Healthy Products

Learning about how the things we put into our bodies and onto them is a huge passion of mine since I found healing through intentional awareness of how the environment can affect us. Here you will find product reviews and products I use now.

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Why I Chose To Get Rid Of Parabens & What I Use Instead!

The Unveiled Wife Ministry has evolved over the years.  Many of the articles posted are related to marriage topics that are relevant and helpful to wives.  Looking at this title you may wonder what parabens have to do with marriage, but my words may surprise you! As I share on my About page {which you can read HERE} my husband and I could not have sex for the first four years of our marriage.  Pain seized my body every time that we attempted to have sex.  In November of 2010 my husband was reminded of a story we heard of a woman with PCOS who decided to go all organic and found positive results within just 3 months of switching to organic products. [Going Organic Produces

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