Marriage Prayers Daily

Marriage Prayer: Praying for your marriage is essential to having a thriving marriage and to seeing Gods power in your marriage. Each of these prayers are specifically written to lift up your marriage to the lord. Prayer is the gift God gave us to be able to have direct access to His throne room to communicate with Him.

These marriage prayers are purposed to encourage and guide you as you pray for specific aspects of your husband’s life and character. My hope is that this marriage resource motivates you to intentionally pray and petition for your husband and your marriage on a daily basis through the power of prayer.

Please pray them over your marriage and husband.

Prayer Of The Day – Exterminating Jealousy

Dear Lord, Please help me. I get jealous of my own husband. I get jealous of the time that he has, the things he gets to do or doesn’t do, I get jealous of the opportunities he receives, and it hurts. The jealousy fuels bitterness in my heart and then it comes out in the way I respond to my husband. I know jealousy is not from you. I believe you would not want me to be jealous, but rather be thankful for what I have or don’t have, get or don’t get…whether its time or an opportunity. I need to appreciate what you have given specifically to me, embracing it and responding to it all with joy. Help me to take my eyes off of

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Prayer Of The Day – Reconciling After Conflict

Dear Heavenly Father, I appreciate my husband. I love him so much. We are best friends. However, sometimes we do experience conflict in our marriage. It hurts me because I don’t want to fight or argue with him. Yet we don’t always agree, we are selfish, and our sin hinders our ability to live in peace with one another. I pray that you would help us to reconcile after conflict. Holy Spirit please be at work within us to keep peace and remain humble and seek to benefit the other. I pray that we would not be selfish, sinful people. I pray that we would repent, that we would see eye to eye, that we would seek to understand each other. I pray for peace

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Prayer Of The Day – God’s Word

Dear Lord, I am so sorry for my attitude lately. I realized that I have not been spending quality time with you or in your word. When I neglect to spend time with you I become more selfish and operate out of my flesh. I am sorry. I desire to draw close to you. I desire to write your word on my heart. Please help me to prioritize you, show me how to organize my day so that I do not neglect you. I pray for a passionate desire to seek you daily. Holy Spirit transform my heart! Dwell in me so that others will experience your great love rather than my selfishness. I love you Lord and I need you! Thank you for helping

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Prayer Of The Day – Restoration After Broken Trust

Dear God, I lift up marriages to you today. I specifically pray over marriages that have experienced broken trust. Whether the wife broke her husband’s trust or the husband broke his wife’s trust, I pray for reconciliation. I pray that you mend their brokenness and show them how to trust again. Please heal them of any hurt. I pray for the husband or wife who has experienced broken trust multiple times. Remind them that their spouse is not perfect and that you can transform their marriage in Jesus name Amen!

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Prayer Of The Day – Renewing My Mind

Dear Lord, Thank you for today. I pray that I would glorify you. I pray that my heart would strive to be like you, that my character would reflect you, and that my actions represent you. I pray over my mind. Help me to defeat the lies, the thoughts of insecurity and fear, help me to defeat the enemy. I pray that you would renew my mind and set my eyes on you. Holy Spirit help me to respond from your fruits and not from my own selfishness. I ask Lord that you would transform me. May my eyes look upon others with compassion. May my words bring refreshment to others. I pray that I would love and fulfill the needs of those around and

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