Why We Chose To Do A Gender Reveal For Baby #3 | Family Vlog #8

When I first became pregnant in 2012 I couldn’t wait to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. I think being able to sneak a peek inside of a woman’s womb to see the baby growing inside of her is one of the coolest technologies ever! As soon as I could get in for an ultrasound we found out we were having a boy! We told family and friends right away!gender-reveal

Then with our second, my husband asked if we could be surprised. It was a challenge for me not to find out, but it was also really exciting. I loved that my husband and I could take time throughout the pregnancy to imagine who the baby was inside me. And I can’t quite explain the increase in motivation during labor to get through it to find out if we were having a boy or girl. It definitely heightened my anticipation of meeting baby #2. After nine months of waiting we got to share with everyone at once with her birth announcement that we had a baby girl.

This year I was blessed with baby #3. I am currently weeks away from labor & delivery. My husband and I went back and forth on whether we would find out the gender. I am always for it and he is always for the surprise.

I thought it would be fun to try something new this time around.

I talked my husband into doing a gender reveal party! The ultrasound happened to be days before the 4th of July and right around the same time we got our landscape done at our new house, so we decided to have one big party to celebrate! Everyone came over to celebrate with us. We stood in front of a large box filled with balloons, either red (for a girl) or blue (for a boy). We went with red and blue balloons to correlate with the 4th of July theme. We took time to savor the moment and asked everyone what they thought we would be having…then we opened up the box…

IT’S A BOY! And we can’t wait to meet him.

Who knows what will happen if I get pregnant with #4?! Should we find out or be surprised? If you have any fun ideas for me please let me know!

Here is our family vlog including the moment of our gender reveal! It was a blast! There is also an update on our house and photos!

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