Reviews of Christian Marriage Books & Movies

I started reading marriage books to improve the condition of my relationship with my husband. I felt led to write reviews that included how each resource helped my marriage to encourage other couples to use some of these tools to promote growth in their relationships and to give better understanding of what each resource is. I want to urge all husbands and wives to nurture their marriages by choosing the right resources based on their needs.

31 Prayers For My Future Husband & Future Wife | Resources For Singles & Engaged

Buy 31 Prayers For My Future Husband and Wife Set – 31% OFF Limited Time PRE-ORDER Special My husband and I have always been firm believers in the necessity of prayer. In fact, we both desired to get married young and we both prayed for our future spouse long before we ever met. God heard our prayers and He answered! God told my young heart, I can’t trust you with someone else’s heart until you trust me with yours!” So, I spent time learning how to trust God, especially with my desire to get married. I faithfully prayed for my future husband. My husband went through a very similar experience of chasing after God more than chasing after his desire for marriage. He prayed for his future

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A Fun & Educational Way To Keep The Family Entertained In The Car | Review

A few days before my family and I left on our vacation in August we received a set of audio stories from Family Audio Adventures. It was perfect timing because the first leg of our trip was three days of driving from Central Oregon to Southern California. We knew we would be spending a ton of time buckled up in the car and we hoped our kids wouldn’t be bored. Within the first hour of our trip, we slid the first cd into the disk player. We didn’t really know what to expect but looked forward to the adventure. Our son’s eyes lit up with excitement as he heard the story play and we were surprised by how action packed it was. Our son is 3

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Resurrection Eggs By Family Life: An Easter Celebration: Full Review

Easter is a significant part of my faith. I enjoy celebrating the reason of Easter, which is remembering what Christ sacrificed for us! However, this time of year can become distracting with all of the candy and baskets and decor we see all around us at stores. I want my kids to enjoy and celebrate Easter, but more than anything, I want them to value the significance of Christ in our life! Resurrection Eggs by Family Life is a creative and fun way to engage with your children about the meaning of Easter. The colorful eggs contain little treasures that represent a part of the gospel story. As you allow your child to open each egg, you can use the provided booklet to talk about

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The Art Of Being A Wife: Interview With Barbara Rainey

I had the honor of interviewing Barbara Rainey, Co-Founder of Family Life and author of her new book Letters To My Daughters: The Art Of Being A Wife. I am still reading through Barbara’s new book and as soon as I finish I will do a full review on it. In the meantime, I wanted to bless you with an interview I did with her where she gives insight into her book and some wise marriage encouragement. If you don’t have time to watch the full interview I wrote out some quotes for you that I thought were very powerful! Barbara mentions that… You can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t know.” She continues by explaining that you get to know God by reading

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30 Popular Marriage Blogs You Should Follow

I enjoy writing about marriage and sharing my perspective on certain marriage issues. I love knowing that my transparency with you reminds you that you are not alone, that marriage is hard at times, but that marriage is extremely worth enduring…and that God is glorified through marriage. My passion and purpose is to continue to provide marriage resources to help you, to encourage you, to inspire you, and to comfort you. However, I am not the only one doing this. Today I want to share with you other bloggers who are an incredible benefit and blessing to couples around the world. Some of these blogs are concentrated on addressing only marriage issues, while others share on marriage among other topics. Please take some time to

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Risen: Movie Review

The other day my husband mentioned a movie he wanted to see called Risen. I had not heard about it, so I did a quick search to watch the trailer. I share the trailer below for you to check out. After previewing the film, I knew I wanted to see it with my husband because I enjoy seeing faith-based films and anything related to Jesus up on the big screen. It inspires me to visually see what I know from the Bible and I think it is pretty neat that others get to have that kind of exposure to the Gospel. Something I have been wanting to share for a while pertaining to faith-based movies: I know some people like to argue whether a faith-based

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