Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

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Being in God’s Word every day is vital for the Christian life. We must seek to know God through His Word, we must meditate on it, and we must learn it. I want to encourage you to be a biblical woman by reading God’s Word Daily. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.” Psalm1:1-2 About 8 years ago or so I subscribed to get the Air1 Verse Of The Day to my email. Air1 is a Christian radio station that gives this incredible feature. Every day

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The Case For Christ: Movie Review

My husband and I spent an early night in bed together and watched the movie The Case For Christ, which is based on the true life story of Lee Strobel and how he came to faith in God after being an atheist. I have heard of the book by Lee Strobel, The Case For Christ and I have read the student edition by Jane Vogel. So when we were looking for a movie to watch and saw this one pop up we both agreed we should watch it. Rent or Buy the movie on Amazon! This was a great Christian movie, with a powerful marriage message. The movie is about a husband and wife who experience a traumatic experience with their young daughter. This event

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Why You Should Start Doing Simple Sweet Gestures For Your Spouse

The other night I headed to bed like usual, except something unusual happened. My husband was laying on my side of the bed. I tilted my head a little and asked curiously, What are you doing?” He looked up from the book he was buried in with a smile and responded, It seemed so cold, I wanted to warm up your side for you.” Without hesitation, he scooted over to his side of the bed, which was probably freezing at this point. His gesture was simple and sweet. Yet, I couldn’t stop grinning as I crawled into bed next to him. He was thinking of me. He loves me. He wanted nothing in return. He sacrificed his comfort for me. He spent time on me. 

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How Living Healthy Impacts Marriage

I didn’t grow up in a family that was concerned about healthy living. I overheard my mom and her sisters talk about dieting, but the need to be truly aware of the impact healthy living can make was not a concern. As an adult I cared about my body, but the new trend of “organic” and “non-gmo” was just that, new and I wasn’t familiar with any of it. It wasn’t until I had a reason to care about healthy living, that my husband and I started paying close attention. The first few years of our marriage were a mess. I experienced pain every time we had sex for 3.5 years. When we sought counseling, a friend of ours mentioned that her friend found healing from PCOS

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Working Together With My Husband

My husband and I dreamed about working together before we ever said “I do!” We both had desires to do extraordinary things and to do them together. We may not have known what that looked like before marriage…but the motivation and the dream definitely paved the way for all of the opportunities we said yes to. No matter how scary those opportunities seemed, we were confident that we could do it! In our 11 years of marriage we have worked together in missions, volunteering, photography, blogging, self-publishing, traditional publishing, parenting (of course this counts as work but we don’t see it that way!), leading church groups, designing clothing, marketing, and most likely more that I just can’t think of right now. In all of these

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Marriage After God: The Podcast

Aaron and I are excited to announce the Marriage After God Podcast! We have had our individual blogs for husbands and wives for 7 years now (Husband Revolution & Unveiled Wife ). We have continually kept an open heart about bridging the gap in what we do to bring you and your spouse something special for your marriage. We decided that a Podcast and Youtube Channel would be a great way to connect and share about marriage in hopes of encouraging couples worldwide. Starting February 14th, that’s right…this Valentine’s Day…you and your spouse will have a new place to spend time together whether it be the Podcast or viewing it on Youtube. Our goal is to produce one show per week and each show will

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