Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

Working Together With My Husband

My husband and I dreamed about working together before we ever said “I do!” We both had desires to do extraordinary things and to do them together. We may not have known what that looked like before marriage…but the motivation and the dream definitely paved the way for all of the opportunities we said yes to. No matter how scary those opportunities seemed, we were confident that we could do it! In our 11 years of marriage we have worked together in missions, volunteering, photography, blogging, self-publishing, traditional publishing, parenting (of course this counts as work but we don’t see it that way!), leading church groups, designing clothing, marketing, and most likely more that I just can’t think of right now. In all of these

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Marriage After God: The Podcast

Aaron and I are excited to announce the Marriage After God Podcast! We have had our individual blogs for husbands and wives for 7 years now (Husband Revolution & Unveiled Wife ). We have continually kept an open heart about bridging the gap in what we do to bring you and your spouse something special for your marriage. We decided that a Podcast and Youtube Channel would be a great way to connect and share about marriage in hopes of encouraging couples worldwide. Starting February 14th, that’s right…this Valentine’s Day…you and your spouse will have a new place to spend time together whether it be the Podcast or viewing it on Youtube. Our goal is to produce one show per week and each show will

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29 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband

​​If you are like me, whenever a special day like Valentine’s Day comes around I usually search Pinterest or Google for unique gift ideas for my husband. Guys can be difficult to shop for sometimes! After doing some searching I put together a list of unique gift ideas for husbands, specifically to help wives like me who need a little help in the planning department. Hopefully, this list encourages you and sparks some neat ways you can bless your husband this year! **Bonus: If you are looking for a special gift for yourself that will positively impact your marriage…my book The Unveiled Wife is available! Click HERE for details! 29 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Husband 1. Bath Bomb Gift Set This is a great gift idea for

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Our Family Is Growing

My husband and I have had the blessing of being parents for 5 years now. It has been a beautiful journey with many miraculous and wonderful moments, as well as some of the most challenging for me personally as a mother and for our marriage. Just as marriage has been used to refine us as individuals, drawing us closer to each other and to God…parenting has also refined us and drawn us intimately closer to each other and to God. We rely on one another in ways that are necessary in order for a family to operate in a healthy way, and we rely on God daily to help us navigate this journey. In the 5 years that we have experienced being parents and working

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An Easy Guide To Praying For Your Child

Your relationship with your child is a beautiful journey. There is no doubt that prayer has an essential and important purpose in this journey. Prayer is simply the way You communicate with God about the intricacies of your relationship with your child. As your pray for your son or daughter, you are seeking and pursuing God’s perfect will for their life. Through prayer you are faithfully going to the throne of God and petitioning for God’s goodness and faithfulness to bless and protect your child. My husband and I realized the power of prayer early on in our marriage. When our children came along, there was no way for us to embrace our roles as parents without relying on God’s strength, wisdom, and guidance. We

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Reflecting On 2017

Every year since I first launched my blog in 2011, I have ended the year with a time of reflection. It is my way of highlighting the things that happened here on the blog and in my family life. I love to look back at the year and see how God moved in our lives and praise Him for it all! This year ended with a house full of sick kids. They got a cold that did not want to leave. Between their cold and my exhaustion, we decided to lay low at home for a few weeks, which turned out to be a huge blessing in that we spent quality family time together every day. It was great. I decided not to focus on

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