and have felt like God has told me to “Wait” to “Be Still” I really feel like most people do not want to wait on God so they take things into their own hands by rushing out and getting a divorce. Just simply giving up… No I did not deserve this (and neither did our children), No this has not been easy, Yes, it hurts more than I could have possibly imagined, but This is a spiritual battle and spiritual battles take time. The prodigal son didn’t return home over night… God has given me promises and I am standing on them. I will never give up, have I thought about it…Yes…but, At the beginning of this trial i was reminded of a famous quote to a graduating class from William Churchill…”Never Give Up, Never Never Give Up, Never Never Never Give up” I will wait on the Lord, I will stand in the gap for my husband believing he will return to God and our family.

    I would love to know how Shakera Causey is doing now.

  • A Tale of 2 Kiddies

    Although written some time ago….I needed to read this TODAY! Thank you!

  • Kim Pardew

    My story is so similar. My husband constantly flirts with other women. His phone, texts, social media and emails were off-limits. He would visit other women without me. We separated. Then, the man in one of our couple friends went to jail. We were even trying to be the go-between between them. My husband’s a drinker and so is she. So my husband started stopping by her house after work to drink and “commiserate”. While we were still separated we still wanted to work on our marriage, so he was also spending several nights a week with me. But every single time he disappeared I found him at her house. She claimed he became her best friend and couldn’t give that up. I was even told to accept it or leave. By this time my self-esteem was rock bottom. I know how you can become bitter by not forgiving, so I forgave him. I realized blaming him and wanting him to change was not going to work. So I examined my own issues and started working on ME. About a year prior a totally unrelated incident caused us to become bitter with “church” and we became estranged from God. Finally, things became so hurtful to me, that I cried out, “Help me God! I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. I don’t know what’s real and what’s a lie!” The next day I called for a meeting between the 3 of us. I was going to demand some kind of resolution. That was also the day I found the Unveiled Wife. And through you, I felt God was sending me a message that my marriage could be restored. This woman made her own decision to end this friendship – changing her phone number and locks on her house. It still feels a little awkward between us, but we’ve started doing a daily devotional and we’re going to church tomorrow. I believe god will restore our marriage and that the Unveiled Wife is truely blessed by God!!

  • christal
  • Nina

    Wow.. I too have the same desire in my heart to stand for my marriage. I can relate to your article in every way even to praying for s as one cause that is how God sees us. I have been studying on marriage and Gods word.. You are right. The enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy. I have plead the blod over my husband. I have been reading The rules of engagement by Cindy Trimm which has some powerful insight on spiritual warfare and amazing prayers to pray as you stand in covenant with God to restore your marriage. I am in agreement with you that God will restore your marriage and it will be the best of God…

  • Wife of Agape Love

    Here is my story it
    may be a little long but please bear with me. I have been married for nine years this month and I have gone through some things that could bury some people. My husband had an emotional affair the first year of our marriage and the affairs continued on almost year after year. After all the promises of I will never do it again and I feel like I let you down speeches. I forgave him over and over during the reconciliation times but he constantly seeked attention from other woman. I have a great relationship with God and I have always prayed what to do and to give me strength and peace to get through to forgive. In 2008 my husband contracted a STD for which I didn’t due to us using condoms because he didn’t want to have another baby after our first child. Well in 2009 he had another child with a mistress and my world was devasted. It took nothing but God and prayer to get me through it. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Here I was longing for a daughter and he gave another woman that option. He decided not to be in the childs life but God had been moving in my life to make this an option. Well time past with more lies and still the need to seek attention and recently I found out he was communicating with another woman for which he says it was nothing but it was everyday all day and based on history I believe another affair. One month later he left me and didn’t even tell me until I called him to see where he was. I all but begged this man to come home showing him that after everything he has ever done to me I never turned my back on him. Yes I have remained faithful because my relationshop is not just with him but God. He came back with much resistance and blamed me says I made him turn his back on his daughter and in the same breath says hes not blaming me(all his decision). He is here now with all these demands for things to change ie he doesn’t want to live in the hme we are in because of my close proximity and bond to my familly who has loved him like their own and never treated him differently regardless of what he done, unless the financial situation changes, and we talk about him having a relationship with his daughter for which I do not have a problem with. There is so much distance in my home and he insists on having his privacy with his social site and email and treating me like we are strangers. I keep praying and tonight I stumbled on this site tears in my eyes ready to walk away so I know it was nothing but God but it is so hard and I dont know what to. Yes we have had counseling in the past with plans on having more counseling in a few days but there he blamed me too. My love for him never changed or ceased and I have not made him feel unwanted even in my pain.

  • Dawn White

    Beautifully written…thank you for sharing… <3

  • Karen Long

    My husband of 27 yrs left four months ago. I am a firm believer that God can and will restore our marriage, but I am like so many, housewife of 25 yrs, disabled, zero income and I am almost to the point of filing for at least legal separation when everyone keeps insisting for going for the whole divorce. I just know according to God’s word he has failed me and according to the state I am more than entitled to spousal support. I know the minute I do this he will not pay and I will be no better off other than making him even more furious with me. I have sat with my Pastor and all he says “he is an emotional wimp” kind of hard to argue that when it is the truth. My husband failed God, his role to me as far as providing for his wife and family. My daughter and I are now living with my sister and that is a toxic situation all the way around. I feel like sometimes God has forgotten me and I know better, but I keep thinking what have I honestly done so wrong to end up in this position, when my husband is the one who allowed us to become in the position he put us in. We’ve lost our home of seventeen years, which is no big loss, because I’ve always believed your home is where ever your heart is. I could live in a lien two and be happy as long as I had my husband. He states we are no longer compatible and I laugh because that is the biggest cop out ever. He is letting himself down by throwing everything away. My faith is in God to rebuke the devil out of his/our life. I am trying to stand so strong, keep my faith that God will and can move mountains. I have moments that I feel like the fool everyone keeps telling me I am. I know that is Satan playing in my life and I keep rebuking him in the name of Jesus.

    I pray for all of us in this spot. I pray that God will restore and bring our spouses back to be even better than it ever was in the Glory of God. God Bless all of you. Stand in the arms of Jesus, in his love. Jesus will never fail us. God loves us, he will not fail us. Our Heavenly Farther, thank you for all your love and patience’s, please help heal our broken hearts and spirits, thank you God for all your blessings and learning lessons, thank you for not abandoning us. I ask for forgiveness for our sins I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen!

  • Ang

    I feel your pain, but my advice is don’t stay out of guilt. Know that you tried your all, but it takes 2 to save a marriage just like it takes 2 to save any kind of a relationship.
    God Bless You :)

  • Ang

    I am currently in this situation with the only difference being I finally went to an attorney and filed for divorce.
    I believe our marriage is worth saving and worth fighting for but I can’t do it on my own anymore. I pray daily for strength, peace, and wisdom to handle everything. I feel lost some days and other days I feel ok. Only time will tell for me, but I am also concerned for our two kids who are put in the middle of this too.
    All I can say is for anyone and everyone to keep praying, God hears you :)

  • Faith Steven

    My Name is faith, I wish to share my testimonies with the general public about what this man called Dr Moko has just done for me , this man has just brought back my lost Ex husband to me with his great spell, i was married to this man called Steven we were together for a long time and we loved our self’s but when i was unable to give he a child for 2 years he left me and told me he can’t continue anymore then i was now looking for ways to get him back until a friend of mine told me about this man and gave his contact email (mokospellcaster@gmail.com) then you won’t believe this when i contacted this man on my problems he prepared this spell cast and bring my lost husband back, and after a month i miss my month and go for a test and the result stated am pregnant am happy today am a mother of a baby girl, thank you once again the great Dr Moko for what you have done for me, if you are out there passing through this same kind of problems you can contact he today on his mail (mokospellcaster@gmail.com ) and he will also help you as well.”

  • Lakeya Astwood

    I feel EXACTLY like this everyday!! Like I should keep fighting for restoration!! Me and my husband met in 2001 we married in 2007 and in 2009 we had our son…my husband left me when I was 6 months pregnant for another woman. During that whole time I prayed for restoration and I belived it I felt it in my soul!!! And in January on our anniversary he came back home…unfortunately we separated yet a second time 9 months later so here I am still praying and believing some days are so hard like I feel I need to walk a way he doesn’t love us or want us he doesn’t want to be with me so just get a divorce..then I’m filled with guilt in heart I feel bad and I feel like its wrong. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy and I need to move on but that’s my husband and moving on doesnt feel right…I have tried.

  • cindy

    The Dr. is a GOD sent

  • 00iyok00

    Cindy, is this a God praise report? I only read you praising the Dr.

