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Fawn Weaver, founder of the Happy Wives Club, is contributing today a great article regarding Date Night!  This is the encouragement all of us wives need as life continues in full swing and our busy schedules rule the day.  Our marriages need us to make time for our husbands!  I hope her words inspire you to experience an awesome date night with your husband soon!

Fawn writes:

A couple weeks ago, I asked a question to the members of the Happy Wives Club,

“How important do you think “date night” is to maintaining a happy and healthy marriage? Do you and your husband schedule them regularly?”

Less than an hour and more than a hundred responses later, I confirmed something I’d already known from interviewing a countless number of happily married couples around the globe. Date night is paramount to staying connected with one another and growing in love and marriage.

I don’t quite remember when “date night” became a buzz phrase among marriage counselors and advocates but it seems like I remember never hearing the phrase and then all of a sudden I heard it mentioned every few minutes. Personally, I never thought much of it. I looked at it as something those in marriage counseling needed to do but those of us who already loved and enjoyed our marriage didn’t need to worry much about.

My thoughts toward date nights changed this past summer when I traveled around the world, interviewing couples happily married 25 years or more, to discover the secret to a happy marriage. With every couple I interviewed, there were many threads of commonality, one of which was continuing to date each other long after they said “I do.”

The idea of scheduling one night a week to date your spouse could seem cumbersome to many, especially those with children. But date nights don’t need to involve candlelit dinners and days of planning. Something as simple as a quickie “Pinkberry date” (one of my favorites) can do the trick. My husband, Keith, and I love going to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt. We’ll go inside and place our order and then return to the car to enjoy our tasty treat while spending quality time with one another.

Date nights should be easy to schedule and simple to execute. The purpose of a date night is to slow the pace around you, have a chance to hold each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes and simply be that still point in a turning world. One of my favorite online sites, The Dating Divas (, was started by 11 fabulous women who wanted to make sure they continued to date their husbands and keep the romance alive in their marriage. They have date ideas for “Just the Two of Us,” “Four or More,” “Romantic Rendezvous,” and many other categories.

As I learned from the many wise couples I interviewed this summer, when the children are grown and off to college or start a family of their own is not the time to begin dating your spouse. So much changes in the time it takes to raise a child from Pampers to Princeton and you don’t want to look back and realize the friend you married decades ago you’d long left behind.

Make the time to date your spouse. You won’t regret you did. And always remember, a date need not take the entire night, a “quickie” will certainly do the trick.

– Fawn Weaver

Happy Wives Club

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