Writen by: Unveiled Wife On February 27, 2013

Encouragement For Wives Fasting And Praying For Marriage


We are just about halfway through our commitment of 40 days fasting and praying for marriage!

It seems as though the second I committed in faith to do this fast the enemy has relentlessly attacked and tried to bring me down.  As I strive to grow closer to God, the enemy is striking me in very vulnerable areas, such as fear.  This verse really encouraged me when I caught myself anxious with fear:

Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I will trust in You.”

My husband and I have also been feeling very overwhelmed.  This hinders our ability to be diligent throughout the day and it steals our joy.  We know we are not the only ones feeling this way so we just want you to know we are praying for you and cheering for you!

Also, if you committed to this fast but feel as if you have failed because you missed a day or caved into the very thing you chose to sacrifice… IT IS OK!  Just pick up where you left off!  This was meant to challenge you, it is good for your character to follow through with it regardless of if you feel like you messed up!


Please take a minute to pray for your marriage and for other wives who may be feeling attacked by the enemy.  You can even leave a prayer written out in the comments!  I am confident that God will use these prayers to encourage all of us wives!

Unveiled Wife

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My name is Jennifer and I began this BLOG to share my journey as a wife, unveiled, uncovered and wide open, to purge my heart of the pain I have encountered AND to encourage other women in the world who are, have been, or will soon be wives... READ MY STORY HERE

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  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    I am praying for reconciliation with you!

  • Sherie

    I have been separated for 3 years from my husband, I will say we both made mistakes. However the last year, I could not get myself to file for divorce and neither has he, today at church (we attend the same church) during lunch, he came to me. Lean close to my ear to share with me how he had been watching our daughter play with this little boy and how he is going be an overprotective father. We laughed and his head touched my shoulder, at that very moment I wanted to say “I still love you, I’m sorry for the pain I caused, lets start over.” Instead I smiled and enjoyed the moment. I realized why I still love him and why I married him. Please pray with me and for me that Jesus Christ heals, restores and deliver my marriage from divorce. May the Lord erase ALL doubt, guilt, shame, fear, anger, pain and anything else negative from the both of us that is hindering us reconciling our marriage. Also may the Lord rebuke ALL negative distractions from our lives that may have an influence on the delay of our reconciliation. As time passed I realized I not only married my husband and made a promise to him but I also made a promise to God and I need Gods help to keep it. I pray that God/Jesus Christ gives us myself and husband the necessary resources to step out on faith and start over to repair our marriage and give God all the glory in saving our marriage from divorce.

  • Traci Schneider

    My name is Traci. I am 39yrs old. I recently rededicated my life to the Lord & was baptized. As did my husband. I will be married 3yrs Nov. 7th,.2013. Currently I live with other Christian men & women on a farm. Its a 9mo. Discipleship prigram. There is a seperate mens house & seperate womens house. My husband & I are the only couple on property. Since arriving here I have been feeling alot of division between he (my husband) & I. The Lord has led me to strengthen my walk with him as an individual. This led to an agreement between Jeff(my husband) & I to start a 30day fast. We started this morning. We have made the agreement to work in ourselves& in turn we are believing it will strengthen the marriage & break off some bondage I have been in for 9mo..!! I have ordered your book,.the “unveiled wife”. But ifyou have any material specifically for fasting from a spouse, plz let me know. Thank you. Your sister in Christ,.Traci.

  • Maria

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband left. He said God told him to get a divorce.

  • Susanne

    Today I started the 40 fast for my marriage. My husband and I are currently separated. He going to see a Christian counselor for the first time. Please pray for me to completely give it all to Lord. I am praying for complete restoration of my family and for protection for our children and for my husband and myself. I know that the enemy is going to be on the attack.

  • Diane Uy

    My husband and I have been married two months in february when he decided he no longer wants to deal with me. He thought marriage was an end to our troubles as a couple. We are on a long distance rel. i prayed but as my prayer got harder, husband also let go of any hope I held for the reconciliation, and now my guts tell me that the woman I have been jealous of is now his gf. April 25 when he asked that we be legally separated. I cant believe it has been almost amonth now. He has taken away every avenue of communication i have with him and i no longer triedtalking with him. I pray for the Holy Spirit to change his heart so he can change his ways. I am getting a lot discouraged since i have not felt God assisst me. Feels like he’s just staring at me, watching me fall, watching me fail. And I lookt to Him and he just stares at me right back..