  • 00iyok00

    Trust GOD BH. My history is this: I was raised atheist, i was molested at 8 1/2, was a little wife until i was 16, i was a little mother to my two younger sisters, tried to take my life at 13, had one of three abortions at 27, you’d think by then i was done but i wasn’t, only knew the Worldly way of living and so struggle was at the top of my list.
    became a single mom in 96, three years after God brings a man into my life. We got married [mine and his first marriage]. He was Christian. Made mistakes but if I had the right heart [I know this now] we would still be together. I blamed him for everything and then five years ago walked out on him. GOD saved me four years ago and he taught me that everything is forgivable. I forgave my parents for my young life. I now live with my mom, GOD restored our relationship. I forgive my dad because I know that I too crossed the threshold of what we are and are not to do; i can no longer judge him.
    Most of all I apologized to my husband for treating him so poorly and forgave him only for the mistakes he made not for everything that went wrong in my life; it was not his responsibility to take nor mine to give him.
    I have tremendous HOPE in GOD to restore my marriage because that is what HE put in my heart.
    I wear my wedding rings not for my husband now, I wear it for GOD because my marriage, my covenant is with GOD now.
    The lessons that HE has taught me about me, why I know that GOD will transform your heart and fix your marriage is because if you let go and let GOD, He will fix everything.
    He will teach you to be a wife first, put your husbands needs first and then your children. I made the mistake of putting my kids first, my life, my needs, work, everything I needed I put first and my marriage suffered, I know now that it is not that way, a husband has to come first not because he is better, its because that is how God made it to be.
    I pray that the Lord will put peace in your soul and mind so that He can show you the truths you need to learn to be a better wife. God be with you BH. :)

  • Brokenhearted

    I am feeling better and I know the prayers are being answered. I don’t feel so scared anymore because I know that God will see me through whatever happens. I do know that I won’t tolerate abuse and I have made that clear to my husband and he seems to get it. I feel numb to him though and am very angry that he essentially “robbed” me of the intimacy I wanted and deserved. He undermined me with our children and now I have to watch the damage unfold in their lives and I feel like I can never forgive him for all that, but with God’s help I can and will. There is so much history of hurts and neglect and abuse that I don’t know if we have a future, but God is there to help me face it.
    Thank you and God bless you tenderly.

  • cindy

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  • 00iyok00

    and Donny, I forgot to tell you, the devil will tempt you with another. please don’t do anything to leave the path God set up for you. My husbands temptation was too strong and the devil won. But i know that even with that God will use it for His purpose to mould my husband into a godly man.
    But don’t let the devil temp you, get male prayer warriors and speak to them. Do not have intimate conversations with women. Women and men should not converse on things about marriage unless its one spouse, otherwise the devil will use that to tempt you. Don’t join any separated or divorced groups for comfort. Either you are with God and can forgive your wife, or you will wander like so many standers who are called to stand but let their pride get in the way. Be strong and trust in God. He will help you forgive and will teach you humility. Something we humans sadly lack.
    I love you brother. God be with you.

  • 00iyok00

    Donny, you are doing good. God will lead you if standing is what He has asked you to do. Not an easy road but so much worth the spiritual growth.
    This is your desert, you need to look to God to show you where He feels you need to grow.
    I did the same with my husband when I walked out on him. He wasn’t able to get a job for almost a year. I was frustrated because I was the bread winner and of course in my thinking, someone had to support the family. So I felt that he wasn’t working hard enough to support the family yet at the same time wasn’t helping him to have the strength to do things for the family. I tore him down, and made him feel worthless.
    I was in the worldly. I was an Agnostic/Atheist so my value system was warped. When God saved me, in my desert, God showed me the error of my ways. It hurt badly because I had to lose everything to be the woman that God needed me to be, a Godly woman. I was a worldly woman. I could take care of myself, et a job better than my husband, i didn’t need anyone to take care of me, I was very wrong. After six months of doing it my way, thinking I had the one up on life, fighting with my husband, making everything his fault, I told him it was over. I was not finished with my husband because i still wanted to be ‘friends’ i still wanted him to change and so i waited on the sidelines but my sweet husband was in his own anguish and the pull to go to another woman was strong, a woman that could give him those things that i could not. That was a month, and after i could say no more to my husband to change his mind about him changing [i didn’t think i was the problem] i fell. i was in the hallway of hy home, i fell to the ground in despair, crying like someone had torn my soul out, and then the miracle happened. thats when God, the Holy Spirit entered me. I had felt that feeling before when my Yorkie-poo Nicki had been put to sleep in my arms, I felt her spirit go. this time i felt it go through me.
    God took everyone away from me for a year and a half. i spent that year with him alone and he taught me the things i needed to learn to be the Godly woman my husband needed.
    I am standing for my husbands salvation and the restoration of our marriage.
    I pray to every stander here to have prayer warriors with you because the devil will entice you to make mistakes. My marriage could have been restored sooner had I listened to God and not let fear rule me but when i had reached out to prayer warriors who were standers, they turned their back on me telling me that i had to do it alone, that is not true. The Bible tells us that prayer in numbers is a good thing but i had no one and so i faltered and here i am four years into my stand, i don’t regret it because God has been with me all this time. He got me into prison ministry, He got me to start my own not for profit, He got me a job with the City government in a department i truly love, He got my relationship with my mom restored after seven years separation and no hope of ever coming together, i know there’s more to do in my family. i was blessed, i had my Road to Damascus, I pray the same for everyone who does not know God because having Him in ones life is the most amazing thing ever.
    Being a stander is hard. The hardest thing you will ever do but its because we must follow and do what God asks us to do. That is hard. But He will guide you in the right way.
    Donny, the next time you feel you are able to speak to your wife via text, if she is still talking to you, tell her you love her, don’t stop telling her you love her. Seek Gods counsel to stand. God hates divorce because He doesn’t divorce us, He accepts us with all our faults and takes us back at every opportunity we decide to go back to Him, so the same relationship we have with Him He wants us to have with each other especially our marriages.
    Don’t think about why, God in time will show you the why. Right now focus on Him to show you the path to right the errors you yourself have made. It takes two to mess up, so first look to God to show you your life so He can teach you to be a better man,husband, father.
    I love you brother, may the Lord give you peace right now so you hear His guidance. May He protect you and your wife from those that want to harm your family and misguide you. May the Lord place a strong hedge of thorns around you and your wife and block your paths to any sin that is there right now. God be with you both, god protect you. Amen.

  • 00iyok00

    I love you. I pray you are doing better. Do you have prayer warriors? God be with you. If you ever want to talk, you can reach me at 00iyok00 [at] gmail [dot] com
    bless you BH God protect you.

  • Brokenhearted

    Thank you so much for your response :)

  • Eliza

    Dr. Lametu, I am writing this to tell you that your spell is having amazing results on Ken. He rang me last night and wanted to see me. When he was here, he said he was sorry and now wants us to be together. I am so happy this finally ends like that! I feel my heart beating again! Many thanks to you Ancientspiritualtemple@gmail.com

  • Wendy

    Thank you so much Leah ❤

  • Wendy

    Thank you for your wise words Teresa most appreciated.

  • Samaria

    Mine is pretty messed up too.

  • donny

    Its been a month since my wife left me. i love her dearly and want
    nothing more than to have her back as my wife. we have been married for 6
    years this past April and have a wonderful 2 yrs old girl. i have tried
    everything i know how to change her mind. i don’t understand what went
    wrong. we always had such a loving and caring relationship. very
    supportive of each other and very close. she says she doesnt love me the
    same way any more.everyone around us is flabbergasted. everyone always
    told us they looked up to us as a couple. she says its because i lost
    sight of my obligations as a father, husband and a man. i dont
    understand how that could be. i know i havent worked in a year. its not
    that i didnt want too. i went back to school to work on getting my
    associates degree. we talked about it before a decision was made. i
    havent been hounding her to come back. i have been giving her space,
    sending her the occasional “i hope you are having a good day” text. i
    just dont want to push her further away. at the same time i dont want
    her to think that i dont care by not putting in the effort. im lost, i
    truly feel torn apart by this. it seems like a few months ago she was so
    happy to be a family. always say to family and friends how wonderful i
    husband and father i was. i dont know what changed or how to change it
    back. i suggested marriage counseling but she refuses. says it will just
    stretch out her unhappiness. i just want my family back and i am at a
    loss on what to do. any advice?

  • Diane Johnson Ross

    I am so glad I read this tonight. I think you told my story exactly how it happened to us! I have found a peace that has been missing for a long time. I pray for my husband many times a day. I pray for change in myself and our marriage. He is the love of my life and I am sad to say that I took him for granted. He is sad and angry with me for good reason. God is working in me and because my husband and I are one, God is working on him too. I have such gratitude for each little step forward. Tonight we had dinner together with our son along with pleasant conversation. Though we have a long road back, I am confident God will see us through. I will be praying for you and your husband. There is such power in prayer!

  • courtney

    LOL,you are not crazy it’s just that the devil is busy trying to destroy what GOD has put together! NOT my Satan, we shall have the victory and give god all the glory AMEN

  • 00iyok00

    Brokenhearted. I feel sad that no one has found this post that might have some insight for you. I feel your anguish and pain and hope that in this month you are in a better place spiritually.
    The thing is if I can say is that you set your eyes on God and not your circumstances.
    If you argue with your husband. Stop.
    If you give him the silent treatment. stop.
    I know that it is a hard thing to do when things are going so wrong but there is a lesson in this for you, i know its painful but more painful will be if you don’t look to God for confirmation of what you need to do. For now all I can ask of you is that you be still and quiet and wait for God to speak to you from the Book. You need to look to Gods word. If your life is more in the worldly then you will not hear the Lord.
    Let us know how you are. I pray the Lord has touched your spirit and given you peace in your heart and mind to guide you in the path He set out for you with your husband.
    Don’t let the devil win.
    Keep your eyes on God. God be with you, God protect you from those that want to harm you and misguide you. God give you strength to walk through the valley of shadow of death on your own, God show you the light at the tunnels so that you know you will be in the valley for a time. God be with you. Amen.

