An Invitation To Share Your Marriage Story

The Unveiled Wife blog has been an amazing encouragement to millions of  wives around the world. God has blessed each one of us in different ways through this community.

In the process of writing out my story on this blog, I have had the opportunity to share my heart and share what I am learning being a Christian wife. However, there are so many other wives who face different challenges, experience different growths, and encounter different revelations. In fact, some of the most popular articles on Unveiled Wife were written by women in the community who contributed by sharing their marriage stories.

I understand the importance of having different voices heard on the Unveiled Wife blog, and I desire to let this space be an open invitation to you to share your story with the world. I invite you to submit your marriage story or any other experience you have endured that you feel would encourage and affirm wives.

Below are a few things to consider for submissions. Also, since this is a Christian blog, your article should have a Biblical foundation of truth. My hope, and I believe God’s desire, is that Unveiled Wife continues to reaches even more women and wives than ever before.

Stories To Consider Sharing:

  • Anything related to marriage and being a wife, things you encounter or have learned.
  • Stories of redemption and victory.
  • Overcoming addiction.
  • Conquering fears.
  • Testimonies about initiating intimacy, having important conversations, or being unveiled with your husband.
  • Revelations God has given you that would be an encouragement or devotional.
  • Inspirations that have helped you in your roles of being a woman, wife, or mother.


  • Your submission must be original and not previously published
  • Your submission should be between 500 and 1000 words
  • Personal photos must be sized to 900 x 600 pixels.
  • Your submission will be edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

How To Submit Your Story

Click HERE!


I understand the work that is exerted to write a blog article. However, the fact that you have written an article and submitted it, does not guarantee publication.  Due to the volume of submissions, if your article does not get approved, you will not receive any explanation as to why it was not chosen.  Also, please be aware that there will be no monetary compensation for articles approved and published.

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