Your Story, My Story, And Which One Is Worth Sharing?

RELATED ARTICLE: How To Start A Blog in 5 Easy Steps Have you ever thought to yourself why your story matters? Have you ever wondered why you had to be the one to experience the pain or loss or fight you endured? Have you ever wondered where your story fits in this world? Have you ever wondered if your story is worth sharing? Have you ever thought someone else has been through worse…or not as worse? (As if this is what defines what makes a story worth sharing…it’s not!) I am passionate about sharing my story, which is why I created this blog and wrote my book. I have had the opportunity to share my story…but more importantly I have had the opportunity to share God’s story

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Is Social Media A Silent Marriage Killer?

I will be turning 30 this December. This is a milestone birthday for me and one that I have always looked forward to having. As I was thinking about my life up to this point, I thought about many things… One thing that stood out to me was that a very large portion of my life has been spent in front of a screen. Whether a television, computer or phone, this digital age of technology has been a huge part of my life. I experienced the transition from low technology use to extremely accessible and widely accepted technology use. The internet has been revolutionary and with each passing year there is a new phone, tablet, laptop, etc. I began using computers in elementary school and

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I’m Okay With The Pain I Experienced In Marriage.

In the first few years of marriage, I was not okay with the pain of marriage. There was physical pain when we tried to have sex and there was emotional pain from the insecurities that rose up in my heart because of the physical pain. For almost 4 years my husband and I faced hardship in our relationship. We were overwhelmed and ready to quit each other. Now, four years after being renewed in my marriage, eight years total being married, I’m okay with the pain I experienced in marriage. Looking back, I can see how the pain stirred up chaos in my heart, testing my faith in God and challenging my love for my husband, but that it refined my character. Looking back, I

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