  • courtney

    What you have to realize is that your are not fighting or confronting your ‘hubby” it is the enemy using what you don’t like to cause confusion in your marriage. I been there done that and dealing with a man sometimes we have to learn how to fight out battles and because satan is on his job by trying to destroy your marriage that is when you Go To GOD in pRAYER!!!! he will give you just what you need to WIN. Stay positive and know it is the ENEMY

  • courtney

    I know how you feel. What you have to do is keep your mind stayed on JESUS and know it is the enemy your fighting not your husband. Easier said than done however when your feeling bad about how he is acting began to pray that god will guard your emotions

  • courtney

    Wow, It is so good to know that we as women can be open and honest about things that are going on in our marriages. This has really given me hope to TRUST my GOD who shall not fail me and my family! I speak victory over our marital situations! Praise God for what he is about to do

  • Markisha Hite

    I’m praying for you because your words spoke to the way I feel. I may not have the right words, but I know God heals and restores in His time. Hang in there.

  • Abby Jackson

    Maybe we can swap share stories cause I feel the same.

  • 00iyok00

    Stand strong!! :) My prayers are with you both. don’t lose faith. I’m so glad i reconnected with women who are standing. I’ve been loosing faith but God gives me conformation in my dreams of His workings on the other side. I know that He is working on my husbands heart and preparing me for my new marriage in Him. God be with you both to give you strength and not give up. :) much love to you both.

  • 00iyok00

    Dear Bouquet, what is your relationship with God like? Do you turn to Him for everything? Is He your #1?

    We women tend to put our children/careers first and then our husband when clearly the bible says, put your husbands first. We don’t do it because the world is teaching us that our children come first. You need to become a Godly woman first, God needs to be your husband in order to teach you how to be a wife. I know this is hard, I too had to learn this the hard way. And don’t contact your husband. Be a strong woman for God. God is first in your relationship if your husband is not with you, He is your husband and what would God tell you to do as his wife? He would ask you to be still, not to be afraid of loosing anything because He’s got everything under control. He would teach you to trust Him not your eyes or ears if they are being deceived by others telling you to walk away or the world teaching you to walk away. Trust God. Be Gods wife to be a Godly woman. It does feel like a mess when everything is in chaos but if you put god first everything will make sense. To be a Godly woman, to want your marriage back, you will have to sacrifice the things you thought you knew. God is the only one who can give you the strength you need to make it through this. God be with you, God give you strength. God protect you in this trying time.

  • 00iyok00

    don’t give up and give in to the devil. Look to the Lord for guidance. Your anger, embarrassment is all of the devil, in order to overcome those emotions, God needs to get back in your heart. You need to tune the world out and tune God in. You have a chance to let God fix your marriage. It won’t be easy but god can do it. :)
    Trust in Him. God protect you and build a strong hedge of thorns around you to protect you from those that want to harm you and deceive you into walking away from your marriage. Allow the Lord to become your husband for a spell until He is able to restore your broken marriage. God protect you.

  • 00iyok00

    Look to the Lord. Turn to the Word, God is there to give you strength. Don’t let the devil shot you down. The devil is working hard to destroy your marriage. God build a strong hedge of thorns around you to protect you. god be with you.

  • 00iyok00

    Dear Paula, I wanted to say to you is that you need to turn to God. You need to find out if it be Gods will for you to wait for your husband. If you are still angry then you cannot be restored because you are carrying all that anger in your heart and you haven’t forgiven him. To him, when he looks at your eyes there will always be that pain of what he did. I know that God is convicting him and it is hard to deal with the disaster one creates. The guilt eats you alive. Pray that he turns to God, pray that God saves him. Stand at the gap for your husband if God is putting it in your heart to do so. But only God can answer that question for you. You also need to turn to the Lord to soften your heart, that the Lord teach you forgiveness because forgiveness is the hardest thing that one does when walking with the Lord and its not just 70×7, it’s for the rest of our lives because once God is in our hearts, we never look back. Forgiveness will become second nature. Be strong, you too will be in your desert with the Lord to help you get past all this. I pray that God be with you and make you strong. Bless Paula.

  • 00iyok00

    Crystal, thank you for sharing your praise report. :) Beautiful testament to Gods love for us. God be with you both, God bless you.

  • 00iyok00

    Focus on the Lord JG Botha. Don’t lose hope. God is there to fix what is broken. What is important is your relationship with God right now. God is forgiving, He is there for you. Don’t lose hope this is a time for you to get your relationship with God straight and God takes everyone away from us to teach us His was to walk with Him not to try to walk without Him. Walk with Him and God will restore your marriage and family. God give you strength.

  • 00iyok00

    God will convict his heart standing. Keep your eyes on the Lord. He will do it and pray for him. God will open his eyes. His heart is hard right now and is not walking with the Lord. I’ve had to learn to zip my lip and wait on the Lord. I know it will be hard but if you do that be the Godly woman, God will restore. Remember that this desert time if for you to learn as well. Take this opportunity to allow God to be your husband for this time and mold you into the woman He needs you to be.God give you strength to continue the walk. Do’t give up on God. Always remember that there were four of you standing at the alter, and the biggest promise was made to the Lord and it with Him that we break faith if we walk away from our marriages not our spouses. I pray you focus on the Lord, God give you strength.

  • 00iyok00

    don’t give up Donna. I am so happy that you saw that truth, that you focused on God and He showed you that truth. I did the complete opposite of you. I walked out on my husband and then six months later walked out on my marriage thinking that the grass was greener on the other side. God saved me then and showed me how dreadfully wrong I was. I had to learn my lesson the hard painful way. I’m standing for my marriage, for God for four years now.
    Stick to the Lord, focus on Him and He will restore that which is broken. God be with you and your husband that the Lord soften his heart and turn him back to your marriage. God bless you, God be with you.

  • Jennifer

    Awesome article.. I feel exactly the same way.. I am glad to find there are other women out there who are going through the same situations. It makes me feel a little less crazy :)

  • Wendy

    You will never know how much you have helped me truly amazing! I get a prayer emailed to me everyday and me and my husband read it together ! What a difference this has made. I thank you with all my heart xxx

  • Wendy

    Yous all have really helped me! Everyday I get a prayer emailed to me & me and my husband read it together ! I can’t thank yous enough xxx

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife


  • Wendy

    Thank you so much for your reply! I am not giving up on my husband and we are so much better since I confronted him and explained that he can talk to me about anything it may be embarrassing at the start be we are a couple there for we are one! X
    Again thank you so much x

  • Guest

    Be very careful….what starts early on as little lies, can turn into very deep deception. My husband, who lied this way in the beginning of our marriage (and said those exact words “I didn’t want to hurt you”), ended up committing adultery against me last year, and lying to cover it up. we are still married (11 years in August) and fighting for the marriage, but lying is very destructive. Get counseling early, before it gets worse. Just telling you from experience. Liars eventually cheat….they become extremely deceptive and emotionally unstable.

  • Karen

    Thanks for this article ! It’s really a good one . I have been married for 32 years. I have 5 children ages 31-19 and am now raising a niece (8yrs) and two nephews (6&7yrs). I can tell you from my experience in marriage that God is awesome. He will never leave or forsake those that are his. My husband and I have had some very hard issues to deal with. We still deal with these issues today. I believe I have a biblical reason to leave/divorce my husband if I’d choose to do so. However, just because that is possible doesn’t mean that it is best. We love each other very, very much !! It is just sometimes it gets difficult, especially when I take my eyes off of Jesus. I can honestly say that I am very glad that I have chosen to stay all these years. My being faithful to God is more important than anything else in the world. God hasn’t completely changed my husband but he has and is changing me. God never said that it would be easy in this life. My marriage vows say for better or for worse. By staying and letting God work in myself I have been able to be a witness to my kids about God’s awesome power and love. They have seen God give my strength when I needed it. They have seen me love even when I didn’t feel like it. They have seen God be faithful to us even when we didn’t deserve it. They have seen God provide and care for us in so many ways. I have learned to take my eyes off of my husband and my circumstances and place them on Jesus. Not always easy but it is the key. Whatever I do it is to be done with an attitude like Christ’s and is to be glorifying to Him. I have found to be true that when I am weak He is strong !! I can honestly say that without Him I would have never made it this far. Satan wants to destroy marriage because he knows that God can take a mess and make something beautiful from it and use it to bring him glory. He doesn’t want that. Satan knows that if he can destroy a marriage he can destroy not just the couple but also the children and family involved. We are not responsible for others do,but we are responsible for what we do. May we seek God with all our hearts and may he lead and guide us along the way showing us that He is with us.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    I’m listening.

  • Shannon Maria

    I need a miracle. Anyone out there who will listen to my messed up crazy marriage and life please let me know. It’s so messed up that i’m afraid to write about it on this site until I know there’s someone out there to listen to me. I’m not looking for answers necessarily, more like a listening heart that will listen to my pain, confusion and anguish. So, if that person is out there will you please let me know?
    Shannon, TX

  • Martha …..

