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Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage

Never Give Up On You Husband & Never Forsake Your Vows

Never Give Up On You Husband & Never Forsake Your Vows

Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your marriage? I know that I have felt like giving up at least once in my marriage. Every wife needs encouragement for marriage!  Some may seriously be contemplating divorce, while others just need a little reminder of why marriage is so important.  This is a perfect guest article from Shakera encouraging all wives to have hope for the miracle of restoration in marriage.  Her message to all of us is: Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!  Enjoy and be blessed!

Shakera writes:

It is no surprise that the devil attacks so many marriages in the world today.  It is one of the most important relationships that we as believers have.

John 10:10 says that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  When the enemy comes into our marriages he is looking to ruin generations to come, not just those in your household.  So many are affected by divorce and separation, and it has long term affects on your children.

Being married to someone who has hurt you by adultery, addictions, and abuse whether physical, verbal, or emotional can be the most hurtful thing you can go through. Why? God says in His word in Genesis 2:23, “And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Mark 10:8 states, “And the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two but one.”  When you’re married you are now one flesh, so things are more devastating.  It feels like there has been a death, and there has been.  There’s been a death of trust, happiness, belief that anything good can come out of your marriage.

The enemy places things in your marriage so that he can end the relationship that he knows can bring so much Godly fruition into your life, your spouse, and your children.

When the enemy attacked my marriage it became personal.  I was hurt, depressed, and devastated, but I knew that God was the only one who could bring me through.  I didn’t know what to think or do and I felt like I was losing my mind.  There were people telling me to get a divorce and move on with my life, that I deserved better, but all I wanted to do was what God wanted me to do and that is it.  So I cried out to Him about what to do, begging Him to help me and He told me to trust Him.

I knew then that divorce wasn’t an option for me. I know that there are biblical reasons to get a divorce and I had the biblical right to do so, but I didn’t believe that was what God wanted me to do.  I decided that day to stand for my marriage and to believe God for the miracle of marriage restoration.  I never thought that I would be separated from my husband like this, but God’s thoughts are above my thoughts. And what the enemy means for harm God will turn it around for my good.

Yes people think I am crazy; they tell me that my husband has a mind of his own and knows what he’s doing.  2 Timothy 2:26 says, “They will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.”

Some may support your stand for your marriage and your fight against the enemy, while some may totally disagree, but all that matters is that you do what God wants you to do. One day we will all have to face judgment and have to be responsible for the things we did.  All those people who had opinions about your situation will not be with you when you have to answer to God.  So you have to do what you know is right. We are married to God first above our spouses and He never divorces us.

Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!

Some of you may be thinking “Well you don’t know what he/she said or did to me” and that is true I don’t, but I know from experience that if you pray and ask God for strength He will give you strength to do things that you never thought possible.  I have been believing God for a miracle in my marriage restoration for almost two years.  And yes it has been hard and there are times that I want to give up, but whenever I feel like that, God always gives me the strength to keep going.

One thing that I know is that God will never give up on me and my family.  He has made me promises that I will always stand on before anything else.  I will always pray for my husband because we are one so I can’t pray for myself without praying for him.  I will not let the enemy win or have my family and you shouldn’t either.  Our God has already defeated the devil so there is nothing that he can do to us.  If God before us, who can be against us???

We have to stop giving the devil things that he doesn’t have rights to.  He doesn’t have rights to our families, our dreams, our faith, our purpose, our jobs, etc.

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”- Luke 10:19

The devil wants you to think that there isn’t anything you can do, that your marriage is over, that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore, and that you’re better off without them. But God can change anyone.

If He changed Saul who killed Christians into Paul who later became a writer of some books in the bible, He can surely change your spouse and you also whether your spouse is an unbeliever or not because God is married to the backslider.

Don’t believe the lies of the enemy.  It is never too late to do what is right for God.  Fight for your marriage and family and don’t let the devil win. Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage!!!

Ezekiel 22:30 “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not destroy it, but I found none.” Be the one to stand in the gap for your spouse and family. God Bless!!

