Encouraging Letter To Gabrielle Reece

I believe our culture has a skewed perspective of marriage these days.  Partly because people engage in the gossip that stirs about celebrities.  By joining in, the sin of gossip is perpetuated and the pressure can have an ill-effect on those in the spot-light giving more content to publishers who provide a platform to share about the skewed views of marriage.

Our generation is now facing lies including:

1. Marriage is not a good thing

2. Divorce is ok

3. Marriage is not needed

I am on a mission to reinstate the value of marriage and redeem societies view of celebrities.  I am passionate about encouraging, not gossiping.  I desire to change the way our culture operates, but I can’t do it alone!

Will you join me?

This Month We Will Be Sending Letters To Gabrielle Reece!


Gabrielle Reece is an American Professional Volleyball player, actress, model, sports announcer, author, mother and wife. She married Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton on November 30, 1997. This month marks their 16th year of marriage! Gabrielle shares how being submissive is a sign of strength for women, which I admire her for.  It is not easy to defend submission in today’s culture!  Let us encourage Gabrielle and her husband and congratulate them with a warm

“Happy Anniversary!”


If you are interested in joining this love movement and feel like God is inspiring you to encourage Gabrielle Reece and her husband please take some time to follow the steps below:

1. Pray and ask God to anoint your letter.  Ask Him to use you to encourage Gabrielle and ask Him to inspire the words to write!

2. Write Gabrielle a brief, personal letter, including words of encouragement and a prayer for her and Laird (Please do not criticize or judge anywhere in your letter, remember this is about reflecting God’s love for them!)

3. Note specifically in your letter that the wives at Unveiled Wife are praying for them.

4. Take a picture of your letter and post it to Twitter or Facebook tagging @unveiledwife and @GabbyReece

5. Seal your letter to Gabrielle in an envelope and use the address below:

Gabrielle Reece
GoToGabby, LLC
PO Box 2227
Malibu, Ca


6. Somewhere on the front of the envelope write boldly “unveiledwife.com/gabrielle-reece”

7. Stamp it and send it!

8. Be an advocate and encourage other wives you know to do the same! (via word-of-mouth, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Here is my letter: Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this!  Please be in continued prayer for Gabrielle Reece & Laird Hamilton. Also, be praying that God uses all of these letters to move mightily in both of their lives and that His will is done.

Dear Gabrielle,

My name is Jennifer Smith.  Like you I also struggled in the first four years of marriage, so close to calling it quits. Despite my convictions of not opting out through divorce, the pain of the hardships we faced threatened our relationship.  But like you, I also pulled through!  With God’s help I pulled through. I lead a community of wives online through my personal blog unveiledwife.com, passionately encouraging wives just like you and me not to give up on marriage.  I wanted to send you this letter to inspire you and let you know that there are wives cheering for you and praying for you! God loves you Gabby! And God loves your husband! You are a beautiful woman and your passion for marriage is evident.  Although some people do not understand the beauty of submission, you stand strong on your belief of it being a key ingredient to having a thriving marriage…and I respect that!  I pray that your marriage continues to encourage other marriages as you and your husband remain faithful to each other. I am praying God fulfills your marriage completely and the community of wives through UnveiledWife are also praying!

– Jennifer Smith

Unveiled Wife

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” – Ephesians 5:21-24

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Gabrielle and her husband Laird.  I pray that you would anoint their marriage and fulfill it completely.  Bless Gabrielle in her role as a wife, equipping her to carry out your will as she submits to her husband.  I also pray that she can continue to share the message of submission and its power in marriage.  Protect her from people who do not understand and may come against her.  As her and her husband are in the public’s eye may you shield their marriage, strengthening their love for each other daily.  If Gabrielle ever feels disheartened, lonely, unsure about her purpose in life or about you, may your Holy Spirit intercede and comfort her.  Send encouragements to her in radical ways.  I also pray that you would protect her husband as he ventures the open waters.  Use his talent to bring you glory.  Bless this union and all of their endeavors and draw them close to you in Jesus name AMEN!


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