    Salvation is permanent!!! Hebrews 10:26
    For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,……………That does not mean we lose our salvation!! Jesus only died once for all~!~

  • http://www.facebook.com/donna.c.case Donna Champlin Case

    About a month ago, my husband of six years changed towards me. I noticed he didn’t want to talk to me as much. He wasn’t telling me he loved me anymore. The dread of the situation ate at me until I was physically sick and had to confront him about the changes. He confessed that he wasn’t sure he loved me anymore. I was devastated. I know things had been rocky but not to the point of this. It took a few days of deep prayer and meditation to realize that I had checked out of our marriage by putting everyone and thing else first. My husband travels frequently so it was becoming a “hassle” when he was home. I turned him away without even realizing what I was doing. I have poured my heart out to God, got back into church, found a wonderful bible study group and I am focused on my healing right now. I want my marriage, I am fighting for it. I know God will talk to my husband and he will soften his heart again. I am willing to be patient and become the wife God wants me to be.

  • Donna Miller

    Awesome Article! So true that we must everyday be prepared with God’s Armour to fight the fight! The devil is always trying to destroy what God can bring good from. My husband and I are going on 4 yrs of marriage now. Honestly, It’s been a war from it seems like day one! We immediately starting living for and serving God in our Marriage. We have fought battles with our families, children ……..had our own battles! Every time we have gotten close to divorce (and it’s been there many times) we have prayed and we both come back to what He (God) tells us to do. My husband was abused in lots of ways as a child and seems to always feel abandoned and alone. I have had to forgive 7 x 70 probably, because I have felt that I am whose supposed to show him true Christ, unconditional love. I am human and honestly wanted to give up over and over but I know that God has placed me on this journey and with this man for a reason. I can’t imagine living live with anyone else or without him. No matter the hurt I have felt from him. The saying “hurt people, hurt others”, I believe is sooo true! I know that showing and sharing Christ’s love with the hurt makes such a difference. I have seen it with my actions. I know that there are reasons that are biblically okay to divorce. Honestly, I have endured alot but can’t say that he has done anything that warrants divorce to be correct in our case. I continuously pray for God to help him with his struggles and let him truly learn what love is through me. So this article is just awesome to me, women need to understand what they are called by God to be for their husbands, in this day and time. Thank you for sharing.

  • standing

    My “Christian” husband left 6 months ago – he still attends the same church and totally ignores me – I mean totally – won’t look, communicate or anything. In a letter he wrote to me just after he left (which he did without telling me he was going – came home from work to find he had gone), he said that everytime he prayed about the marriage – God told him it was all my fault and he had done nothing wrong – he keeps telling people at church “We’re not together anymore and I’ve done nothing wrong”. Very hard seeing him every Sunday and him stonewalling me – thank you for the above, encouraging article – I will keep praying and standing for him – to say you have done nothing wrong in 21 years is a scary place to be before God.

  • standing

    Where does that put a person who was divorced and then became a Christian and married a Christian?

  • standing

    No Jeremy – I don’t think you are crazy – have you also seen the website “Rejoice Marriage Ministries”? A husband and wife partnership who divorced and remarried send daily devotionals to encourage people to stand for their marriage even after divorce. I am encouraged to pray your comment “or God releases me from the relationship”. 21 years ago – I made my vow “till death by God do us part” – so I too am standing in the gap for my husband.

  • standing

    ” I am looked on by people in the world and in the church as weak, however that is far from true it takes great strength to stand on Gods word for your marriage, to take God at his word to keep
    asking when everyone around you thinks its hopeless.” – how very true Sharon – it can be a very lonely place when standing for your marriage, especially when people in the church tell you to give up. Don’t let go of Jesus’ hand – He will be there to guide and love and encourage you – from a sister stander

  • standing

    That sentence “We all react to how we are treated” really spoke to me. My prodigal spouse blames me 100% for the breakdown in our marriage, but his emotional disabilty made me reatc in ways I probably shouldn’t have, but can see it was a reaction, not an action. Thank you for showing me that. Will pray for you and my fellow standers – Satan has take far too much from us and he needs to be overthrown and defeated.

  • JG Botha

    As a husband thats wife has left him and take my two daughters one is turning 4 in September and the other turned 1 in April this year, I think that this is the most beautiful thing I have read on the subject, we both had our problems we struggled with money I was studying and I was slacking am started drinking quite heavily but never wanted to discuss my depression and worry about my families future with my heart (my wife) and due to my ignorance she just left me over night the night before LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS MY HUBBY!!! To I have had enough and wont let kids talk to me. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE I PRAY EVERY DAY AND KEEP HOPE IN MY HEART EVERY SECOND!!! Beautiful!

  • http://www.facebook.com/crystal.peckstout Crystal Peck Stout

    To all of you hurting in your marriage know that its never to late for God, I was in your shoes 7 years into my marriage suddenly my hubby came to me and told me he loved me but was not in love with me and was leaving me for someone else, this came out of no where and rocked me to my very core. I had often prayed for my marriage as a young girl/teen before I was even married and I began to seek God and remind him of those prayers and I continued to love my hubby even as we filled out the divorce papers I treated him with love and respect and told him that I would always be there for him and just kept praying through my tears, I never spoke ill of him to anyone and never to his face I just kept praying. Well about 6 months into everything God got ahold of him and restored out marriage, we are now going on 14 years and we are seriously like 2 young teens in love he treats me like a princess and though it took a bit of time all the pain and hurt melted away and I was able to regain trust in him. Just keep praying and remember if you talk ill of your spouse to anyone that’s when you allow the devil to really start doing his damage because you allow yourself to start thinking “yea I do deserve better then this, yea this person isn’t treating me right I should just walk away” because naturally all of your friends and family hate seeing you being treated badly and so they are going to tell you “get out now you deserve better” and if you allow yourself to really start thinking those thoughts then you will stop fighting for your marriage. (I am not referring to physical abuse I do not think anyone should stick around to be beat)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MrsLittell Kathy Marie Littell

    Same this is exactly what I needed to read. Ty you lady’s for sharing your story’s. It helps to know we are not alone. May God restore all your marriages, give you strength and peace through this test we are all going through. We can not have a testimony w/o a test!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leah.wilson.336 Leah Wilson

    I will pray for you, its not a mistake that you ended up on this site. God can both restore both your marriage and your personal hurt. you don’t need a religious ceremony to seek or receive christ. you just need to ask for his presence and wisdom he will give it to you!

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    i ask that you would make your self known to Wendy and her Husband. i pray that they would be able to communicate effectively and work together glorifying your purpose, i pray that emotional wounds would be healed and spirits lifted. Lord i thank you for your faithfulness and your commitment to their marriage. please protect their heats and minds from the enemies lies. and give them time to reconnect and remind them of why they fell in love in the first place. please give them wisdom about having children and give bless there choice.

    in jesus name AMEN.

    -Love, Leah (just another wife fighting for her marriage)

  • Shelley V

    Hello. I am new to this blog but have found it helpful. From your story I sound like your husband I checked out of my marriage emotionally a few years ago and then this past year had an affair. My husband wanted to reconcile so badly but I didnt. I had actually filed for divorce and it was almost done. Then something came over me and I knew what I was doing was wrong. I still loved him and didnt wasn’t to hurt my kids anymore. We r now in counseling and improving. Pray everyday. I wish u well

  • Paula

    What about finding out that he has been cheating…and lying about it.. for the majority of the 29 years we have been together? He absolutely denies it, except for the one time I had rock solid proof. He did try the “you’re crazy” for 4 years to get me to drop it, he finally admitted it when I packed my things. Now I have a very honest Christian friend of his that has known him, worked with him for decades, that waited for me to ASK him, and he sighed, and said “I knew this day was coming, and hoped you would never have asked”. He KNEW that I ended up missing my own father’s funeral because his wife had called me to tell me a bit of what was going on, and I raced home…too late to catch anything. The friend has NO reason to lie. Counseling? I participate, he does not. He brought up during an argument “Yeah, when you were at your dad’s funeral, I DID sleep with someone else”. Later, he says he only said that to make me mad. You think??!!! Several years later (because we have kids and I am trying to save this relationship) I was taking my mom to chemo. A year later, after she lost her battle with cancer, I finally had the time to go to the doctor for myself…and discover he has given me an STD. Still denies it. What, the STD fairy?? I don’t want to throw away this many years, but my God, what am I throwing away? No trust…Sorry this is so long. He has blackened my eye 3 times, and is passive aggressive so he “gets away” with saying cutting remarks.

  • Crys

    Don’t think you’re crazy!! I’m separated and standing for my marriage for as long as it takes. God doesn’t ever give up on me and God has shown me His will for restoration. Just plenty He has and is teaching me through this. Focussing on me and how i need to change and leaving my husband alone, in God’s hands. So often we get so taken up with what spouse has and is doing wrong, God teaching me to truly let go. Facebook page “Lord heal my broken marriage and save my unbelieving spouse” is really good for “standers”. Keep going and don’t quit now :) God bless and strengthen you.

  • stillinlove6

    Its very hard to be positive about your marriage when your husband is constantly shooting you down but this article actually gives me faith and support.

  • Brokenhearted

    I have been waiting for 31 years :( My husband has been abusive and has refused to see it or change it and I am in despair. When will God intervene? My heart is so broken I can’t wait any longer. I don’t want to give up but I sleep-walk through each day and can’t even look at my husband without pain and anguish. After every incidence of intimidation and mind-bending power plays he acts as if everything is fine and I should just want to be close and affectionate. In fact I feel as if I had been kicked in the stomach and want to run. It has been this way for 31 years and nothing I say or do, even stating “that really hurts me” does no good. I am very tired and feel nothing but anguish anymore.

  • dedra

    Thankyou……thankyou thankyou.i just sent this page to my husband.i pray to God he reads it!