– Shakera Causey

***Although this is encouragement many of us need to hear, there are situations that require more help than just encouragement. If you are in an abusive relationship please consider seeking safety and then seek professional help.


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  • Kassi

    Hi ladies. I am new to this page. This article truly spoke to me. My husband and I met 5 years ago while in the military and have been married 3 years. Back in March, his end of active service came up and he left the next day, taking all our household goods with him. Never once did he say he wanted out of our marriage or that he didn’t love me. Then in June, he sent me a text saying that he wanted a divorce and since then has said repeatedly that he does not want to be with, but loves me and wants us to be apart of each other’s lives!? Idk if it’s time to just give him what he wants (divorce) or continue down this road of praying for a man who most recently said he never even made a marriage vow in the first place. I found out he was having an affair while he’s been in NY (I’m currently stationed in HI). Doesn’t he realize what he’s done?? How much he’s left me to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess he just walked out on? I do not believe in divorce and whole heartedly want God to do a work in his life and our marriage.

  • Laurel

    This gives my hope to continue to fight for my marriage even if I have biblical cause to divorce. God doesn’t divorce us… Please pray for my husband who isn’t very strong in his faith, which causes him to sin against me. I don’t know to what depth his infidelity has gone to but I pray God puts an end to it, that He changes the hearts of all involved. Through my situation my relationship with God is getting stronger which I am thankful for. I pray my husband sees Him through me and turns to Him as well.

  • Katie

    I have been prAying for restoration in my marriage for 10 years. My husband is an alcoholic. In Febuary of this year what I had been waiting fr happened, he went to rehab. He was gone a month I felt this was finally going to be the new start to restoring our marriage and family He came home and did well for the first few weeks. And then drank again and got into legal trouble…again. He got back on track for a couple of weeks but then went back to drinking. He has completely walked away from recovery/ sobriety. Its devestating for myself and our son and daughter. I want to wait for God and believe he can do something miraculous. But I cant live like this the dysfuntion his alcoholism brings into our home isnt fair or healthy for the kids. I dont know what to do I feel stuck and at a loss. I dont want to leave and dont want a divorce but I cant go back to what the last 10 years have been Prayers appreciated!

  • Rose M. Jackson

    You Are remarkable and I pray a man like you can speak from God’s heart into my ” was- band’s”. Too many people counseled him to do evil and forsake God’s Word. He is list without a miracle.

  • Rose M. Jackson

    I feel the same way even though my husband was an unbeliever with narcissistic disorder and RAD. He divorced me, but I still have deep love for him as a person and long to see him truly saved. I can’t erase 38 years of marriage and live with one pen stroke. Ervin needs a miracle revelation if Hesus, and I will intercede for him to my last breath.

  • Barbara

    I need prayers as well. My husband walked out on my over 6 months ago. I have never heard from him! I filed for divorce but I never wanted a divorce. He is in Florida and I am in Pennsylvania. He is not well, as he has bipolar disorder. Everyone keeps telling me how much better off I am but I sure don’t feel better off. I miss him tremendously.

  • Liz Lewis

    Hi Bret,

    It is such an honor to hear a man be accountable for his actions and allow the Holy Ghost to redeem him back to what God did for us which was to make a sacrifice. I would love all who say they are in Christ Jesus to allow God’s fruit to manifest jus so we can showcase God’s mercy upon us and be an example of a true Christian.

    I agree with you and the Word that we can do all things through Christ if we allow his way to lead us and not our ways.

    Thank you!

  • Chass

    I need prayers for my husband and our marriage. He is currently a non-believer and he left me about 2 months ago after 11 years of marriage. He said he wasn’t happy and that I couldn’t give him what he needed. We have 2 daughters that are 6 and 10 and he also has a son that has been mine since he was 2. He is currently seeing someone he works with and thinks he loves her after just a few months of dating. I know it’s just a distraction that the devil has placed in his life to help destroy our marriage. I’m keeping my faith and praying that God will help us restore our marriage and that my husband will be saved soon. I would greatly appreciate your prayers also.

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