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A collection of the most positive, christian marriage quotations and love Quotes to inspire you by famous authors on marriage.

"My joy is only complete when I rest in the Lord and choose to praise Him"

Choosing Joy: Dealing With Baby Fever

You’re married. You adore your husband. You want a baby, but he isn’t ready yet—or maybe you’re having trouble conceiving. You’re surrounded by pregnant mamas and beautiful babies. Everywhere you go, it’s a constant reminder of just how much you want to have a baby. And every time someone asks you “so when are you going to have kids?” it’s like salt in the wound. Are you dealing with baby fever? Before my husband and I got married, we decided we’d wait at least two or three years to have children. We decided that we wanted him to be finished with school, so that he could be more involved and so that we would be financially stable enough for me to stay home with our

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"Every second you spend with your husband is a gift from God"

Don’t Take Him For Granted

I remember when my husband and I were dating, I dreamed of being able to spend every day with him. We lived about an hour apart, so seeing each other wasn’t exactly convenient, especially with work and school. I dreamed of being able to fall asleep and wake up next to him, and I couldn’t wait to be married. Don’t take him for granted Fast forward a few years and now we’re married. I swore I’d never take that for granted, yet I often do. The other night I woke up in a panic over a nightmare I was having, paired with a terrible migraine. He got up, brought me a glass of water with my migraine medicine, and got back in bed. I scooted

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"Respect Your Husband"

How To Show Your Husband Respect

Respect is such an important marriage topic! It is crucial for husbands and wives to respect each other. Without respect, a marriage is left vulnerable to ruin. Ephesians 5:33 “However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” Wives, we are called to respect our husbands! It is a need that God designed them with and it is our ability to fulfill that need! Sometimes we know we are suppose to respect our husbands, but it gets challenging to know HOW to show your husband respect. You can actually show respect in many ways! One of the greatest, most effective ways is simply telling your husband, “I respect you!” However, be prepared for him

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"Holding hands is, in my opinion, an outward sign of a happy & healthy marriage."

The Importance Of Holding Hands

I once had talked to a gal who wouldn’t show affection to her husband in public. Why? She wanted to be a good role model for young girls. The Bible says that older women should be role models for younger women. Really? Did she really just say that holding hands with her husband in front of young girls was being a bad role model? Her reasoning made me sad. Really it did. It also left me speechless. I only saw them hold hands once. That was it~~ and they were newlyweds! I believe that the small act of holding hands in public can be a big witness. Holding hands with your husband shouldn’t be looked down upon in church, and thankfully I have never been to

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God won't forsake you or your marriage

So, What Does Restoration In Marriage Look Like?

I last wrote about the fact that our Father is a God who restores.  I am an example of His restoration and redemptive nature – as is restoration in marriage.  And while restoration in your marriage will look differently than it does in mine, there are qualities about God’s plan for us that are all similar. So, what does marriage restoration look like? Well, before anything else, you have to trust in God.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds, maybe some of you already know that.  Trusting in God means that you trust in His plan for you and your marriage and most importantly, it means that you trust in His timing.  God’s timing and our timing are two entirely different calendars.  It’s true that restoration can

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