  • Teresa

    Nothing helps you more than The Power Of Prayer and Believing that God is always there for you, all you need to do is ask Him for help, guidance and strength and God will help you. But always remember have faith and believe. God Bless you and your husband always.

  • Es

    This article was just what I needed!! Thank you!

  • misskym

    My husband and I have been married for 13 years. He checked out emotionally 3 years ago and finally physically moved out a year ago. Needless to say, our 2 kids and I were devastated. He shows no interest in reconciling and he has even told me that if comes back home it will only be so that he can be with the kids. He is apathetic and distant.
    I am at the end of my rope. I have no respect left for him. I’m ready to move on with my life. I have no desire to stay married to someone who doesn’t love me. In the beginning I was so embarrassed and ashamed over the dissolution of my marriage. But after coming here I am surprised to see that many Christian women are going through similar situations. At least I know I am not alone and isolated.

  • Bouquet

    My heart goes out to all of you who are hurting. I know what you are going through. I have been married for 28 years. My husband has cheated on me twice. First one was a long distance (out-of-town) relationship and the one now is “local” (14 years younger with 2 little boys). I was willing to forgive, but wanted to go to counceling to try and understand why our marriage came to this. We had problems, but not so big that they couldn’t be delt with. We took over the family business and that was very hard on our relationship. His parents were VERY controling and very hard on my husband. They broke him down to a point that sometimes there wasn’t much left of him when he came home. He drank to ease the pain. That created other problems. We all react to how we are treated. . . . I had hoped that with some counceling, we could understand and forgive each other for those reactions. His drinking hurt his relationships with his 3 daughters, which in turn, he has blamed me (not himself!). I have tried everything to bring him back to me. Writing him love letters, reminding him of our many good times. People who know us and our daughters are shocked that he left our family. He decided to stop counceling when his drinking problem came up. The devil has been working on tearing our family apart, and I have been fighting back. But I now have to pause and wonder if I am setting a good example for my daughters? Should I stay with a man that has cheatied on me twice? I really don’t want to give up, but I don’t want him to keep doing this to me and our family. Is this what I want for our daughters? I try and live my life knowing GOD is watching me, but I also know that my daughters are watching me as well. They see how hurt I am and they are huriting as well. If you only knew how hard I have worked in this family business and all that I have put into our marriage and our family. . . I do not want to give that up, but how do I hang onto a marriage that is broken by trust? I have prayed, dear lord, I have prayed!!! I am not the type of person to give up, so I do not know what to do. I love the man I married 28 years ago. . . I want him back. I don’t like what he has become, angry and bitter and blaming others for his problems. I want the “old” him back. I will keep praying. . . but I have to move on soon. I cannot live “in limbo” too much longer. Please pray for us. . . .

  • JanBlahBlah

    If you love me, keep My Commandments John 14:15

    Know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
    1 Cor 6:9-10

    If people do not repent and give up the sins they are wallowing in, then yes they can lose their salvation. Repent is the key here. Repent means confessing the sin and giving it up. There are millions of people that have confessed Jesus is Lord and believe He rose from the dead, but do not follow His commandments and still continue to live in sin with no thought or regard to their eternal salvation.

    The scriptures speak for themselves…that is not my opinion.

  • Supriya

    hi..im 29 yrs old and married over a year nw..i have been staying away from my husband for the past 8 months against my wish…i want to make this marrige work but he is just not ready to listen…so much of negativity has surrounded me that i think he hates me now…my life is nothing without him and i really love him a lot..i only wish and pray that he comes back to me and gives this marriage another chance..plz pray for us..

  • Theresa

    Thank you for this article. It is encouraging, a good reminder to stay committed. May God fill all unloved women with adulterous or violent husbands, with love, joy and peace that no one can steal or destroy.

  • Wendy

    Wow I’m blown away! I don’t even know how iv ended up on this site but I’m starting to think iv been led here!
    Me & my husband of 2yrs 8mnths are going through a really hard time at the moment! I’m so lost at the moment… I caught my husband lieing about Afew things I confrontated him & he can’t deal with confrontation which gets me angry as I’m lookin for answers from him! He said he never spoke to me about the things he lied about bcos I would have got mad! I explained that the only reason I get mad is bcos I find out uv lied! The problems I can work through as a team but the lies I find so difficult as a marriage is built on trust. He knows I hate liers as I don’t see the need for it. I know he loves me & would never do anything to hurt me & he’s apologised but I’m finding myself not trusting a single thing he says! I’m constantly throwing it in his face. And what he lied about isn’t extremely bad if he only came & spoke to me about it then we can sort it but I think he’s too embarasssed to speak to me about it so feels the need to lie! I’m so in love with him it hurts & he feels the same about me. Also we have been waiting 2& half years for fertility treatment & we finally start in 12days but I’m questioning should we go through with it. I sometimes wish I could just get a hug from my dad! But sadly he passed when I was 18 I’m now 32 & miss him everyday!. I don’t know if any of yous can pray for me as I’m not religious , Iv not been christened I don’t attend church! As I said at the start I don’t know how I ended up on this site. I just feel very alone & lost & confused at the moment.
    Thank you for listening to me . Xxx

  • sharon bell

    first i would like to say thank God for you and that your sermons are
    such a blessing to my life and walk. I prais the name of Jesus that he
    lead me to the word net. your teaching, may his blessing always fall heavey apon
    your menstery and life and your church, and family again I thank you for
    being his sirvent and my broughter in the lord. I would like to ask you
    with a humbel heart to pray for my husband Aaron Bell and my marriage to
    be restored. I love God with all my heart, I am so thankful to be his
    child and your sister. I live in Muncie Indiana. God bless you and please
    know that you are a blessing to my life. I would like to share my story
    with you, I know you must be very bissy so I will not take to much of
    your time.
    i am standing on Gods word for my marriage. Its has been the hardest thing
    Ive been through in my life and walk with the Lord, but I am thankful at
    the same time because it has brought me closer to Jesus then I ever was,
    and i know that my husband will come back to me because his life is better
    with me. I also know that God is not a man that he could lie and that God
    will restore the years that have been stolen in our marriage. I have been
    married twenty three years and the last two my husband has been back and
    forth with a much younger woman. However I know he is deceived and
    backslide when I told the lord that I love my husband for better or worse
    I didnt say well Lord as long as everything goes my way then and only then
    will I stay in this marriage. yes I have my days on top of the mountan and
    my days in the valley. I am looked on by people in the world and in the
    church as week, however that is far from true it takes great strength to
    stand on Gods word for your marriage, to take God at his word to keep
    asking when everyone around you thinks its hopeless. the girl has been
    very mean to me said every hurtful thing she could come up with time after
    time. however our father is so great not only has he made a way for me to
    forgive her over and over. I pray for her not just that God would turn her
    heart from my husband but hat he would save her that no harm would come to
    her, and that she would never know my pain. I also pray day and night with
    out ceasing for my husband to come to himself and return to his first love
    Jesus that he would know what is good and true and be set free from
    bondage. what is really sad to me is that many Christians give the same
    advise as the world gives move on find another man, my reply is always the
    same show where Jesus said that in his word. many people say thy want to
    be like Jesus until thy are called to be. I ask God most days to make me
    the wife he wants me to be and I remind myself that love covers a multude
    of sin, and love is not just a word is is a way of life when we look to
    Jesus and that God said he made us one so many time when I pray I ask God
    to to set me free from the other woman and to bring me home to him and my
    wife, we just have got to get to a place where we rely belive Gods word
    and live like we do. i am thankful for your site and I am thankfull I came
    across it tonight becouse, so many times people say just thank God and be
    happy thy say where is your joy, the thing is when your husband is in the
    world and was once a man of God and you are one with him, you have a
    berden and a berden dose not meen joy. all my hope is in God I know all I
    can do is to keep it before him, untill he brings Aaron back to himself
    and me his wife. God bless you and I give you thanks from my heart. God
    bless you in Jesus name mow today my husband talked to me and said he got saved and that the power of God is all over him and that if God speeks to him or comes to him in a dream or vishion or turns his heart to me he will come home but untill then he is going home with his gielfriend please stand with me HELP

  • sharon bell

    i am praying for you

  • nikki

    you know, i just talk to a women at my church whom mention the saul story recently.My husband did wrong and i have prayed, fed him the first 3 yrs. after we decied to seperate,he did a horriable thing then i think about ,this,,all sin and fall short of GODS glory.Reading what you had to say ,is a holy slap..i get it and i know your right but my heart hurts and his rebellion is aweful..i can say alot..i dont want to be a victim for anyone and the women are made to be a victims..we have to pray, we have to love.well they have to take responsiblity of there sins, im responsible for my heart ,not HIS…i wont chase a man..we are one,,it hurts to bad not to be one,i have forgiven..i even wrote him and told him i loved him and pulled back on divorce papers..but women need to be heard also..christians tend to send out the word,,and yes this is our awnser but as women please let them mourn ,cry ,fuss then help them build, to build there selfs up.we feel beat down,,the church misses this step.its oh your hurt were sorry,,but you love your husband and you pray for him ,you summit to him..well the church has to build us up..im learnig ,and im glad,im not a maid, nor a mans doormate.im not into womens liberation..i love the Lord.but i know God has shown me..im not a door mate,,summit one to another,,love your husband and husband treat your wife as christ treats and loves the church..thanks for all you said..i agree but the step to heal our women is pushed away and thats not the love God has for his daughters, he cares for my heart

