Drawing Closer To God & Your Husband When The World Says DON’T!

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We live in a world that teaches self-centeredness. We are told to lookout for ourselves. We are taught to seek our needs and be satisfied, to consider our happiness above all. Not only are we convinced that responsibility and initiation rests solely in others, but we also justify blaming others instead of assuming any fault when things go wrong. When it comes to forgiveness, we are taught to withhold to teach others’ a lesson. We demand validation for our feelings, yet remain hard-pressed and prideful when others seek it from us, as if it were something to be earned.

This world and the mindset driving our culture is fallen, vulnerable to sin, susceptible to selfishness. The power of apology, humility, respect, and grace is dissipating exponentially with every rising generation. If we do not address this type of posture/attitude/behavior, it is only amplified when we are joined to another in holy matrimony!

When I became a wife, I was convinced I was close to perfect and that my new husband was the reason behind the contention we encountered. It took me years to admit that I too was contributing to our marital struggles, that I had sin affecting our relationship, that I had room to improve. My selfishness almost cost me my marriage.

What changed?

I did!

I surrendered to God’s will, repented from my sin and turned towards The Lord. In those moments of repentance, God’s grace transformed me! Amidst a world that teaches us to turn away from God and seek happiness, I chose to draw closer to God and seek holiness. My heart changed for the better. With my heart aligned with God’s, I also began drawing closer to my husband. I gained a deeper understanding of the design of marriage and the true meaning of love. God filled me with wisdom that made me a better wife, a woman who could forgive easier, pursue reconciliation, and seek to satisfy my husband’s needs above my own.

What did I experience as I drew closer to God and closer to my husband?


My marriage has been radically transformed by God and so has my character. I still have room to improve, but the best part is that I can now admit that! I feel like I see things more clearly and can approach life, namely marital issues with maturity, reason, and Holy counsel. My marriage is extraordinary and I am confident it is because I drew close to God even when the world and my flesh wanted me to run the other way!

Wife After God is a 30-Day DevotionalSummer Marriage Splash - Jennifer Smith purposed to inspire and encourage other wives to experience extraordinary intimacy with God and in marriage! I challenge you to stop listening to the teachings of the world that leave people feeling empty and instead satisfy your heart by drawing closer to God, which will draw you closer to your husband!

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Day 5: Transforming Love

Focus Verse For The Day: Romans 5:18-19, 2 Corinthians 5:17-20

Reconciliation redeems relationships, restoring harmony, peace, and agreement.  Anyone who has ever truly forgiven another has experienced the awesome power of reconciliation.

God has given you the ministry of reconciliation, making you an ambassador to be at peace with others and to appeal to others God’s gift of amazing grace. You have been given the ministry of reconciliation in your marriage. This requires that you extend God’s grace to your husband and to mirror Christ’s love regardless of circumstance or situation.

You should walk in humility, forgiving your husband as God has forgiven you, restoring harmony, peace and agreement in your marriage. Remember, Christ did not wait for an apology from anyone before surrendering Himself in humbleness to make things right, rather He initiated by acting first. As a wife, you have a remarkable opportunity to experience the awesome power of reconciliation as you seek to restore your relationship with your husband at any sign of discord or sin. This is not an easy thing to do. Your pride will tempt you to withhold, your intellect will try to justify what is fair, your heart will attempt to manipulate your motives. However, if you fight your flesh as Jesus did, for the sake of reconciliation, your marriage will thrive with true intimacy.

You can get more details for this book at WifeAfterGod.com

Summer Marriage Splash Book Recommendations:

Team US by Ashleigh SlaterTeam US: Marriage Together by Ashleigh Slater

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AshleighSlater: Encouraging Couples to do Marriage Together

200429208-001100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson

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Club31Women: Sharing a Passion for Husband, Home and Family

The Virtuous LifeThe Virtuous Life of a Christ Centered Wife by Darlene Schacht

“Powerful, is right. This is such an encouraging and challenging book for any wife to pick up – whether she’s newly married or been married for many years.” ~ Amazon review

Time-WarpWife: Keeping Christ at the Center of Marriage

Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph

Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph

“I came away from the book with practical tips to loving my family better, making my home a haven and strengthening my relationship with Christ.” ~ Amazon review

WomenLivingWell: Finding Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids and Your Home

Wife After God by Jennifer SmithWife After God by Jennifer Smith

“Whether you are going through a rough patch in your marriage (like we all do!) or your marriage is doing wonderfully, there is something in here to encourage, challenge you and help you improve your marriage and your walk with The Lord.” ~ Amazon review

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