My Story

These posts are manly about my life story and testimony.

My Heart: When My Husband Helps

The other day my husband spent ten hours helping some friends of ours move into their new home. When I caught up with him later, I told him how awesome it is that he is willing to help our friends like that. A smile grew on his face. He knows he is a good friend, and he is proud of that. He is always there to help. He is a quick responder. He acts with willingness, joy, strength. He has always been this way. I love seeing my husband have such a big heart. It also reaffirms for me just how much he loves our family. He helps so much with our needs too. When he sees a need, he does what he can to fill

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Are You A Wife Struggling With Low Sex Drive?

When my husband and I were dating, my sex drive was extremely high. I desired to be physically one with the man who promised to be my husband. We had made a commitment early on in our relationship to abstain from sex until marriage. It was difficult, especially the closer we got to the wedding date. We both wanted each other and craved the incredible intimacy that sex would provide. We finally married. Much to our surprise, we could not have sex. Even though we really wanted to, my body kept us from being able to enjoy it. Instead of pleasure, I felt pain. After a few weeks of trying to have sex and it not working, my desire for sex plummeted. After a whole

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I’m Okay With The Pain I Experienced In Marriage.

In the first few years of marriage, I was not okay with the pain of marriage. There was physical pain when we tried to have sex and there was emotional pain from the insecurities that rose up in my heart because of the physical pain. For almost 4 years my husband and I faced hardship in our relationship. We were overwhelmed and ready to quit each other. Now, four years after being renewed in my marriage, eight years total being married, I’m okay with the pain I experienced in marriage. Looking back, I can see how the pain stirred up chaos in my heart, testing my faith in God and challenging my love for my husband, but that it refined my character. Looking back, I

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Get The Unveiled Wife Book For Free

In January 2015, I flew to Chicago to record the audio version of my book The Unveiled Wife: Embracing intimacy with God and your husband. My nerves were shaken up! I had never done anything like this before. After I toured the studio and met the sound technician that would be helping me along, I sat down in the booth where I would read through my book. Being 7 months pregnant, I grabbed a pillow and tried to make myself as comfortable as I could, knowing I would be in that position for hours. I looked up and saw the cover of my book lit up on an iPad. My heart felt a rush of excitement to know that my story would be released soon.

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As We Are Unveiled {New Worship Song}

When I was preparing for the release of my book The Unveiled Wife, I was nervous! I had poured my heart into the manuscript and I exposed my heart throughout it. God revealed to me the message of what it means to be unveiled years ago. This message has helped transform me and heal my marriage, and became the foundation for all that I share through my blog. But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.  Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. – 2

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I Time Travel With My Husband

My husband showed me how to time travel when we were dating. Since then we have done it quite a few times. It is not the kind of time travel described in Hollywood movies and there is no time machine required to do it. We simply travel through time together. It goes something like this… Hey babe, want to time travel?” “Sure!” I respond with a smile on my face. The anticipation of where he travels to, always stirs up curiosity in my heart. We were sitting on the edge of the dock under the gazebo. It was hot. The water was crystal clear and there were so many fish swimming around…” He looks my way to see if I remembered. I knew exactly where he

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