Encouragements For Wives

Encouragements For Wives are random articles intended to lift up wives including testimonies, inspirational images, quotes, etc. My hope is that wives would be empowered, no matter what condition their marriage is in, to remain committed to their husbands, pursue intimacy, and seek a God-centered relationship.

What We Watch Together Matters

The other night my husband and I were cuddling in bed together. He had his laptop out and I asked if we could watch a show or a movie together. We started a new episode of a T.V. series we had recently started. Within the first few seconds a sexually explicit scene came on. My husband responded quickly to turn it off. I was bummed. I knew it was inappropriate for us to continue watching, but there was a part of me that wanted to be able to still watch the show. So I asked my husband, Can’t we just skip past that part?” My husband looked over at me and said with conviction, It isn’t pure.” He reminded of the scripture in Philippians 4:8,

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The Woman My Husband Sees Everyday

I sat across the table from my husband with our third and youngest child strapped to my chest in a baby carrier. I didn’t even know he snapped the photo of me. That evening I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw it. I had to do one of those hard blinks to see it clearly…and when I opened my eyes again, my heart dropped a little. Should I login and delete the photo? I could feel frustration swelling up in my heart and mind. Why would my husband share a photo of me online that was not a good picture of me? I look worn down. My eyelids drooping, the skin under my neck hanging, and my shirt pulling. The expression on my face

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I Have No One Else To Talk To

I receive messages quite often from women that either start or end their message to me by saying: I have no one else to talk to.” Included within the body of the message is usually a paragraph or two of their personal story or a struggle they are walking through. My heart is heavy for the women who are not only going through these marital struggles, but more so that they feel isolated and alone. I appreciate people connecting with me through messaging, but this one line has always jolted me. It breaks my heart that people have no one else to talk to. Is it because of a lack of trusted friendship? Is it because of a lack of courage to be vulnerable?  Is

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The Importance Of Getting Together With A Close Friend

My friend texted me out of the blue. I wondered if you would be up for having a cup of tea or dinner out with me? I just miss you…no agenda.” It sounded refreshing. I said yes and we made a plan to meet up the next day. She picked me up and we went to a local cafe. I told her what I had been experiencing lately as we drove down the street, up until we ordered dinner. I was still talking when we sat down at a quiet table in the corner. She chimed in and shared a book she had been reading. We talked about marriage and children and friendships. We shared smiles, encouragement, advice, and even a few unexpected tears. Being

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30 Encouraging Life Verses For Marriage

The Bible is the best resource for marriage and life. The Bible explains and reveals how God created marriage and why He established it. So if we want to know how we, as wives, can live out our role in marriage, we need to look to God’s Holy Word. These 30 Encouraging Life Verses for marriage would be great ones to memorize or put up on sticky notes around your house to encourage your heart toward your marriage. I compiled this list of 30 encouraging verses from my 30 day devotional, Wife After God! These are the verses I use to help guide wives through Biblical principles regarding marriage. If these 30 Life verses for marriage encourage you be sure to go deeper with them

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4 Verses That Guide My Husband And I In Finances

The Bible has been life’s manual for my husband and I. The Bible is truth and wisdom. Any area of marriage you can think of, the Bible can encourage you in and provide the wisdom you need to navigate it. There are four specific verses that have shaped our hearts and perspectives about finances that I want to share with you today. I pray these verses encourage you and shine light about God’s heart in regard’s to stewarding finances. I will also share how my husband and I stand on these verses and steward what we have with conviction. Live Debt-Free  Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” – Romans 13:8 We have been debt-free

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