Our Favorite Restaurant In Salem & The Oregon Zoo | Vlog 23

My husband and I LOVE food. We always joke that we should quit everything and do a food blog, just so we could travel and eat and write about it. We may never ever do this, but every once in a while a place is too good not to share.

Word of Mouth Bistro in Salem, OR, has some incredibly delicious food. We have been there several times now over the last few years as we pass through Salem during our trips to Portland. By the time I’m back home, I am dreaming about our next visit. The food is that good!

Our favorites for breakfast are the cinnamon roll pancakes, the creme brulee french toast, and the incredible flying biscuit. If you are near Salem or anywhere in Oregon really, please do yourself and your marriage a favor and grub on some good food at Word of Mouth. It will be worth it!

After we got our bellies nice and full, we continued on to Portland and spent a few hours at The Oregon Zoo. Being basically snowed in all winter long, this was a little slice of heaven for our children. The sun was out, it was 65 and breezy. We didn’t realize it was the last day of spring break, so exiting and parking took about an hour and the park was full, but it was all good. Our kids were excited to see some of their favorite animals.

For more of our crazy adventure, watch our family vlog about this trip:

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