Before You Say That, Do That, Think That…Read This!

The quiet fight between women…the glares, the judgmental comments said through smiles, the feelings of awkwardness or even unwantedness stirred up.

I have seen this happen between other women and I have experienced it myself. I have been on the side of feeling put down and hated, and I humbly admit I have been on the side of judging others.

What about you? Can you honestly look at your life and pin point at what times you have been on both sides?

Before you say that one thing that you know will inflict pain, or do that one thing that will really show someone how you feel, or before you even think about someone in a way that is not uplifting and glorifying to God, I want you to listen up…

The fight between women is real…fueled by our own insecurities, pride, and urges to compete and compare. It is destructive and it needs to stop.fight-between-women

And yet, because of the accessibility of social media, we use even less filters and self-control when it comes to sharing our mind on matters or being misunderstood because one can only write so much in a status update.

The enemy uses our willingness to perpetuate this fight through our actions and we become easily susceptible to being used as tools in his plans of destruction.

Relationship after relationship torn down and destroyed.

You know exactly what I am talking about. You may even be thinking of a woman right now who bothered you in some way, who isn’t like you because ___________ (fill in the blank), or who did something or said something that really wounded your heart.

I want to encourage all of us that this quiet fight between women can be redeemed! It will require us to love and invest in the relationships God has gifted to us, but it can be redeemed.

My friend Angie is so passionate about redeeming this division between women that she created a course, which includes videos, scriptures, journal questions and more that will help a woman navigate what the quiet fight is and how we can redeem it!

{CLICK HERE for more details & Receive a free preview of the course}

The more we confidently understand our identity is found in Christ, we will find security in our relationships. We will also interact with others much more differently when we live out God’s will for us with intentionality.

I want to encourage you this week to go out of your way to encourage and affirm another woman. Say YES to being a vessel of God’s glory as you choose to truly love others.

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” – John 15:12

If you feel unwanted and unloved by other women, if you feel wounded in some of your relationships with girlfriends, or if you know you have not been a good friend to others, I urge you to go through this course by Angie Tolpin and allow God to redeem this part of your life. I believe God has inspired Angie to share this content with women, because He desires us to stand together and stand strong as daughters of His Kingdom!


“The quiet fight between women is real, and often times expressed loudly through our body language and interactions with one another. Women, wives, and mothers are left feeling isolated, offended and unloved, instead of supporting one another in the journey that is life. Angie Tolpin boldly addresses the issues that arise with women today and challenges us all to rise above them in love to encourage and affirm each other in our identity in Christ. She urges us in a kind, yet assertive way to practically consider how we can build strong community that is necessary in order to have thriving  families. I loved this course and the intentional thought Angie poured into each and every aspect of it! This course is going to radically transform how women view each other and the world, positively encouraging friendship while dismantling the quiet fight that is ripping women apart today. Do not wait to participate, we all need this!” – Jennifer Smith, Author of The Unveiled Wife and Wife After God

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