  • Melanie

    I am certain God knows the pain, hurt, challenges and also intentions,feelings, thoughts and emotions that are both in my husbands and my heart today. We have been married 7 years this April and together for 10. I have known him since I was in school and we dated later on in our lives. Our relationship has not been without its challenges and heartaches. Infedility, parents, finances, wrong choices, arguements, aggresive meltdowns and lots of also meddling by third parties.
    But I love this man, as we also have 2 sons together. They are half him and half me. I have many a times wondered if I should walk away and give up, but when I have thought it…I receive this feeling of assurances that I should stay and keep fighting for my marriage and my family. He moved out for space 3 days ago, and it has been a very challening, scary and painful time for me. I miss him and although things have not been great with us, knowing he was there and seeing my boss have access and also their dad under the same roof was always comforting. I am struggling with the idea of space but i am doing my best to respect this time as God’s direction and answer to m y prayres for both my husband and I to find ourselves, heal and draw us towards him and each other with a renewed heart and mind

  • Melanie

    I am certain God knows the pain, hurt, challenges and also intentions,feelings, thoughts and emotions that are both in my husbands and my heart today. We have been married 7 years this April and together for 10. I have known him since I was in school and we dated later on in our lives. Our relationship has not been without its challenges and heartaches. Infedility, parents, finances, wrong choices, arguements, aggresive meltdowns and lots of also meddling by third parties.
    But I love this man, as we also have 2 sons together. They are half him and half me. I have many a times wondered if I should walk away and give up, but when I have thought it…I receive this feeling of assurances that I should stay and keep fighting for my marriage and my family. He moved out for space 3 days ago, and it has been a very challening, scary and painful time for me. I miss him and although things have not been great with us, knowing he was there and seeing my boss have access and also their dad under the same roof was always comforting. I am struggling with the idea of space but i am doing my best to respect this time as God’s direction and answer to m y prayres for both my husband and I to find ourselves, heal and draw us towards him and each other with a renewed heart and mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1549328150 Stacy Yates Droski

    Someone’s salvation is never at stake. Their sins are as far as the east is from the west. He will never leave nor forsake us. I’m not arguing the the fact of what the bible says about how divorce shouldn’t be done, what I have issue with is the fact that you are telling people that their salvation is at stake. God is not a man that He should lie and say that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead but then because of a divorce and and remarriage NOW they won’t see the promise land is obscene and a lie from the pit of hell. It may bring about some things that have to be dealt with in the natural, it does not affect their eternal life. Be careful what you speak – especially when putting your opinion on top of God’s word.

  • Preacherwife

    It’s extremely hard to keep going when your husband won’t except his part in the declination of our marriage. When I thought things were good, I didn’t realize that this assumption wasn’t shared. He willingly admitted to emotionally cheating but he claims it wasn’t physical. I have forgiven. I believe in us and our marriage, butII’m so tired of hurting and crying. have accepted my faults, had revelations of why I had so many. Sometimes baggage within can have a detrimental hold on a person. Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge these past hurts that causes hurt to the next person. I have changed alot of my ways and striving to be a better person and wife. I pray that God will take hold of my husband and allow us to be restored. I pray for us all the time but he’s not responsive. God please help us.

  • Maisha

    God knows the heartache of what my marriage is going through anAdultery
    d the pending divorce my hisband filed….I am vowing to stand in the gap even though the fire is getting hotter.Adultery and the lies that follow hurts and I pray my husband comes to his senses. But that God gives me courage while I wait. Thank you for listening.

  • Lisa Adkins

    Boy, oh, boy. How so many different versions of my same story do I find on this website. My husband of 10 yrs left me and our daughter emotionally 2 years ago and physically a year ago. I have never felt so much pain in all my life. I have cried, I have pleaded, and I have begged my Lord Jesus Christ and Savior to bring my husband back home to me and our daughter. I am still praying diligently, standing for the restoration of my marriage. My husband’s heart has hardened against me while I still forgive him for the mean and terrible things he has said to me. I know my Lord, Jesus Christ and Savior will bless me by hearing my cries. BUT, will someone please explain to me how a man you have been married to can look you in the eyes one day and express how much he loves you, wants to work things out, turns around and leaves and does it again just a few days later? This has happened to me several times within the last three years; it drives me crazy! AND, how can AW whose had this done to her, knowing the pain and heartache, turn around and do it to someone else? I get so overwhelmed in praying that sometimes I don’t even know what to pray for, but I am keeping the faith of a mustard seed knowing God is on my side. I know God has his hands in this and is working and his timing is perfect, but this is killing me.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t see many men on here, but I wanted to thank you all for the comments and the encouragement. My divorce has been final for almost two years now. People from both sides of the family have told me to move on, that I deserve and that God has someone better picked out for me. I still beleive that God wantes me to contine to love her, even as she has moved on to another relationship. I want to stand in the gap until she either choses to reconcile or God releases me from the relationship. I fought as hard as I could do stop the divorce, but it only takes one person to end the marriage. Anyone think I’m crazy for making this decision?

  • Norma Mason

    My husband won’t even talk to me I guess we are threw.he has moved to va beach the last time I talked to him he told me he lived me,I haven’t heard anything yet so I haves filed for a divorce and he doesnt know it yet.I have prayed for him to go away because of him drinking and now it hurts so bad to have him gone after 23 years of marriage , now I pray for him to straighten up and come home .

  • stazee

    My husband left me and my children 7 years ago. I was not a Christian at the time but I heard God tell me to fight for my marriage. I became a Christian and have raised my children in the church since. I found a standing for marriage group and was positive that God would restore my marriage. Well I have been divorced now 4 years and my children are suffering terribly. I still pray for my marriage family and husband everyday but his life seems “wonderful” with the OW. I want to stop standing but I just can’t but it is so hard. I am having a terrible time discerning what God wants me to do. It is encouraging to read that there are a few testimonies of restored marriages after several years of divorce I feel like it has been too long now for him to ever change. The way my husband treats me I really feel like he hates me. Please pray for our marriage and family.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.d.marquis Jack D. Marquis

    Same thing happened to mine. My wife left me Jan of 2012 and I waited for 5 months we have a little daughter together. and I got weeked and hooked up with this girl one night and she got pregnant still not sure if its mine. and my wife got a boyfriend in oct 2012 and there excpecting a baby and God told my spirit to hold on and stand. So I have been praying. Her name is tami and mine is Jack since God restored you guys can you say a prayer for me thanks and God is so Good!

  • Dora

    Have been facing the same thing for the past year and been married for just a year, separated for half the time. When there is another person, it feels like you have the right to let go. Prayer is your best weapon. When he uses the ” I don’t love you” line, it cracks your heart into two and he somehow proves that by bringing another woman into the picture. We have God on our side, and he is the ALMIGHTY. He restores the broken and tattered. Believe and have faith. Let him deal with you, make you into who he wants, then he will change those we pray for.Amen

  • Dora

    Yes you can. It’s hard believe me and we all have one excuse or another to let go but He is the lifter of our heads. He said he won’t give us more than we can bear. Please hold on. I am sending this 7 months after just in hope that you didn’t give up. God is good.

  • JanBlahBlah

    Thank you for sharing your story. I did want to point out something that most people believe, but it is erroneous. There are actually no excuses allowed for divorce. The exception clause of adultery was corrupted in translation. The original exception clause is supposed to read “not even for fornication.”
    There are 8 scriptures that specifically state that remarriage is adultery, while the covenant spouse is alive. So that means if two people never married before get married, they become covenant spouses for life until death. If one leaves his/her covenant spouse and marries another person, they are in adultery in God’s eyes. The disciples were so shocked to hear this when Jesus told them that remarriage was adultery that they said it was better to never marry at all. We are also commanded to stay single or be reconciled.
    I have heard of people who are in adulterious remarriages say, well I repented and God forgives me and they stay in the adulterous remarriage. Sadly to say, that is not true repentance. Repent means you confess the sin and give it up. So those in adulterous remarriages need to confess the sin and give up/leave the adulterous remarriage. Their salvation is at stake for adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God.

  • Marie

    I so needed to read this today! The devil has tried to break me and my family down and I have decided to stand against and fight r what is rightfully mine. I could use some prayer tip get those negative thoughts out of my head.We will make it, we will get through this, andfrom all ! these testimonies I know it will only make us stronger

  • http://www.facebook.com/ftames Falen Tames

    This is like a holy smack in the face.

    Thank you. I needed this.

  • disqus_BiA2Ybuyp0

    Jennifer, where to agree on anything God says He will do it! I agree God will save your Husband and two will be one again
    in the name above all names Jesus Christ

  • Fly mom

    I was so encouraged to read this tonight! Like you all know, God’s timing is perfect. My marriage has been under attack lately. My husband announced to me about three weeks ago that he “knows” I’ve been cheating on him with someone at my church, that we’ve grown apart since I’ve started going to church and he would’ve been gone a long time ago if it weren’t for our kids (4 and 13 months). I haven’t been cheating on him and was floored that he would think that. The things he offered as proof just served to show me how deceitful and sneaky the enemy really is. Satan has been whispering lies and doubts into his ear for some time now, while my attention was elsewhere. I made a decision the night my husband decided to finally discuss these issues with me, that I would not back down, I am going to fight each and every minute for my marriage. I am scared at times, I don’t want my children growing up in a broken home, but God is faithful and constantly reminds me that He has a perfect plan even in this. He loves my husband even more than I do, and He is working in him while He is working in our marriage. I continue to pray daily over our marriage and am in this for the long haul. Thank you for your story, and encouragement. It truly has been a blessing!

