Reviews of Christian Marriage Books & Movies

I started reading marriage books to improve the condition of my relationship with my husband. I felt led to write reviews that included how each resource helped my marriage to encourage other couples to use some of these tools to promote growth in their relationships and to give better understanding of what each resource is. I want to urge all husbands and wives to nurture their marriages by choosing the right resources based on their needs.

Choosing Him All Over Again By Juana Mikels – Book Review

Juana writes from her heart as she exposes her journey of marriage brokenness and reconciliation, giving readers hope for the future and motivation to embrace true intimacy with God. This story is captivating because Juana details her thoughts and emotions which led her to walk away from her marriage for a time, thoughts and emotions that many wives encounter daily. Her honesty and transparency is a rare treasure, allowing others the chance to relate and not feel so alone in marital struggles. Juana’s words are full of life-giving encouragement, just the kind of inspiration couples desperately need today. – Jennifer Smith, Author of The Unveiled Wife and Wife After God I had the privilege of endorsing Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels. The

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Review Of For The Love Of Our Husbands By Darby Dugger

For The Love Of Our Husbands by Darby Dugger is a 52-Week Devotional for wives and a great resource to help you through your journey of marriage.  It is very similar to the format of Power of A Praying Wife, although it has 52 parts in comparison to Stormie Omartian’s 30 Chapter book. It is also a very similar resource to Wife After God in that it does not require too much time to devote to going through as each devotion is brief in length…perfect for the busy wife and mom! For The Love Of Our Husbands includes 52 brief devotions and challenges, as well as a guided prayer for you and one for your husband!  Each part is based on a marital topic that most

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Review Of Team Us: Marriage Together by Ashleigh Slater

Marriage requires a ton of investment and intentional growth. My husband and I have faced our share of challenges and I am confident will continue to face them, ones that both weaken us and help us grow. One of the greatest struggles we have encountered comes naturally to think about, but is difficult see happen in our relationship and that is seeing us and believing we are a team! As husband and wife, we aim to be a team, we desire to work together in all areas of life, and we are passionate about experiencing marriage together in a joyful way. However, when disagreements,  frustrations and sins affect us, we tend to do everything else but be a team. Why? Because it requires investment, work,

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Women Of Faith Event Review

I had the opportunity to attend Women of Faith this year in Anaheim, Ca. Now just to be clear, this event was not a marriage event/conference, it was specifically to encourage women. I felt compelled to address that right away since most of my reviews cover marriage material whether books, movies, or conferences. And yet, I felt so revived leaving the Women of Faith event and with a handful of notes that will surely have an impact on my marriage. I hope this review not only gives you insight into the event, but also excites you about attending one in your area. I went to Women of Faith with my two good friends Joanne and Jacque. We made a girls date out of it by

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Logos: A Free Webinar On A Great Resource

Recently I had the opportunity to attend WiMS (Women in Ministry Summit) hosted by Logos. It was a one day event where nearly 50 women gathered and encouraged one another in the different passions we all have that ultimately support one goal: Glorifying God! I felt honored to be among such spiritually mature women of faith. It was great to meet these women, some of whom I have been building friendships with online for years. The above photo is just over half of the women who joined together! To sit with these women and hear how The Lord is using them effectively to spread the Gospel was enlightening and bolstered my faith. I also had the privilege of hearing Kay Arthur share her story with us. Through

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Resources To Educate Yourself On Pornography

You have an incredible gift, the gift of learning. We all learn through experience as well as through reading and researching.  One of the greatest tools used in retraining behaviors, improving, breaking habits, or making adjustments in life is learning. The more educated we are about ourselves and about the issues that concern us, the better we are at making choices that benefit us and others. I use to struggle with pornography, and one way my perspective and desire changed about it came as I learned more about its devastating affects to my body/mind, learning what the industry is truly like, and ultimately paying attention to what God says about sexual impurity being a sin. The more information I received, the more I was equipped

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