Unbelieving Husband

This Is For Wives Who Are Married To A Non-Believer

When I was thinking about which topic I should choose for my article this month, God continued to bring the same topic to mind:  women who have husbands who are non-believers or whose husbands have turned away from the Lord. Each time this topic came to mind, I dismissed it because this is not my story. My husband is a Christian and has been throughout our entire marriage and dating relationship. So, how could I write about this topic? The truth is, God has continued to bring women who are in this circumstance into my life and has asked me to minister to them. Although at first I felt ill-equipped, God gave me the words to use. The verse that I have shared most often as

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How I Overcame Trauma And Crisis In My Life

If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. (II Timothy 2:13 NKJV) This scripture speaks volumes about the Hope we have in God. Even when we don’t realize that hope is present, it is. Therefore, we can always live in hope. The other night, I was sitting with my husband talking about how much has changed in our lives this past year when suddenly I began to cry. I really didn’t know why I was crying because I wasn’t sad. I started to “think out loud”, as I like to call it… I began to realize why I was getting emotional. You see, I went through quite a crisis in my personal life this past year which only my husband, my pastors

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