We Bought Our First House & It’s A Fixer Upper | Smith Family Vlog Episode 1

My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have lived in a ton of different houses. Some we rented, some we were given a free place to stay, and some we were house sitting for an extensive period of time. Some were huge houses, some were modest, and while traveling in Africa our home was a tent. Once we were homeless for a few hours! Thankfully God provided a home that evening. Our journey is unique and we have always been extremely grateful for the places God has provided for us to live. He has always taken very good care of us. Thank You, Lord!

fixer-upper-smith-houseI’ll be honest, with all the moving we have done, I have hoped to own a house of our own some day. What was the hold up? I think everyone is on a special journey, unique to them. For us, we traveled, we rented so that we could get out of debt, we moved to another state while building a business that would be sufficient for our family and we desired to be in a positive financial situation in order to accumulate such a large responsibility.

When the new year came, we felt it was time to keep our eyes out for a house. It didn’t take long for us to find a particular house quite interesting. Abandoned and left for ruin.

Our hearts were excited with the potential of this house becoming our home.

We called in and sought more information on it. By February 1st we were in escrow. AHHHHH!

Over the next 52 days we were nervous, yet so happy. We would drive by the property and pray…submitting our desire for it unto God. There were many hoops to jump through, but on March 24th, 2016 this home officially became ours!

The work ahead of us is daunting. Being a fixer upper we would have loved to hand it over to Chip and Jo to do their magic (Too bad we are not in Waco!) Luckily, we have some really good friends who were willing to dive into this project with us and do all the major stuff that we have no clue how to do.

Aaron and I desired to document our little remodel and share with you our growing family, so if you want to follow along check out our first family Vlog:

Also, here are some pictures of our new home:


Front entrance, living room, dining room. This is the only part of the house we had a difficult time with. We love the open living space, but thought this area might be too small. We hope that by reconfiguring the kitchen it opens up even more. And the backyard made up for the small living space!


This is our kitchen. That wall with a window is going! It is not load bearing so it will come out easily.



Love the wood floors and hope to tie in the same wood throughout the house.

Unfortunately, the wood stove is going. It is so cute, but it takes up a whole wall where a couch could go so we decide to let it go for more space.


Guest bathroom is getting the coolest look ever! I cannot wait to reveal this one to you. There will be subway tile and shiplap!



This will be Eliott’s bedroom…and if we have more boys they will all bunk in here.



This will be Olive’s bedroom, girl’s room, nursery.



This is our master! It is itty bitty and will fit our bed Aaron made pretty snug. I hope we can design it to be functional and romantic.


This is the master bath and current laundry space that for some reason opens up to the dinning. All of this is being changed! We are closing up that door and expanding the bathroom and totally moving the laundry area. Yay for bigger bathroom. house-5

This use to be the garage. We will be keeping this as an office space.

house-2This will be the future space of our kid’s school room. We are planning and preparing to homeschool our kids, so this space was important.


I’m showing this side so that you can see part of the yard and what the new siding will look like. And below is the backyard that had a weird addition that will be going. Can’t wait to pretty-up the patio area!


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