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These posts are manly about my life story and testimony.

We Bought Our First House & It’s A Fixer Upper | Smith Family Vlog Episode 1

My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have lived in a ton of different houses. Some we rented, some we were given a free place to stay, and some we were house sitting for an extensive period of time. Some were huge houses, some were modest, and while traveling in Africa our home was a tent. Once we were homeless for a few hours! Thankfully God provided a home that evening. Our journey is unique and we have always been extremely grateful for the places God has provided for us to live. He has always taken very good care of us. Thank You, Lord! I’ll be honest, with all the moving we have done, I have hoped to own a

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Your Story, My Story, And Which One Is Worth Sharing?

RELATED ARTICLE: How To Start A Blog in 5 Easy Steps Have you ever thought to yourself why your story matters? Have you ever wondered why you had to be the one to experience the pain or loss or fight you endured? Have you ever wondered where your story fits in this world? Have you ever wondered if your story is worth sharing? Have you ever thought someone else has been through worse…or not as worse? (As if this is what defines what makes a story worth sharing…it’s not!) I am passionate about sharing my story, which is why I created this blog and wrote my book. I have had the opportunity to share my story…but more importantly I have had the opportunity to share God’s story

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The Unveiled Wife: My Family Life Radio Interview

LISTEN TO THE 3 Part RADIO BROADCAST OF MY STORY HERE I wrote The Unveiled Wife to encourage other wives who may feel isolated and alone. I wrote it for any wife who desires to draw closer to God and to her husband. I wrote it for the wife who has a strong marriage and wants to still grow. My hope and prayer is that this book continues to be a light for many. I had the opportunity to travel to Family Life and be interviewed on their radio program, sharing my story. If you want to hear me on the radio with Dennis and Bob from Family Life just click on the image above! Family Life just celebrated 40 years of ministry. So many marriages

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Reflecting On 2015

I usually like to wrap up the end of each year with an article highlighting what happened throughout the year. At the bottom of this post you can see all my highlights from the first year I started blogging til now. I love to share what has happened so that you can follow along, and I also love documenting it for my own enjoyment, to see what God is doing in my life. My goal was to get this out by December 31st, however, one thing after another kept me from hitting that goal. I share a little about what has been going on here: What To Do When The New Year Doesn’t Start Off As You Expect So it may be a few weeks late,

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10 Things I Have Learned About Marriage In 9 Years

9 years ago today, my husband and I stood at the end of a long aisle in our church and committed our vows of marriage to one another. As I reflect on all that we have been through over those 9 years, there are a few things that I have learned about marriage that I wanted to share with you… 1. Preparation is good, but investment is everything. My husband and I completed 6 months of pre-marital counseling before we said, “I do.” Those meetings were helpful and gave us insight into the marriage relationship that we had not yet fully considered. I would definitely recommend pre-marital counseling and cover as many topics as you can to prepare your heart and mind for marriage. However,

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One Great Way To Investing In Family Memories This Year

Whenever I ask my husband what kind of gifts he desires for a holiday or birthday, his answer is always the same… You know I love experiences!” It is true that my husband enjoys experiencing memorable events. As much as he loves to experience things, I love to document them. This investment I am going to share today is one that is an experience AND a great way to capture the memory of it!  Investing in family memories is significant to both my husband and me. We do this by getting professional family portraits taken of us. Photography is an art. It is an art that is widely accessible to just about everyone these days. Although many people have the ability to snap photos, there

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