Esther Ienuso

Married at age 18 to my 19 year old sweetheart. We have lived, loved, and learned a whole lot in our 9 years together and I wouldn’t trade our marriage for anything! We have three beautiful children together and a silly dog named Sophie.

Hope For The Weary

The days are long but the years are short… This is my mantra.  I heard it not too long ago and it depicts life as a mother of little ones perfectly. As a contributor here at Unveiled Wife, my goal is to be honest and open with you. That is, afterall, what it means to be “unveiled”, right?  Well, my biggest struggle lately as a wife has not been anything with communication, or intimacy, or handling finances…. nope. My biggest struggle in my marriage has been being a mom to 3 little children. Please read carefully here: I LOVE BEING A MOM! But I also understand the demand physically, emotionally and mentally that being a mom has.  My children are awesome. I have a 4

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Three Ways To Combat Discontentment Before It Gets Ahold Of You

There I was like any other Sunday morning, answering curious little questions from my 4 year old, responding to little comments from my 2 year old, instructing him not to climb on the chairs and telling her not to crawl under the pews. I was balancing my six month old on my hip while juggling the needs of potty breaks, instructions, corrections, nursing and diaper changes. My arms were tried, my patience thin and my stern “I mean it!” look didn’t seem to have its usual magical powers of cooperation from my littles. I began to feel sorry for myself. I rationalized my poor attitude toward my kids and my brewing anger towards my husband with the idea that I needed to be worshipping God

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This Wedding Was Done So Backwards And Yet Makes Such Beautiful Sense

On August 19th I celebrated seven years married to the man that amazes me, encourages me and loves me. He is my best friend and partner in everything and it all started with a walk down the aisle… Followed by a run! We got married in a beautiful outside setting. I was 18 and he was 19, so young and in love! It was mid August in upstate New York. The wild flowers were everywhere, the sunflowers were getting tall and the sun shined that warm glow on everything it touched. But on our wedding, the storm clouds rolled in and threatened rain. (And how appropriate! I love the rain!) I remember standing in my spot waiting to walk down the aisle, and for the

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How I Overcame Trauma And Crisis In My Life

If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. (II Timothy 2:13 NKJV) This scripture speaks volumes about the Hope we have in God. Even when we don’t realize that hope is present, it is. Therefore, we can always live in hope. The other night, I was sitting with my husband talking about how much has changed in our lives this past year when suddenly I began to cry. I really didn’t know why I was crying because I wasn’t sad. I started to “think out loud”, as I like to call it… I began to realize why I was getting emotional. You see, I went through quite a crisis in my personal life this past year which only my husband, my pastors

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Date Ideas For Adventurous Couples – Geocaching

If you are like me, you can’t wait to just get out and go… It really doesn’t matter where (as long as it’s anywhere), when (as long as it’s now), or what you are doing (even if it means just driving in your car with no destination). My favorite thing to do is explore! Thankfully, my husband is the same way. His adventurous spirit was one of the things that attracted me to him and it’s still one of my favorite characteristics about him. We’ve been on many adventures together and they are always a blast! But… How do you incorporate your taste for adventure into a date? Hmmmm…. Well, it isn’t your typical “Dinner and a Movie” type date. Hiking local trails and Geocaching are

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"Be your husbands #1 fan before someone else is!"

Be Your Husband’s Number One Fan

Growing up, I always knew my mom was cheering me on in everything. She always said she was my number one fan and she definitely was. She was pretty much everyone’s number one fan. She always believed in people and looked for the best. I tend to be super positive and give everyone the benefit of the doubt as well and believe I have my mom to thank for that. When it comes to marriage, I think as wives it’s our biggest weapon against the enemy. Satan loves to beat our men up and try to tear them down. We must be our husbands’ number one fans. If we aren’t, someone else will. Think back to your wedding day… at the moment when you said

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