Exploring Central Oregon’s Todd Lake | Vlog #17

From Spring to Fall, as the weather permits, my husband and I are really intentional about “Saturday Adventure Days!” Every Saturday we wake up early and try to do something fun with the kids. Whether it is a hike, exploring a new town, or going to a favorite park, we are diligent to get out of the house and spend quality time together as a family.

We wake the kids up with so much excitement,

Today is Adventure Day!”

And they go nuts. Every time. They love it, because they know mom and dad are going to be with them doing something awesome.

These adventures don’t have to cost much either, which is great! We try and get creative on what we do, which means sometimes we spend money and sometimes we just budget for the gas to get us somewhere. We often pack a lunch and a bunch of snacks. Creating healthy family memories is important to us, so adventure days are super significant. We hope this encourages you to break away from work, technology, or anything else that has your attention and have fun with your kids!

At the beginning of fall this year we went to Todd Lake, one of the many beautiful lakes along the Cascadia Mountain Range. Here is a short vlog we shot capturing our fun!


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