  • Andrew

    Thank you so much. I really didn’t think anyone would respond and I just almost started crying as soon as I saw your reply. praying is the moat powerful thing we can do for each other. So again thank you, and God bless you..

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Praying right now!

    Jennifer Smith Loving Life

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Praying right now!

    Jennifer Smith Loving Life

  • Andrew

    Hey I’m not a wife, but my marriage is under attack. my wife has left for the third time. every time she gets close to Christ she gets scared and runs away. please, I need all the prayer we can get

  • Guest

    My husband left 3 months before our 8 year anniversary. Initially he said he didn’t know what it was like to be single. Then it was he hasn’t loved me for months, then years and now he has never loved me. I found out shortly after he left that it was for a girlfriend that dumped him in highschool… He says he has always loved heLong story short he left me and our 1 1/2 year old daughter for this girl who still lives at home… And he is living with her. I don’t love this man, I love my husband, the man I married and who has been there for me for the past 7 years. I will try as hard as I can but I don’t know what to do to save our marriage… He doesn’t call me just texts every once in a while. We had a great marriage… At least I thought we did. I miss our family. Please pray for us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leighwestbrook02 Leigh Westbrook

    Hi. My husband has told me that he is no longer in love with me and doesn’t know if he made the right decsion in marrying me in the first place. I am completely devastated. He is a minister and I have pointed out what the Word says about marriage and divorce, but he still doesn’t know what he wants to do. Living in this house is becoming more and more difficult as the days go by. My heart breaks for my 3 girls. They are 9, 5, and 3. Although we don’t act distant in front of them, they can feel the tension in the air. I know God doesn’t want me to give up, but it hurts so bad and its so hard. I am in desperate need of encouragement.

  • JR

    Dear Jennie,

    I am really empathising with you. God wants your husband to come to Him. Pray for divine truth to be spoken deep into his soul by the Holy Spirit. Pray for intercessors. Get a powerful mature and faithful prayer partner and pray for him and for more and more of God. Everyday. I am in an interesting place right now after finding out very awful news two and a half months ago. But God is working. Pray and speak out truth. Let only good things come out of your mouth or not at all. I was in the pit but God has brought me out. God has the victory in your marriage. We do not live by what we hear or see but by faith. God is convicting your husband’s heart. Pray that God will be represented in you at all times and every time you interact with your husband through conversation, face to face, texts, emails, etc. More of God. It is tough but God is in total control. Jennie, I pray right now for the peace of God to come over you and that the strongholds and bondage of your husband by the enemy are now broken, bound, destroyed and sent back to the pit of hell in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus. Be blessed, you are a beautiful daughter of the King of Kings!!!! I am not speaking platitudes. I speak from the experience of it. God is working and is for marriage. All the time. Never stopping. Never give up but surrender it all to Christ.

  • Hannah Johnson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! My husband and I have been going through a hard time for the past 2 years but I have believed that Satan attacks us because he knows that God is going to use us for something great. Yes by the world’s standards I could ask for a divorce but I don’t live for the world. I live to glorify God, and by God’s standards I believe I am to forgive and love. Doesn’t make it easier and we still have healing that needs to be done and trust to be built, but with God’s help and encouragement like yours, everyday gets a little easier.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TYYEIK7FTKQP3O7JUNF25U2DGM Gissel

    My husband of 12 years has told me that he’s no longer in love with me. I’m hurting and heart broken. I’m walking in faith and staying faithful to God. I need advice.

  • virginia knight

    Hi Jennie, I read this and see a mirror image of my own situation. My husband didn’t have an affair but after years of no communication, me falling into depression after a diagnosis of our son having a rare disablity he decided to leave our marriage 6 months ago. He also said he made a mistake marrying me and he has tried to like me but just can’t. I find it so hard to believe he truly means these things when I look back at our relationship before we got married and who he was when we fell in love, those are not his words. I pray for us both everyday and have others praying for us. I don’t want to give up I’ve come to far in my faith and relationship with God to give up. Pray for your husband everyday let your love of God shine through so he wants what you have with God, be strong and keep fighting. Someone recently told me of a book, Love must be Tough by Dr James Dobson, it’s about how one spouse can bring a marriage back together without the other. I’ve just ordered it and can’t wait to read it.
    Thinking of you and will Pray for you and your Husband.

  • Jennie

    Desire to keep fighting
    As many other hurting people on this site, my marriage is in a very hard place right now. My husband had an affair almost a year ago. Since then though he’s been in a depressive like state saying he knew better yet still did it therefore he needs to punish himself. to do that is to stay away from everyone and keep everyone at an arms length including me. He’s also questioning if he made such a poor choice to step out on our relationship that may be he made a mistake 7 years ago when he asked me to marry him in the first place. It hurts so much….I can see where I have played a role in the weakening of our relationship but I never thought it would come to this. I don’t believe separation or divorce is the answer. I’m struggling though as it feels like I am the only one who wants to fight for this relationship most days. I’m so tired, mentally, emotionally and physically. I desire to see our relationship healed and restored. I believe in God and have seen him do incredible things in others relationships….I’m praying He will do a miracle in ours. 

  • Anne

    This is just what i needed to read…i always ask  God to guide me in my decisions and what to say and i know with time things are going to be well…..

  • Michelle

    Thank you for your transparency to connect with other women who are hurting just like you. It is so hard to keep fighting for your marriage. I am at a crossroad right now with my Husband. 4 years ago my husband was unfaithful and walked away from me and our two boys, but through a harsh conviction..he had an accident while drinking and driving, The Lord restored our Marriage and brought my Husband to be the Leader that I had married. Now 4 years later, the other night my husband told me he has never been in love with me and that he tried to make himself love me for the sake of our sons. We had our first son out of wedlock. I am so hurt, I feel like the last 13 years of my life have been a lie. I feel like such a fool. He said that I ruined his life and he is claiming I got pregnant on purpose to trap him. I don’t feel like I even know who he is anymore. He told me he will be moving out and he will file for a divorce, because I said I don’t believe in divorce. Please pray, I don’t have the strength to go through this..again. Please pray for my sons..age 12 and 5..for they have already had to deal with so much at such a young age. I know the God will never leave me or forsake me, but I just feel so alone. Everyone tells me to let him go, but I can’t, like you said ..he is part of me.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Wow that is an awesome testimony! I commend you for striving to work things out for God’s glory! God Bless!

  • Codi Gibson

    WOW! This website has done a lot in saving my marriage, and this is another post to help some more. My husband and i split up in February of this year and after I filed for divorce in April we both gave the other biblical grounds for the divorce, adultry. Although we both commited this sin, I got pregnant. It has been a tough month of us trying to work through things, but he has decided he wants this baby girl and is doing everything he can to be there for me. We are going through the families telling us we just need to split, divorce, and be done with it. But God told me, “I got this, and you guys are going to have an amazing testimony!” have seen God move and work physically, emotionally, and verbally and like I have NEVER seen in my 28 years of life!! We get through a minute, an hour, a day at a time and with me praying A LOT through out the day! God is doing amazing things and is helping us through soooo much already!! God is so amazing and will reconcile our marriages if only we will take the time to pray and put forth the efffort to save our marriage. A marriage isn’t over as long as one person invests everything into saving it!

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    I’m praying and believing with you John for reconciliation in your marriage!

  • John Paul

    5 months after our marriage, my wife left me. She cannot take the sudden adjustment from being single to being a wife. We were both Christian and love God. There is no reason at all to her to walk out our marriage for I have been faithful to her & I honor my covenant with God more than anything else. I honor my vow with God being our witness. She said she just needed her time to be alone and find herself again, but i said “no” because marriage is like bicycle – it need two wheels & need to push our legs so we won’t fall, we have to work this out really hard. We need to deal the problem with both of us around. I tried seeking counsel to our Pastor, to our church’s elders, reaching her out, by courting her again. But shes seeing all efforts i made were like a garbage. I love her so much & I’m still hoping & believing that God will restore our marriage. I’m never loosing hope. This September will be our 1st wedding anniversary & I’m expecting for God’s miracle.

    “At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail.” Job 14:7

  • Debbie

    Wow This is almost my story but I don’t have the ending yet. My husband left me and our children after 25 years of marriage over 2 years ago, filed for divorce, is a having an affair and i just found out the other woman is pregnant. it is so nice to hear that I’m not the only one standing for the restoration of my marriage. I know God has put it in my heart to pray for my husband and wait patiently on God’s perfect timing. God led me to Rejoice Marriage Ministries. It has encouraged me through my stand. I recommend it to every stander. “Nothing is impossible for God”

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Dear Lord, I lift up this marriage to you and pray that you would intercede. I pray that this husband and wife would be reconciled! I pray that they would stop hurting each other and find love again. May peace fill their hearts in Jesus name Amen!

