My Story

These posts are manly about my life story and testimony.

A Beautiful Baby Shower

I am a blessed woman to have amazing family and friends who love and support me!  This past weekend I enjoyed a beautiful baby shower in honor of my little boy Eliott James! First let me start by showing you how incredibly cute the invitations were!  I love the idea of natural browns and lace doilies.

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July Cover Story For PINC Magazine

I had the honor of gracing the front cover of PINC Magazine – July 2012!  I share about my heart on the issue of marriage, as well as about the purpose behind the Unveiled Wife Community. I had a great experience with the girls from PINC Magazine!  We traveled to Bolsa Chica State Beach to capture these lovely images above, shot by Michelle Yejin.  Then I had the privilege of participating in my first interview ever with Kristin Kline. Here are a few snippets from the article: I shared a little honesty, as far as being a Christian wife encountering issues in my marriage.  It was always a challenge to let down walls and be real with others. “It was really hard for me to be

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Listening To The Lord – Lessons For Life & Marriage

The morning sun shining through my window woke me up. I tried to roll away from the light eager to get my beauty rest, but I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Hunger pains began to rumble in my stomach. I crawled out of bed quietly to not wake up my husband who was still sleeping soundly. Stumbling to the kitchen, I fix myself a bowl of cereal. A thought flew across my mind to grab my Bible, but for some reason I ignored it.  It seemed like too much work to go fetch it.  I finished my cereal and then prepared our lunches for the day. The entire time I continued to push out the thought of reading God’s Word, thinking the things I chose

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Unveiled Wife Marriage Letters

Marriage Letters – A Special Letter To My Husband – Things That Infulence Our Marriage

Dear Aaron, The past five and a half years of marriage have been quite extraordinary!  Although we did and will continue to encounter trials and hardships of various kinds, I am so blessed to endure it all with you.  Starting out so young was scary for me.  I had a ton of growing up to do… in many ways I still do.  I want you to know that you have personally and intimately impacted my life in such great ways, life-changing ways that have inspired a transformation in me.  I am so much more confident in who I am, what I believe, and what I am capable of because you have spoken that truth into my life.  Your compliments and your encouragements have enabled me,

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Unveiled Wife – The Introduction

In January 2007, I said “I Do” in front of 300 of our closest family and friends.  The commitment didn’t seem absurd or difficult at the time, I was head over heels in love… and we were both eager virgins:) our excitement and anxiousness to get married fed our courage to say those two little words!  We were invincible and the center of attention for a few short hours. After the party dissolved and we made our getaway, the reality of our responsibilities as husband and wife sank in, as well as the truth about sex!The first three and a half years were wearisome, trying, heartbreaking and even devastating…as far as our sex life goes…every other aspect of our marriage has been close to perfect:)

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The End Of The 40 Day Fast For Marriage

On February 22nd, I, along with many others, committed to a 40-day fast.  You can read the blog article explaining the beginning of the fast by clicking ~> HERE! As each one of us decided to fast from different things, our goals were to draw closer to God, and pray more, especially over marriage.  Many of us had a few other specific things that we were praying earnestly for. I would love to briefly share with you my experience with God during the fast, however, I also hope that anyone who also committed to the fast would share their experience or any answered prayers they received.  Please do not hesitate to share about your fast in the comments below!  We are all eager to hear!

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