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Helping Your Husband Help You

helping-your-husband-help-youSo often I assume my husband can read my mind. If I recognize a need in my life, I expect him to recognize it as well. I have needs that require his help… yet when he fails to fulfill my needs I get frustrated and wonder… why didn’t he do this or that?

The truth is that my husband is willing to help, but he won’t always know how to help unless I communicate my needs to him.

Instead of wrongly assuming he is just as aware of the help I am in need of as I am, it is my responsibility to verbalize to my husband how he can help me.

Do you ever assume your husband can read your mind?

Do you get frustrated when your husband neglects to meet all of your needs without having to say a word?

As much as it would be great for our husbands to know exactly how to help us without having to say a word, we must be willing to communicate our needs to our husbands. This gives them the opportunity to then help where they can.

The challenge is to get the needs we are aware of said out loud to our husbands. This week I encourage you to join me in helping our husbands by sharing with them HOW they can help us! Helping your husband help you will hopefully extinguish the negative attitude, thoughts, or emotions that arise towards your husband when he doesn’t read your mind!

What is one way you will ask your husband for help this week?


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  • April

    This is so true. We’re about a year and a half into our marriage and this was our first Thanksgiving together. My sister in-law had a family emergency and had to leave town, which left little old me with the responsibilities of Thanksgiving dinner. I was overwhelmed, and my husband was taking care of something we had talked about the day before, but I thought he knew I needed him there at that instant, and felt he wasn’t there on purpose (I’m also 6 months pregnant). Once we talked and I verbalized what I needed, everything was perfect. I received the help I needed and Thanksgiving dinner was a lovely event.

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    That is a great idea! I believe most men appreciate the directness of us communicating our needs to them!

  • April

     The Power of a Praying wife book helped me so much. The author’s powerful scripture based prayers over many area’s men need to be lifted up in helped me to understand and fall in love with him. Not to mention how God honored the prayers in my husband’s life. Sooooo, I got him a copy of Power of a Praying Husband. And there are days where I ask him to grab it and pray a certain prayer over me. I feel kind of direct asking, but it is always good. ;o)

  • Laalex2

    Maybe you should try not using a back link because it looks like it didn’t work for most of us! Blessings, Lori

  • Auntie Em

    Lori and Jen, the backlink isn’t working for me either– I have your site button on my blog, and tried linking directly in the post… nothing : (
    Thank you, Jen; I know how frustrated I get when there is a computer problem!!

  • http://unveiledwife.com/ Unveiled Wife

    So sorry Lori. I will try and figure it out today!

  • Rebecca

    Jennifer-thank you so much for this ministry you do. I am on my third and final rodeo of marriage…finally figured out how to be a Christian wife (most days)…so with 3 husbands and over 30 years of marriage I have found it is so important to communicate those things that you have an expectation of…your husband wants to be your knight in shining armor…you need to tell him how. My wonderful sweet husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday the first year we were married (10 years ago) and really, I didn’t want anything…we are extremely blessed. So he asked me when was the last time I had a birthday party and when I replied I was 7…he threw me a fabulous birthday party!  

    Jennifer’s point of communicating your specific expectations/wishes is so important. Unfortunately, men do not read our minds. If something is important to you don’t be afraid to tell them a few times (but don’t nag!)…some men need more communication than others (maybe that is why I am on my third rodeo?)

    Jennifer, motherhood is FABULOUS! And even better when your children become adults! Blessing and prayers for a joyous delivery of your first child. You will find that your delivery story will become your “war story” that you will share with other mothers. It is something that bonds us as sisters.

  • Mkailasmom

    what do you do when he is not willing to help?

  • Lori

    It’s impossible to link up to your blog.  The back link doesn’t work no matter what I try…

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