My name is Fawn and I “love my life as K. Weaver’s wife” (exactly what is written on my car license plate frame). My husband, Keith, and I were married in 2003 and like fine wine our relationship just gets better with time. I’ve loved being a wife from the moment I said “I do.”

Love Always Hopes – What Is Love? – Part 13

My good friend and fellow blogger, Fawn Weaver, founder of Happy Wives Club,  is sharing on the next part of our What Is Love Marriage Series! She brings to light something that we have all experienced in some form, and encourages to remain hopeful in marriage! Enjoy! Love Always Hopes Early in my marriage, I noticed something peculiar.  Although people claimed to be happy for my new husband, Keith, and me and excited about our new life together, the “advice” they would give us didn’t seem to line up with that truth.  We were continuously confronted by negative comments about marriage everywhere we turned.  We were dumbfounded by the number of friends, family members and casual acquaintances who would make comments with regard to how difficult marriage

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