Encouraging Letter To Giuliana Rancic

Think about the impact we could make in other marriages if we responded to celebrities with letters of encouragement and prayer for their marriages?


I hesitated to follow through with this love letter movement when God first gave it to me a year ago. I am sure it was fear that hindered me; fear that these celebrities would never receive the letters, fear that they wouldn’t care even if they did, and fear that wives who are a part of Unveiled Wife would not want to participate.  I soon realized that my fears were hindering me from obeying God.

So I jumped in with faith!

Although we have not heard back from these celebrities since we launched the project in January, there has been a great response from other wives who are willing to participate in loving on these celebrity wives.  Unfortunately, there are still some who do not agree with this movement, believing that we should focus our efforts on our neighbors, family, and friends.  As much as I agree that we should be encouraging all wives around us, I still feel responsible to respond to God’s call in loving and encouraging celebrity wives.

God showed me that although many celebrities seem to “have-it-all” they still struggle with marital issues just as we all do and they are in need of encouragement just as much as we are.  My prayer is that God uses the strength and love in our hearts to reach out and impact other women, women of influence, women who need to be reminded of God’s love for them!  

I want to encourage those of you who do not feel called to write a letter to a celebrity wife, to pray about writing a letter of encouragement to a wife you know personally.  My heart for this movement is to see wives influencing, comforting, and loving other wives!  I think it would be powerful and I believe God is calling us to take action!

This month the Unveiled Wife Community will be encouraging Giuliana Rancic!


Giuliana Rancic is a news personality, anchoring on E! News, in addition to co-hosting red-carpet events such as the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.  She married her husband Bill Rancic September 1, 2007.  Giuliana and Bill star in a reality show together about their lives which first aired in 2010.  Guiliana has been open about their desire to have a child, as well as her diagnosis of early stage breast cancer. On April 23, 2012, Giuliana and Bill announced on The Today Show that they were expecting their first child, via gestational carrier.  The two will welcome their baby boy this month!

This couple has been through quite a bit in the last few years, while maintaining their careers and their marriage.  I pray that our letters of encouragement would increase their joy and hope, revealing how much God loves them. May we specially pour into Giuliana as she steps into her role as a mother.  Congratulations to both of them on their little blessing! 


If you are interested in joining this love movement and feel like God is inspiring you to encourage Giuliana and her husband please take some time to follow the steps below:

  • Pray and ask God to anoint your letter.  Ask Him to use you to encourage Giuliana and ask Him to inspire the words to write!
  • Write Giuliana a brief, personal letter, including words of encouragement and a prayer for her and Bill (Please do not criticize or judge anywhere in your letter, remember this is about reflecting God’s love for them!)
  • Note specifically in your letter that the wives at Unveiled Wife are praying for them.
  • Take a picture of the letter and post it to Twitter or Facebook tagging Unveiled Wife and Giuliana (Twitter: @GiulianaRancic).
  • Seal your letter to Giuliana in an envelope and use the address below:

Giuliana Rancic
3 Arts Entertainment
9460 Wilshire Blvd
7th Floor
Beverly Hills, Ca 90212

  • Somewhere on the front of the envelope write boldly  “unveiledwife.com/giuliana-rancic”
  • Stamp it and send it!
  • Be an advocate and encourage other wives you know to do the same! (via word-of-mouth, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of this!  Please be in continued prayer for Giuliana and Bill!  Also be praying that God uses all of these letters to move mightily in both of their lives and that HIS will is done!

Here is my letter!


To see who we have written to in the past and to write letters to other celebrities click HERE!

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