Camping With Young Kids | Family Vlog #10

This last summer, my husband and I were invited to join a bunch of other families from our community for a 2-night camping trip in Central Oregon. I don’t think Aaron and I have really been camping since our excursion in Africa our first year of marriage!camping

I grew up tent camping with my family and loved it. I still remember waking up earlier than usual, running around and exploring with my siblings and cousins. I remember the crisp air that forced us to bundle up. I remember the smell of smoke from the fire pit that stuck to our clothes. I remember making smores and playing all day long out in nature.

Now that I have young kids, I want to be able to have those kinds of awesome experiences with them. I want them to have memories of playing out in rural nature.

I’ll be honest with you…this trip was fun and well worth the effort we put in for it, but it also felt inconvenient. We had sleepless nights, we had to keep on our kid’s tails to protect them from ravines, rivers, and wild animals, we had to use an outhouse, our 3-year-old had to use an outhouse (thankfully it was big and clean!) and we were outside of our comfort zone on every other front, but hey…it was worth it.

It will always be worth it.

We knew what we were getting ourselves into and we could have easily talked ourselves out it. We have the comfort of a nice home where daily routines and things like going to the bathroom are convenient. We have schedules that can keep us busy for decades. We have every excuse to look at what is hard and say, “Nah!” However, if we did that our kids would miss out on building fun memories with us. So we purposed to make this adventure incredible. We purposed to make memories as a family.

If you have young kids and you have the opportunity to go camping with them, please do! It will be a highlight for them and the experience will build up your family as a whole. Sure there will be things that are inconvenient, and you may even be tempted to complain along the way…this is where a husband and wife can really encourage each other. Gentle reminders of the purpose can bring positive perspective to the forefront.

Below is a family Vlog we filmed while camping. We hope it inspires you and your spouse to get out there with your kids for some incredible adventures!

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