Getting To Know Me More – A Podcast With Delight Your Marriage

delight-your-marriageDelight Your Marriage reached out to me about coming on their podcast to share about my marriage and what I experienced that led me write The Unveiled Wife.

You can learn a ton about me and my story through my writing on this blog or in my book, but you can hear my heart through listening when I share about shows I have been on.

I pray and hope this podcast that was recorded blesses you!

{Listen to DYM Episode 6: Heartache Transformed Through Uncomfortable Honesty with Jen Smith}


In Part 2 I share about how there is no such thing as a perfect marriage! I also dig into 3 things that have contributed to my marital success. And at the very end I give a piece of advice that I wish I could have told the young Jen in her first year of marriage.

{Listen to DYM Episode 7: Part 2: Painful Intimacy But God Had A Plan with Jen Smith}


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