Marriage Prayers Daily

Marriage Prayer: Praying for your marriage is essential to having a thriving marriage and to seeing Gods power in your marriage. Each of these prayers are specifically written to lift up your marriage to the lord. Prayer is the gift God gave us to be able to have direct access to His throne room to communicate with Him.

These marriage prayers are purposed to encourage and guide you as you pray for specific aspects of your husband’s life and character. My hope is that this marriage resource motivates you to intentionally pray and petition for your husband and your marriage on a daily basis through the power of prayer.

Please pray them over your marriage and husband.

Prayer: My Insecurities

Dear Lord, Thank You for who You created me to be. I pray I would not wrestle with insecurity. Please help me to be a confident woman and wife. Help me to see myself as You created me to be. Help me to believe I am beautiful, smart, and worthy. I pray You would increase my faith. I pray insecurities would never keep me from initiating intimacy with my husband. I pray my insecurities never keep me silent. Please break the chains of insecurity in my heart in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Reconnecting With My Husband

Dear Lord, I pray my husband and I reconnect this week. I pray he finds time to pursue me and reveal his love for me. Please help me to initiate and pursue my husband as well. Remind us how important it is to connect emotionally and physically in our relationship. I pray no other priority gets in the way in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Committing To Good Health

Dear Lord, Thank You for my body. I commit to good health and taking care of my body. Please guard my heart and mind when it comes to the lies I believe about satisfying my flesh. I pray I can remain steadfast to eat healthy and exercise. Please strengthen me as I set out to be more healthy. My body is a temple for You and I want to honor it in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Hard Times In Marriage

Dear Lord, Thank You for today. Thank You for my marriage. I pray a blessing over my husband today. Use me to encourage his heart. There is no doubt hard times in marriage will come. They have come and we have persevered because of You. I pray You remain our rock and our foundation. I pray You would help guide us through difficult times and help us to keep Your perspective. I pray hard times wouldn’t break us down, but rather they would mature us in You in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: New Growth

Dear Lord, Experiencing new growth can be painful sometimes. The learning curve can be sharp. I pray that as my husband and I pursue new experiences and new growth opportunities that we don’t become irritable or harsh toward one another. I pray we can humbly walk through these moments of growing with perseverance and love. Thank You for not letting us stay stagnant. Thank You for helping us mature. I pray for new growth in our marriage. I pray for new growth in our relationships with You in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Trusting In The Lord

Dear Lord, I know I say I trust You. I tell others I trust. I even tell myself I trust You. But I want my actions to prove it. I desire to trust You wholeheartedly. And I want You to be able to trust me. I pray trust would be a recognizable attribute of our relationship. Please help me to walk every day trusting in You and help me to be trustworthy in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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