Fighting The Cycle In Marriage

Every month around the same time strange happenings occur.  My husband will say or do something that radically offends me.  I try to get him to understand why I was offended or frustrated by him, but we always end up arguing.  I experience a great weight of stress and anxiety, avoiding the one who I was offended by.  When things get quiet, my husband will come to me in gentleness and suggest that maybe I am just sensitive because I might be starting my period.  Once the suggestion is exposed my heart races even more with irritation because I feel like he is overlooking what he did, blaming our argument on my hormones.  This has happened more times then I can count.

Do you experience this type of tension in your marriage every month?

As much as I want to believe my husband’s offense was horrible, he is right about one irrefutable matter… I am always days away from menstruation.

So is my husband really offending me, or am I irrationally sensitive during this particular part of the month?

My husband is a good-will guy with every intention to love and adore me.  He never gives me evidence that he is playing against me, yet in those moments that we argue I convince myself that he is the enemy.  Just a few days ago we actually battled a similar scenario like the one I mentioned above.  After almost an hour of bickering, bitterness rotting my heart, confusion in my husband, and the unspeakable suggestion being exposed, my husband wrapped me in his arms and repeated three times, “I am not your enemy.”  I broke.

There are other times that we argue, but our reasoning and communication never reach the intensity that occurs days before I start my period.  So what is it and how can I bring it under control?  My husband has asked me to keep track of my cycles and be aware for myself when those particularly sensitive days draw near.  He does not want to be the bearer of bad news, especially when he knows I am sensitive and feel offended.

I am not sure why exactly I chose to rant about this today.  Maybe there are a few women out there who have experienced this kind of tension, but have not attributed it to their hormones.  Hopefully this will shed some light on our conflicts!  The truth is we are not alone.  Whether we have figured it out or not… its something we can all be aware of and attempt to keep under control.  Also, we women could all use a few prayers during this particular time of the month! AMEN?!

If you have any suggestions on how to keep track of your cycles and how to maintain a calm and peaceful heart during those sensitive days, please share:)

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