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Marriage Letters – A Special Letter To My Husband – Things That Infulence Our Marriage

Dear Aaron, The past five and a half years of marriage have been quite extraordinary!  Although we did and will continue to encounter trials and hardships of various kinds, I am so blessed to endure it all with you.  Starting out so young was scary for me.  I had a ton of growing up to do… in many ways I still do.  I want you to know that you have personally and intimately impacted my life in such great ways, life-changing ways that have inspired a transformation in me.  I am so much more confident in who I am, what I believe, and what I am capable of because you have spoken that truth into my life.  Your compliments and your encouragements have enabled me,

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What Does God Call Us To Be As Women & As Wives?

This video below was a campaign produced by Dove.  It really gets you thinking about all the pressures woman face in today’s culture. WARNING: There is explicit content in this video – but nothing we are not already exposed to through advertising! So what pressures do we face as women? What pressures do we face as wives? Where do we find our confidence? Instead of feeling pressured by society or even by our husbands, we need to understand who God calls us to be!  If you are wondering how to figure out who God calls you to be you need to dig into God’s word! God doesn’t call us to have a perfect body, BUT he does call us to treat our bodies as a

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Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap

When I was visiting my brother and his wife up in Oregon I fell in love with the hand soap in their kitchen.  It was a beautiful scent that I thought was rare in hand soap.  I checked the ingredients list, desperately hoping that this treasure was paraben-free.  YUP!  It is paraben-free, as well as all of the other Mrs. Meyers products, which vary from household cleaners to laundry detergents.  To check them out on the web click HERE.  As soon as I returned home I went and bought the Lavender Hand Soap which seems to be a tie for my favorite with the Basil scented Dish Washing Soap.  This product leaves everything smelling fresh without drying out my hands!   What brand of soaps

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Reflecting On 2011

Taking a glance back at 2011 in hindsight blows my mind.  I am overwhelmed with joy to see all that I experienced in the last 12 months!  As you time-travel with me, reflecting my journey, please note that there are a few archived posts linked in the text, just in case you felt inclined to check them out 🙂 In January, my husband and I found a cute little apartment that feels bigger than it really is.  And we celebrated our 4 year anniversary! In February we reached a goal that was driving us for nearly two years and we made a video to share the good news with our family and friends! That’s right!  We are officially debt free and it feels so good! 

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