  • OverThisMarriage

    This was a blessing to me. My husband & I have been
    separated for 2 months. 1 week I’m ready to let him come home, the next week
    I’m ready to spit on his grave. Today was one of those spiting on his grave
    days. I’m not going to try to play victim because I have my faults, but you
    would need 4 bottles of 5 hour energy if I told you all that this man has put
    me through mentally and emotionally. This time it went so far that he told me
    to get all the bills transferred in my name b/c he wasn’t sure if he was coming
    back. You would think it was infidelity right? Wrong! Just plain ole’ tit for
    tact, lack of communication, more angry than love, more spite than helpfulness
    kind of marriage! I call my self stupid EVERYDAY for even trying, I feel like I
    shouldn’t have to coach a grown man how to be a husband and father and that’s
    why it’s so easy for me to pull the divorce card every 2 days, simply b/c I’m
    hurt and I want him to feel the same hurt. But when I’m alone reading this blog
    and other Christian blogs you all give me hope. Galatians 6:9 reminds me
    to” not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a
    harvest if we do not give up.” so much easier said than done. I love my
    husband and I do think I deserve to be treated better and so does he, but I’m
    at the point that my husband call or text me to see how I’m doing, I’m not
    retuning the favor, I know I’m all over the place with this response and blame
    my flesh not my sprint, I’m just so over this marriage, I even tell myself
    “God will understand, this not his will for me” I have lost 15
    pounds, been depressed, my house looks a mess, I don’t care if I take a bath some
    days my mom and grandma ask me everyday why I’m losing so much weight, I’m
    running out of lies..smh. I’m just going to end it here, I could go on but
    what’s the point? Anyone seeing this just pray for me b/c I really need it,

  • OverThisMarriage

    I can’t do it anymoe

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mj2162007 Mj Coban

    God Bless.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife


    Your strength is inspiring! Thank you for sharing! I pray in faith with you that your marriage is restored and that your husband is reconciled to God and to you! May you feel comforted!

  • Rhonda

    I can relate to what you have shared. Thank you. Yesterday made 1 year since my husband left. We have 3 young children. It has been a very difficult year, but having a year “under my belt” now, I am doing so much better than I was. God has been my SOURCE for everything. I had to have faith for everything; comfort, strength, and peace for my children and myself, a job (which he provided), childcare (he continues to provide), Money (it has come in various ways), etc. God has shown me that He is my first husband and He will never leave me or forsake me. I don’t pretend that I’m floating on clouds. This has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do, BUT, it is causing the most growth in my relationship with God. It hurts deeply, sometimes more than others, but I love God and want His will for my family. I love my husband. He was a really good man, until shortly before he left. I know the man God gave me is still in there somewhere and God is changing him, as he is changing me. I am fighting for my marriage, my family, my husband, my children and their children, the ministry God has for us and all the people who will be blessed by it. There’s so much at stake here. God will be glorified in this. I hope this blesses someone else.

    Remain Strong in the LORD,

  • http://www.facebook.com/jwrodrigues Jamie Westfall Rodrigues

    I read this blog on the very day that my (typically very stable and strong) marriage was attacked and tested. An anointed reading, for sure. Thank you for sharing. God is faithful and just and really laughs in the face of the adversary. I know my marriage is anointed and meant to do Kingdom work. I prayed to God and he answered blatantly and honestly about my marriage. “What God united, let no man (idol) separate.” He specifically directed me to 1 Cor 7:17. Bless you for sharing. And thank you.

  • Shakera

    My husband and I arent living together either he is in another state and expecting a child with the other woman so we never see each other and we never talk so Im believing for the same thing. God is able and I am believing for a fast miracle!!



    thank you for this meesage it bought tears to my eyes because I am going through something similar in my marriage. My Husband and I aren’t even living together.I am praying, trusting, and believing for marriage restoration. GOD IS ABLE!!!

  • Shakera

    God knowss what we need. Dont give up! We have the victory. The devil has already been defeated so he cant do anything to us. Keep praying for your marriage. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much. Be Blessed

  • Shakera

    Youre in my prayers. Dont give up! Seek God. Speak over your marriage and your spouse. You will have what you say dont let the devil convince you to doubt. We serve a mighty God!!

  • Shakera

    The devil is a liar and we will have the victory!! Youre in my prayers

  • Shakera

    Praise God Mona!! I am believing with you!! We have the victory!!

  • Shakera

    Praise God!! He knows what we need. I will keep you in my prayers. Never give up! When youre obedient God will bless you more than you can imagine. God specializes in things we think are impossible. Be Blessed

  • Shakera

    Praise God! I will keep you in prayer. Declare that the enemy is defeated and know that you have the victory. Thank God now because it is already done! “… call those things that be not as though they were.” Romans 4:17

  • Shakera

    Praise God! I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Dont focus on the natural focus on the unseen. God is faithful!! Be Blessed!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1117814643 Esther Bautista

    Yes it is very hard at times. i have a friend who is also going through a very difficult time in her marriage. she has stuck it out so much and put up with a lot a lot maybe even abuse but she has chose to stay for now but its like a roller coaster and chaos much of the time. it would be hard for me to tell her to leave as i don’t want the responsibility to sway her decision because like you said it is personal between God and you. i have chosen to stick it out here myself. but yes it has been tough through the years.

  • Robin

    Thank you for this. I really needed to hear this. Please pray for my marriage.

  • Allyse

    I had an argument with my husband today and had thoughts of giving up. I needed to hear God speak and here this was. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    I will be praying for you right now!

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    That is so awesome Anne! What a great testimony of God’s power!

    Jennifer Smith // Loving Life
    Unveiled Wife


  • Granitemc1


  • MC

    I had a very long night talking with my husband which ended up in a BIG disagreement. with only a few hours of sleep on my way to work this morning I needed to hear from the lord and then i read this article, my thoughts on paper. thank you..

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.aliogo Linda Aliogo

    HE sees our pains, HE sees our trials. HE is also there to deliver us because HE has said, HE would not allow any temptation that would consume us…HE is a faithful GOD!
    Thanks for sharing! May God continue to bless your marriage!

  • http://www.facebook.com/loveyababe0909 Kelley Howard

    You just wrote this yesterday… WOW that was meant for me.. You are right it is hard. Just like a good friend told me, she told me to pray and I have been doing everything BUT that. I have been worried about being cheated on (again), abandoned, and unloved! The devil has me too (as well as he had my husband) and I did not realize that until now. Thank you for your article post, it has encouraged me even more to pray, to TRY to let go of my flesh, and instead of harboring and being afraid of being abandoned, I need to pray. I need to worry about the household, my kids, my school and pray over my husband. GOD is soo good.

  • Anne

    This is my story!!!! After 21 years of marriage my husband left -he was never coming back. We were separated for 5 years. At the beginning of year 4 I filed for divorce. God called me out. My Pastor spoke out a message that was clear – someone in this service filed for divorce and I’m here to tell you God is not done with your marriage. 2 days before my divorce would have been filed my husband called and asked me to rescind our divorce. Hector would say why just to please rescind & if I wanted to continue at a later time he would pay for it. I rescinded. 6 months later he moved back. One year later we are reconciled and working hard on a God based marriage. We are rebuilding trust. Learning to know and love each other but most of all we are committed to putting God first in our marriage. Sure there are hard days but on those days we hunker down and seek Godly council. For it is by the stripes of Jesus this marriage is healed. And our love is reconciled.

  • Withinsight

    This week has been a huge attack from Satan… this has come at one of my lowest moments and the waves of emotions are overtaking and drowning me. I am going thru it all… separation, dealing with his anger and bitterness towards me, another woman in our marriage – way too many people in our marriage that he has sided with and left the side of God for… and is no longer on my side, in the lead or supporting me … i want to fight for this marriage and at so many time of the day and with so many people i ask for prayers for ‘us’ and for him to have the HS convict him and bring him to repentance for separating his life from mine… we are no longer 1 in his mind ( esp when ‘she’ is). I do not know how to do this….but why do i want to stay in this? why do i want to be with a man that would accept the world before protecting his wife….i have so many questions, so much emotion…. which way do i go?

  • Kristy

    Thank you so much for this blog, it is definitely a blessing to me and always encourages me at just the right moments! So wonderful to know we as wives go through allot of the same feelings, thank you for encouraging me! God bless you abundantly!

  • KC

    A friend sent me this link because I’m going through this right now. Wow! This is so encouraging. I will not give up.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Wow Mona! God is powerful! I will be praying for restoration with you for your marriage! Hang in there!

  • Mona

    I went for a drive crying out to God telling him I’ve done all I could do and that I had nothing left, than I came home to this. God hears our prayers, he sees our pain and he gives us the strength to keep going in our weakest moments.
    I know that my husband is being deceived by Satan and it makes me so ANGRY!! I want my love back and I’m believing for restoration and healing!!!

  • Cynder60


    Thank you for sharing. I too have a similar story. I had the biblical option to file for divorce. But God reminded me He hates divorce. God also convinced me He would redeem my marriage. I have been standing in the gap & holding on to His promise for 4 years now. Just today I had to rebuke Satan because he wouldn’t leave my mind alone. God never said it would be easy it He does promise it will be worth it. Bless you for taking a stand for your marriage

  • keltrinswife

    I love what you said about praying for your husband when you pray for yourself because you and your husband are one. I neve thought of that. Be blessed :)

  • http://twitter.com/CFamChronicles Heather Cook

    Fantastic article!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tiffany-Cunningham/100000087812543 Tiffany Cunningham

    Thank you more than you can ever know!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marloelynn Tasha Mitchell

    thsi was right on time for me..thank you so much for your heartfelt post.

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