Letter To My Husband

Christian love letters to husbands from their wives.
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Letter To My Husband: To My Lovie

Dear Lovie, I wish I could express the love I have for you. You are my joy. When I’m down and I see your face you make me smile. When I’m sad and you hold my hand, you make me happy. I love everything about you even the things that annoy me. I pray I can make you as happy as you have made me, my love. You’re my best friend and I’m so glad, and PROUD, to call you mine!!! Love, Your Wife

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Letter To My Husband: Always You Forever

Dear Bob, I’ve loved you since I was 18. 51 years ago. My parents weren’t too sure about the 13 year age difference but you very quickly won them over and they’ve loved you ever since. We had our disagreements and rough spots, especially one very long and difficult time, but we never quit loving each other. I always knew that you were there for me no matter what. You opened up a world for me when we were dating and gave me opportunities after we were married that I never thought possible. We packed a lot of great times into our 51 years together. You’re the most intelligent, practical, patient, generous and level-headed person I’ve ever known. Always knew what to do in every

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Letter To My Husband: Your Love Endures

Dear Trevor, Oh man, how life has turned out. These few short years have been so incredibly hard. You know already, but life has not been kind to me. Amidst abuse, and loneliness, and so much anger for how I was treated as a child- somehow Jesus’ love shined through. But as I’m learning even more now, anger and bitterness left unchecked wreaks havoc on even the strongest of relationships. It sometimes seems as if life has conspired against us from day 1 of marriage. A full home to rebuild after a fire, 4 miscarriages in a year and a half, my brother in prison, another brother passing away, my family living with us… you have been there with me, and more importantly, for me

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Letter To My Husband: Marriage Is Worth The Fight

Dear Todd, The final chapter in Wife After God challenged me to write a love letter to you. I have been thinking and praying about what to write for several weeks now. I am finding it so hard to put words to my feelings for you, but I am going to try. God says when we get married we are to become one flesh. On our wedding day, I truly felt that happen. It was more than a symbolism, more than just words that we spoke, more than just metal rings on each other’s fingers. I could and can feel God working in our lives, bringing us together to become one. That day sometimes feels like an eternity ago even though it has only been

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Letter To My Husband: I Love You Enough

Dear Benjamin, Oh, Ben. I need you to know, that I love you enough! Enough to let you lead me. Enough to encourage you every single day to be the man that God is calling you to be. You are one of God’s biggest blessings to me. It has been 10 years, most of which have been spent trying to live for the world. Four beautiful children, and one of the greatest testimonies to God’s mercy and grace later we are still going strong. I know now that God has designed us for each other and guided us even as we ran from him. It is so filling to know that the Great Potter has molded my heart to fit perfectly in yours. You have

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Letter To My Husband: You Are The Medicine That Soothed My Wounds

Dear Josh, I know I’ve told you everything already, but I feel like I need to tell you again. I was born into such a broken family, and it nearly broke me too. On the outside, my family went to church and was pretty normal. The inside, though, was rampant with abuse, disrespect, and pain. By the time I was a young adult, I was so angry at the world that I couldn’t see straight. I hated men. I looked at them and only saw my abusive, violent stepfather. I hated everyone who really did have a normal, non-abusive family. I hated how they took it for granted. Most of all, though, I hated God. How could He allow me to live in a family

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