Baby Birth Story: Introducing Wyatt Jude | Vlog #19

On December 2nd, 2016 I woke up around 2 am. I was 8 days over my due date with baby #3 and my body felt it. My skin was stretched tight, the weight of the baby made it difficult to sleep, and I was anxious to meet our little boy. I took a bath, did some stretching, and prayed hard, hopeful to go into labor naturally. My Dr. had scheduled an induction that morning for me, but I wanted to avoid induction if I could, so I canceled the appointment the night before. I hoped that some time soon, the baby would engage I would feel contractions start up.

By 9am the Dr. had called to check in. She was fine with me waiting a little longer, but asked if I could come in to check the baby’s fluid level and heart. I went in and I asked her to sweep my membranes hoping it would stimulate some progress. When she checked me I was at 7cm already and I hadn’t felt a single contraction…I don’t know how this was possible! It was a huge blessing, especially since I had voiced to a few friends earlier in the pregnancy that I had a little fear going into labor. A few weeks prior to my due date, I was anxious about the pain of labor and was having a difficult time embracing whatever I would experience during delivery. I prayed about how I was feeling and asked the Lord for mercy. When I found out I was at 7cm without having felt a single contraction I rejoiced and praised God. It was a beautiful gift. 

During the Dr. visit the baby’s heart was monitored. It showed that I was having contractions and with each one the baby’s heart rate dipped, then took a bit longer to climb back up.

The Dr. came in and suggested that I go home, eat lunch, then come back and have my water broken. Being 8 days over due and eager to meet our little boy, I agreed.

I went home and ate lunch. Around 3 pm we headed to the hospital. It was a weird feeling to walk the halls of Labor & Delivery without feeling like I was in labor. A little while later my mom showed up, as well as my friend Angie. Having these women there was amazing. Together my mom, Angie, and Aaron provided all the love and support I would need to go through labor and delivery.

At 5 pm the Dr. was back and she broke my water. I could feel the gush of warm fluids leave my body, and instantly I wondered if I had made the right decision. I had to let go of any doubt that tried consuming me in that moment. It was done and the baby would be coming soon!

One thing that was realized as I was being checked into L & D, was that the baby was in a posterior position. This usually causes a ton of back pain. However, by God’s grace, I didn’t feel any back pain at all.

I still didn’t feel any contractions for about an hour and a half. And because I had determined to give birth naturally, I walked around and used a birthing ball to try and help the baby move down. Once I started to feel contractions they were super intense super quick. At one point I remember crying from the pain. I am pretty certain this is the only time I have ever cried during any of my deliveries.

There was a moment when I sat at the edge of the bed and it felt like the baby turned inside of me. I looked up at those in the room with me and told them that I think he had flipped around. I think this is when he turned to get into the right position. Another gift of God during this experience.

I got into the bed when the contractions were close together, extremely painful, and exhausting me. The Dr. came back in and she was suited up and ready to deliver. I remember thinking, I must be close!

I started pushing, sometimes with contractions, sometimes in-between them. The nurse had brought a mirror in for me and I can’t really explain why I like having a mirror, but it seems to provide so much motivation for me while pushing. It becomes a focal point and something I can measure my progress by. After pushing a little while I saw my son crowning. He was a big boy!

My husband reached in to support the baby’s head and catch him. I remember cringing at this point and my mom tried to encourage me saying, “Jen, its over, his head is out, just one more push.” With the other deliveries, I remember the head being the worst of it and their little bodies sliding out quickly after. Not Wyatt. I screamed so loud and had to push so hard because his shoulders were so big. I reached down and grabbed my big baby boy and held him close to me.

Relief came quickly.

Wyatt Jude Smith was born at 9:05 pm, weighing 9 lbs 14 oz and was 21 and some inches long.

I praise God for the experience I had with my husband at my side. I praise God for keeping me and my son healthy during such a fast and furious delivery. I praise God for giving me the opportunity and privilege to be Wyatt’s mom. I am incredibly grateful.

 Here is our vlog including Wyatt’s first hours with us and some photos:

These photos were taken by the amazing Allison Harp.

Hospital Photos!

This is the song that was playing when I delivered Wyatt.

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