Author: Jessica McLain

  • A Thoughtful Husband Gift

    A Thoughtful Husband Gift

    Struggling with what to get your man for the holidays? Here’s an idea that won’t break your bank but will warm his heart! As the holidays approach it is easy to focus on buying gifts for others, but some of the most memorable presents are the ones you make! Don’t let your husband fly under […]

  • A Modest Relationship

    A Modest Relationship

    From the recent VMAs, to magazine covers, to reality tv shows, to big screen movies….the culture we’re in tends to view modesty as being a prude, no fun, uncool way to live. Dressing modestly shouldn’t be viewed as a negative, but a positive. Clothing can be very empowering. Your outfit can give you a boost of […]

  • 3 Tips on How to Stay Together

    3 Tips on How to Stay Together

    With my parents’ 30th anniversary happening this month, it made me wonder, “What did they do to make it through 30 years of marriage?”  Here are 3 Tips On How To Stay Together: Tip: Put God first and at the center of your marriage. Pray together, pray for each other, and pray for yourself. Without God’s help, […]

  • Love Always Trusts – What Is Love? – Part 12

    Love Always Trusts – What Is Love? – Part 12

    Love Always Trusts Why is trust such an easy concept, but such a hard lesson to learn? As I remember my past relationships, I always stuck my nose into information I didn’t really want to find out. The detective inside of me always felt as though there was some mystery to uncover. Another girl, another […]