Writen by: Unveiled Wife On February 16, 2012

Prayer Of The Day – Reconciliation Between A Husband & Wife

Dear Heavenly Father,

My heart is in anguish knowing that some husbands and wives are ending their marriage in divorce.  The separation of two things you have brought together is a devastating experience.  May your Holy Spirit consume the hearts of those who are facing divorce and fill them with peace and wisdom.  Lead them to make decisions according to your will.  Help them to put aside selfish ways, hurts, and pains.  May their love for each other be restored and renewed.  May they experience the awesome power of reconciliation and true forgiveness.  May this just be a piece of their testimony, which retelling glorifies you!  May you give hope to husbands and wives who are crushed in spirit, may your power be exercised in their marriage, and may your will be done in Jesus Name AMEN!

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  • Viole

    Please pray for me too, before our divorce finalized.
    Today March 5th is our wedding 2nd anniversary…
    Thank you.

  • Medvela_in_co

    My husband and I are in the process of divorce.I don’t want this divorce but he instigated it because of another woman.I am hoping and praying that before the divorce is finalized there will be a reconciliation between us.I’m ready to forgive him because I value the sanctity of our marriage. I keep on praying to Jesus that He will grant a reconciliation between me and my husband.

  • http://unveiledwife.com Unveiled WIfe


  • http://unveiledwife.com Unveiled WIfe

     God, please continue to be Emma’s strength during this fast.  Open her eyes and reveal your truths to her.  Reconcile her heart to her husbands.  Establish trust again.  Restore them in your name Jesus AMEN!

  • Shyneeta

    Amen! Marriage is a great thing when the Lord is guiding it! We must continue to let God have our marriages!

  • Emma Dedans

    My husband and I are separated since 6 months after 2 years of marriage life only. I pray everyday for reconcilliation. As from 22nd of February I’m going to fast for my marriage irrespective of his unfaithfullness, I already forgave him and want us to start from zero in the name of JESUS. Please pray for us so that God may open the eyes of our hearts so that we might have a clear revelation of what being married before him is.

  • HannaSurung

    Say no to divorce…..Peace Yes…

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