Our Family Is Our Greatest Adventure: Family Vlog #3

I wrote this poem as part of a very special birthday gift to my husband to share with him my heart on our family…and to tell him that we are expecting…again! Little #3 will be joining us this fall! I was so thrilled I was inspired to write this poem. I love the title and the powerful meaning of this poem, but I would like to add that God is ultimately my personal greatest adventure, hands down! Family comes in strong though <3  

Below is the video of me surprising and reading the poem, then the words are written out below that. 

Our Family Is Our Greatest Adventure

Every day my love for you grows deeper,

Every moment with you, I treasure.

There is no better place, than right beside you,

My heart content with perfect pleasure.

You have given me your whole heart,

You have lived up to all of your “I do’s,”

A flood of appreciation washes over me,

Considering how truly blessed I am to have you.

I have learned of who you really are,

And I have let you learn me too.

Walls came crashing and bridges we built,

With God uniting us like glue.

Together we have given each other

The extraordinary gift of love,

We have done it all and more, my friend,

And we have thanked the Lord above.

We know it was Him who saved our marriage,

It was Him that gave us life,

It was Him who granted us our ministries,

And it was Him who took our strife.

Every day my love for you grows deeper,

Any storm we face, we can weather.

In all my moments spent, I’m certain

Our family is our greatest adventure.

And as the Lord adds unto to us a blessing at a time,

We embrace His will with willingness and consider it pure joy.

A legacy of God’s perfect love revealed,

In every girl and boy.

I love you dearly, my darling husband,

I love you to the moon and back!

And if there is anything else you should know,

It is that our life together has no lack.

May we continue to draw closer to each other,

Fixed on God’s redeeming mount.

Cheers to us and to our family,

Let’s make every moment count!

-Jennifer Smith for Aaron Smith


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