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These posts are manly about my life story and testimony.

Captain America Showed Up At Our Moving Sale!

I started packing up our house to get ready for our BIG MOVE! Ah! I am so thrilled to be moving into our first home. I feel like I am going to burst! As I was packing, I realized that we had accumulated quite a lot of unwanted treasure over the last few years. I split the garage up into two sections, one side full of boxes ready to load for the new house and the other side full of garage sale items. For three weeks I kept finding more and more random things around the house that needed a new place to call home. With only a few more weeks until our big move, we thought it would be fun to have a moving sale

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Our Fixer Upper Update, Olive Turned 1 & Fun At The Hot Springs | Vlog #5

It has been way too long since we have shared a Family Vlog! So sorry about that! The first trimester of this pregnancy really got to me and interrupted things. I didn’t have the extra energy to film and edit…and since we do it all ourselves, it was placed on hold until I felt better. The good news is that we are back on track with capturing some special moments for you, and don’t worry we have still been documenting the progress with the house so you won’t miss a thing! With our desire to extend the living room wall in our fixer upper project, the permit has taken FOREVER! The house renovations were kind of at a stand still until we got that permit. I can’t

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Who Told You That You Had To Be Superwoman?

I just got done writing this brief update for you and I look up from my laptop to see a beautiful young woman sitting next me in a comfy leather chair, hidden in the corner of this quaint little coffee shop. Her feet are propped up on a chair, crossed in a relaxed sort of way. In one hand she is holding down a page of a book that is nestled in her lap, while her other hand is laying across her growing belly, letting her baby know that no matter what, she is there and she cares deeply. Women…especially those of us who are carrying a sweet little baby inside…we need to do this more! We need to know the value of rest. We

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Here Is What God Is Teaching Me About Demo Day – Smith Family Vlog #4

A few weeks ago my husband and I closed escrow on our very first home. We fell in love with a place that needed a lot of work. What we thought a weekend of demolition would be, turned into a few weeks. After peeling off one layer after another, we realized the house needed more than what we expected. I love the show Fixer Upper. I am sure that the show inspired our desire and confidence to even take on this wild project. Every step of the way I have wanted to call Chip and Jo and ask them their opinions! We did luck out…we have friends that love this kind of adventure too!  The husband is project managing and the wife is my designer.

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Our Family Is Our Greatest Adventure: Family Vlog #3

I wrote this poem as part of a very special birthday gift to my husband to share with him my heart on our family…and to tell him that we are expecting…again! Little #3 will be joining us this fall! I was so thrilled I was inspired to write this poem. I love the title and the powerful meaning of this poem, but I would like to add that God is ultimately my personal greatest adventure, hands down! Family comes in strong though <3   Below is the video of me surprising and reading the poem, then the words are written out below that.  Our Family Is Our Greatest Adventure Every day my love for you grows deeper, Every moment with you, I treasure. There is no

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How To Shop For Appliances And Keep Your Marriage! …& Family Vlog #2

Our house is still under construction. Last week, our goal was to purchase our appliances, specifically a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. We needed the exact dimensions so that we could order the appropriate size cabinets to fill the space around our appliances. We have never had to buy a single appliance before in our marriage. The places we have stayed had appliances! Needless to say, this was one adventure I could live with only doing once with my husband, but I doubt that will be the case. Aaron and I have different buying tactics. I like to feel my way through stores and settle on the appliances that makes the most sense functionality wise. My husband is obsessive about researching online and reading reviews. I

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