Jolene Engle

Jolene Engle has dedicated her life to searching the Scriptures and applying God’s Word to help Christian wives around the world experience a glorious marriage. She shows women how to apply practical and biblical truths that encourage and inspire wives to live a life that is poured out for Christ like the perfume from an Alabaster Jar (Luke 7:37). You can find her sharing God’s heart for equipping women at her on-line ministry site, The Alabaster Jar.

3 Ways To Have A Bountiful Harvest Of Love In Marriage

It’s easy for me to take him for granted.  After all, he’s a faithful, hard-working man. He’s home every night. He’s a hands-on father to our boys. He’ll do whatever it takes to put food on our table. And he does his best to love me.  (Not an easy feat!) But I can so easily focus on his shortcomings…. Those little annoyances.  Pet peeves.  How he falls short. But I chose not to.  After all, God gave me a precious gift by giving me my man and I want to cherish this gift. But the choosing to find the good over the bad is not always a simple task, after all, I’m filled with sin.  I’m naturally bent to have a critical spirit towards him,

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4 Easy Steps To Making Marriage A Priority

Sometimes life just gets plain busy, doesn’t it?  And with that busyness it’s so easy to lose site of our marital relationship.  Of course when I was dating and newly married to my man, making our relationship a priority was quite effortless. But sometimes married life can become a little overwhelming with the to-do lists, the responsibilities, and not to mention the areas of our lives that are just plain hard to deal with. Throughout my 15 years of marriage, comprised of raising and training my children, enduring family persecutions, living through health and financial storms, and being involved in ministry, I needed to learn how to prioritize my number one earthly relationship. Here are ways that I keep my marriage a priority.  Perhaps what

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The Importance Of Support In Marriage

Imagine for a moment that the Creator of the Universe asked you to do something that you are totally uncomfortable with.  Something you felt completely unqualified and ill-equipped to do.  Yet, He asked you to do it anyways? He told you to go take charge of something and lead it, oversee it, and be completely responsible for it even though you knew you would fall short. You knew this would not be easy for you because you’re not a natural at this task. He also asked you to handle this responsibility with the utmost care and do it in a way that reflects Him while you’re doing it. Seems like a daunting task so far, doesn’t it? But He sends someone to your side to

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