“I Love You Big Daddy Z” – A Poem From A Wife To A Husband

You are the one, In my dreams at night. You are the one, I’m holding so tight. You are the one, I want to be kissin’ You are the one, I don’t want to be missin’ You are the one, Who holds the key. You are the one, I want with me. You are the one, I want to touch. You are the one, I need so much. You are the one, That I’ll forever love. You are the one, Sent from heaven above. I chose you, I want you to be my everything. I love you so much, and forever do. – Anita Ziolkowski

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To My Husband – Two Becoming One

James, You may not be a perfect man This I can truly understand But God made you just for me Because we fit together perfectly Starting off as two separate beings Becoming one through our believing Asking for God’s direction in our life On our journey as husband and wife Building a foundation that shall not fall Because it was built on Gods work and we give him our all God has helped us to grow strong Guiding us together for this is where we belong Together hand and hand Two becoming one so we can strongly stand! Love, Mattie

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Losing A Husband

I could not imagine the weight of the pain and brokenness a wife endures when losing a husband. Today was my grandpa’s memorial service.  My grandma sat in the front pew of the church as the pastor shared the eulogy, his brother spoke about his friendship, one of his sons spoke about his ethics he passed down and one of his grandsons spoke about fond memories.  A few of my grandpa’s favorite songs were played, a slideshow was presented which captured precious moments of our time with him, and the presence of family and friends gathered to remember his life and give condolences to the wife he left behind. My grandma met my grandpa on her front porch when she was 8 years old.  He

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