  • Liza Molina

    Please let me know when you will be fasting again. My husband left our home back in December 2012 and on our 4th wedding anniversary announced he had a new girlfriend. I have been in constant prayer and God is already working. I have FAITH all things are possible!!

  • nikki

    Need Prayer for me and my husband. My children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nichole.trevino.9 Nichole Trevino

    I am praying for you. Hold tight to His promises! He is faithful. Put on your Armor Ephesians 5, and Stand Firm in the Lord, knowing that the spiritual battle belongs to Him! :) <3

  • Stephanie Brost

    I am in the same situation. Facing divorce now. Just needing alot of prayers!

  • Stephanie Brost

    I could use alot of prayer for my family and life right now! Please keep me in your prayers. My name is stephanie!

  • Moreblessing

    Nichole it sounds like you are living in my house. i will say i have gotten stronger and have actually faced the devil one on one fighting for my husband. as i started on the 40 day fast the attacks became heavier. i am being pushed out of my home. but i stand firm with that belief that God will take care of me and will win this battle for me and i shall be of encouragement to fellow wives who are bound to go through the same journey. if God be for me who then can be against me? no weapon formed against me will prosper. and we will fight this fight not by power nor by might but by the lords spirit. the weapons of our warfare arr not carnal but they are mighty to God.

    i live by those scripture and more.

  • malaura

    Melissa, i understand completely. My husband left with someone else and it is just me and my 8 month old now. The Lord CAN restore our marriages. And He can be our husband in the mean time. Strength and peace to you, sister.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.brine Deborah Mae Brine

    Trust – in this verse the Hebrew word for trust is “batach” meaning, “to have confidence, be bold, secure, feel safe”. I like to use blueletterbible.org as a Bible study tool. Their definition goes on to say, “to throw one down on his back, to throw in the face, to throw oneself or one’s cares on anyone”. Additionally, “to be secure, to fear nothing for oneself”.

    Father, I lift up all of the wives fasting and praying for their marriages. May we boldly throw our cares on YOU. May this become a natural, easy habit that we do for all the days of our marriage. Thank you that YOU are our safe place, we have nothing to fear, we can confide our fears in YOU. In Jesus’ Name and For His Sake, Amen.

  • melissa

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband has left and with someone else and the three kids and i would like him back if that is gods will. So sick of seeing the Satan ruin so many marriages.

  • nichole

    I am praying this prayer for those of us wives that are in very difficult marriages. For our husbands who no longer find us attractive, who are not our best friends or even our companions in this life, who leave us empty but continue to use and abuse our kindness and submission to them as umto christ, to whom we are an after thought and a burden..who view us as a hinderance to all they could have become..who butter us up for sex only to laugh at us amd roll over proclaiming that “they got theirs”..who keep secerets from us or tell so many white lies even they no longer know the truth..who gave up pursuing or dating us..who leave us..who stay but leave us lonely and longing..who disrespect us so continually that it causes us to disrespect ourselves..who mistreat us who are harsh, nasty, cruel, belittling or abusive; wether verbally sexually financially or physically. First..if someone is hurting you or your child call the police! It is not God’s will for us to be physically hurt by anyone! Second…I understand each of these issues as I have been thru them..but I am praying for you to find peace in the Lord..that your hope would remain in him. Your husband is not your enemy..Satan is your enemy. And I am praying the Lord give you the willingness to ADMIT that HE can restore you, your husband, and your marriage..if you will pray..if you will submit to God, if you will give him all your brokenness..he will. I am praying for you! My dear sweet sister!

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    Thank you!! I’m praying for you as well!!

    Jennifer Smith Loving Life

  • http://twitter.com/HotHolyHumorous J (Anonymous)

    Thank you for this encouragement, Jennifer! Sadly, I have had to bow out of my no-snacks fast. I was hit with stomach virus, and I’m working my way back to digestive normalcy by eating small (bland-and-boring) snacks throughout the day. *sigh* However, my throwing in with this fasting-and-praying has continued to keep me aware of the need to focus on God and our marriages throughout the day, and I continue to pray for you all and for marriages. Thank you for launching this shared activity. I will pray for your protection from the enemy.

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