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***Update: The Winners have all been contacted and they are:

Macbook air

Alicia M.

Ipad Air

Lupita W.

$100 Apple Gift Card


Congratulations! And Thank you everyone for participating! I still want to encourage you all to keep sharing your story, even if it is just with a friend!

One of the most powerful ways I encountered God’s healing in my life and marriage was through sharing my story. I first opened up to my husband about the heart issues I was dealing with. Then God gave me the courage to share with friends about the struggles I wrestled with as a wife, as well as the those I wrestled with in my faith. My book The Unveiled Wife is the journey God took me on to be unveiled as a bride and how I learned to navigate transparent conversations in my relationships.   As I grew in my understanding of what it means to be unveiled and bravery rose up in my heart, I became an advocate to encourage others to share their stories! By creating UnveiledWife.com I believed in making it a safe place to talk about the issues we all are facing in hopes that we would all encourage and affirm one another. The coolest part is I have witnessed this happening over the last 4 years and it has been incredible!   There is power in telling our stories!   When we openly and transparently share our stories and how God is working in our lives, people relate, are encouraged, and are directed back to God!   Having a computer really helped me share my story. I started my blog, UnveiledWife.com, from my laptop…and that is when the magic happened!mac-giveaway-fixed   In celebration of my book coming out, the book that is my story, The Unveiled Wife: Embracing intimacy with God and your husband, I wanted to host a giveaway that would inspire others to have the same opportunity I did to share my story in hopes that it would give them the courage to share theirs!   Revealing or unveiling the deepest parts of our hearts is not easy. It is actually a process that requires you to go back to those painful memories and experience the rawness of those wounds again. However, when the words come forth and you receive a “thank you” from someone on the other end reading your story because it helped them know they are not alone, you will see God’s hand move in a powerful way.  And by unveiling yourself you will experience freedom and peace and healing like you never have before.

So, are you willing to enter this giveaway for a chance to win a brand new MacBook Air in hopes of writing out your story to share?

  • 1st prize: 13inch MacBook Air

  • 2nd Prize: iPad Air

  • 3rd Prize: $100 Apple Gift Card

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