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Marriage Prayer: Praying for your marriage is essential to having a thriving marriage and to seeing Gods power in your marriage. Each of these prayers are specifically written to lift up your marriage to the lord. Prayer is the gift God gave us to be able to have direct access to His throne room to communicate with Him.

These marriage prayers are purposed to encourage and guide you as you pray for specific aspects of your husband’s life and character. My hope is that this marriage resource motivates you to intentionally pray and petition for your husband and your marriage on a daily basis through the power of prayer.

Please pray them over your marriage and husband.

Prayer: Being Confident In What I Am Doing

Dear Lord, Thank You for my life. Thank You for leading me and guiding me through this life. I pray for confidence to do all the things You call me to do. Sometimes I let fear get to me. I don’t want to doubt what You have for me. I don’t want to be scared out of Your will. Give me courage and give me confidence in what I am doing in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Trusting in God

Dear Heavenly Father, Please help me to trust in You more! I pray I can trust You with my husband, my children, my finances, my job, etc. May Your power sustain me and may I live in confidence of Your provision for me. Thank You for everything You do, including the small answers to prayer that confirm in my heart just how much You love me. You are a good God and I appreciate Your loving kindness, Your grace, Your patience with me, and Your might! May Your will be done in my life as I trust in You in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Time To Rest In You

Dear Lord, Thank You for today. Thank You for my heart and thank You for my family. Lately, the days have been running together and I am starting to run on empty. I need time to rest in You. I know I need to prioritize this time, but I need Your help. Please guide me each day as I seek to rest in You. I pray for peace to cover my mind and I pray for strength to fill my body and I pray for understanding and joy in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: Emotional Intimacy

Dear Lord, Thank You for today. Thank You for my husband. I pray that we continue to grow closer together each and every day. I pray that we mature in the way we communicate and interact with one another. I pray that we have good attitudes and respect each other. I pray for emotional intimacy to increase. I pray we live with each other in an understanding way. Help us to connect on a deeper level, where trust thrives in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: When I Feel Helpless

Dear Lord, I pray for the moments I feel helpless. I pray for my heart. May Your Holy Spirit speak softly to me and remind me of my purpose, and the strength I indeed have because of You. I pray I can find a way to still help my family and my husband when a circumstance blindsides me. Reveal to me my next steps, my course of action, or need for rest. I lift my heart to You now in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer: A Husband’s Provision

Dear God, We lift up our husbands to you right now.  We thank you for them and we appreciate all that they do to support the family.  We pray that you would give husbands the honor of providing all that their families need.  Although it is crucial for couples to rely on you for provision, you also built that into a man’s nature.  Our men are strengthened and encouraged knowing that they are doing all that they can to provide.  We ask that you bless them in their jobs, and if they are jobless please gift them the opportunity to work.  Prosper our men and allow them to find favor in the eyes of their employers and boss in Jesus name AMEN!

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