African Love – Reminiscing About Our Love Story

August 21, 2003 was the day I walked down the isle to the man I knew God wanted me to spend the rest of my life with. Our journey has been hard and it’s still difficult. However, I love investing in my husband and hopefully that will never change. Let’s take a look back. I want to tell you the story I would love to share with my grandchildren some day.

I was 15 when I met Rob Moore and I had only been in Florida 3 days. I was anxiously awaiting the other team mates from all over the country that would soon become my brothers and sisters. We would become an amazing family. We were at Teen Missions the Lord’s Boot Camp getting ready to go to Kenya, Africa. I had already made a few friends, but there was something about Rob that irritated me. Maybe it was the way he stared at me and my waist length blond hair.  No, it was the fact that he drank Dr. Pepper like water and already had a caffeine withdrawal head ache. After a few days though I started looking to him as a big brother and our friendship started.

There were 4 of us that got along well and did a lot together, Taylor and Tracy were the other 2. We were in Florida for 2 weeks and boy was it a challenge. I got a really bad case of athletes foot and it was painful to walk. Boot camp was all about challenging yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. 5am wake-ups, obstacle course before breakfast, devotions after breakfast, living in tents, no running water, all in preparation for serving in a third world country and to know God more. The spiritual high that came out of that experience was amazing.

31 hours on a plane, 9 hour truck ride into the bush, and we arrived in Kiserian, Kenya.  A mile from a lake and sitting on a 400 foot cliff our camp was in a mission near schools, a church, and a nurses station. We all fell in love with the people, the culture, and the beautiful land that God has created there. After long days working on building a house for a pastor, it was amazing to sit on the cliff and just watch the sun go down over the lake. I committed myself to no longer date, but to pray for the one God created for me. I had no idea that Robert had made that same commitment.

A couple weeks before our departure I started having innocent thoughts about Robert, such as “He would make an amazing father” and “whoever gets to marry him will be lucky.”  I was tired of feeling them because I was there to serve God not myself, but the feelings grew. I wrote down my prayer to God and shared it with one of the girls and asked her to pray for me. She told me “You need to share this with him, he needs to pray too.” So I wrote Rob a letter and copied my prayer so that he understood. At that point I was really anxious because I thought of him as a brother and I didn’t want to jeopardize that. I waited.

He responded just a day later with a letter that he passed to me in church. I was actually kind of surprised at his response – he had thoughts about me as well that he had been praying about. He even wondered what it would be like to kiss me and he admitted that it bothered him. We talked after church and decided to continue to pray about our thoughts. Both of us had been hurt and we wanted to make sure that God was the giver of these feelings. One morning I got prayer closet duty. This meant it was my duty to go up on the cliff and pray for the team and anything that God put on our hearts. I asked the Lord for a sign from Him that these feelings about Rob were from Him. I had vowed to only focus on my relationship with God and no longer be goo-goo over boys. I wanted to be sure that this wasn’t just a distraction from serving The Lord. Oh He sent me a sign! In fact He sent me 3 signs that morning that I was on that cliff.

The first was the most beautiful sunrise that any of us had ever seen. I looked over at the camp and watched as my teammates ran to their tents to grab their cameras. I was too high up the mountain to get mine. I was entranced in it’s beauty too much to even think about a camera. It overwhelmed me to tears and all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with a love for Rob that to this day is like no other love. A love that was God given and perfect. I continued to pray and thank God for His blessing. He wasn’t done.

The second sign was so simple. There were these little yellow flowers that covered the cliff side. I loved looking at them, admiring their simplicity, 5 little petals, and the whole flower no larger than a quarter. I looked around and sitting right next to me was the most beautiful of all. The ironic thing was that it was perfect just the way it was with 4 petals and it was growing right out of the boulder I was sitting on. After 10 years of marriage I sit and wonder what kind of sign He was giving me. I think I understand it better now, than I did then. All that flower needed was sun to survive. It had no fertile ground and yet it was perfect even in it’s imperfections. Just like us as people, God’s Son is all we need. Through Him in our imperfections He makes us beautiful just the way we are.

The third sign was much more personaI. I looked out over the fields and saw the normal flock of white birds that fed in the grasses around the lake. They were continually moving together rising and landing to feed in formation. All of a sudden they rose and landed in a half a heart. The flock rose and landed again to form the other half a heart. The flock rose and landed one more time to complete a whole heart.

God was calling me to love this young man with any imperfection, he was meant to be my other half. Later that afternoon I wrote him a simple note that read 3 very powerful words “I Love You.” We didn’t know what would happen after we got home, but we both new that God had meant for us to be together.

The challenges that were yet to come we’re hard, but God used them to grow us. I remember coming home and my Dad saying “I wish God had showed me my life partner when I was 16 years old.” Many people were skeptical and never thought we would last. At 18 and 19 we were married with my fathers blessing. Many friends and family thought we were too young and I know my parents got questioned a lot, but they saw our love and knew some how that it was a God thing.

Ten years later we have had to fight for us at times, we have faced a lot of marriage destroyers, but we’re still here and I love him a little more every day.

Take a little time today and remember when you knew your husband was the one for you. It’s fun to go down memory lane, reminiscing about your love story. Also, make sure you tell him today that you love him.

Dear heavenly Father thank you so much for the man you gave me 10 years ago. What a blessing he has been. I ask that you strengthen us and I thank you for growing our family. Be with Rob as he provides for us and I pray that you help me be the wife you desire me to be. Please bless the years to come and help us to continue to serve you in all that we do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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