Captain America Showed Up At Our Moving Sale!

I started packing up our house to get ready for our BIG MOVE! Ah! I am so thrilled to be moving into our first home. I feel like I am going to burst!

As I was packing, I realized that we had accumulated quite a lot of unwanted treasure over the last few years. I split the garage up into two sections, one side full of boxes ready to load for the new house and the other side full of garage sale items.

For three weeks I kept finding more and more random things around the house that needed a new place to call home.captain

With only a few more weeks until our big move, we thought it would be fun to have a moving sale with the kids. We convinced Eliott to sell some of his old toys in order to save up some spending money for future goodies. He was all for it. He even dressed up like Captain America to help make the sells!

I don’t know about you, but it takes a lot of energy to talk ourselves into having a garage sale. The effort it requires to make some extra cash is daunting, especially with so much on our plates at the moment. It didn’t help that once I set everything out in the driveway the sprinklers came on and doused it all. I frantically moved everything by myself while Aaron was putting up signs, directing hopeful buyers my way.

We decided to capture some of it for you and of course share a brief update on the house. Watch our 6th Family Vlog now:

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