A Debt Free Marriage!

That’s right! My husband and I are DEBT FREE!!!  As of February 2011 the only debt we have is the debt of love (Romans 13:8).  We have been married for over four years.  We jumped straight into mission work when we first married, serving in countries including: Zambia, Malawi, Brazil, Canada and most recently Nicaragua.  It was very difficult to be missionaries, with a low income based off of financial supporters and have to worry about a monthly student loan to pay back.  At least it was the only debt to our name, we know others who carry the weight of much more.

After two years devoted to missions, we felt God call us back home to exterminate the student loan and have a debt free marriage.  So that’s exactly what we did!  The night we sent off the very last payment we had a silly idea to make a short video, rejoicing in our accomplishment.  We also had a creative idea to play a joke on our family, who has been asking when we are going to settle down and have kids since we got married.  We posted the video to Facebook and received phone calls within hours.  However, our little stunt caught the attention of more than just our family:)

Our Pastor asked us if he can show it on Sunday morning to the congregation to promote debt free marriages.  For weeks people would walk by and say, “Hey you’re the couple from the video!”  It was quite amusing.  Then we received a phone call from Dave Ramsey’s team who wanted to share our testimony with thousands of other people.  We were blown away!  They ended up publishing an article about us on their website, check it out here~> http://www.daveramsey.com/article/ministering-to-the-worldunhindered/lifeandmoney_church/

We are still SO excited to be debt free and we encourage everyone to try and get out from under the burden of financial debt.

Check out our YouTube video Below!

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