Glass Beach & Our SoCal Meet-up | Vlog #13

As long as I can remember I have had a desire to see Glass Beach. I don’t know when I found out about it, but it has been years. When my husband and I decided to drive down to California this summer, I begged him to take a detour to see Glass Beach. This is it behind us. img_4707

I am not sure if I was uncomfortable from how long we had been traveling or how much more we had to go in our trip or how far out of the way it was or because I was pregnant and emotional or because the experience didn’t measure up to what I thought it would be…I was a little disappointed. By the time we got there and saw the shore, we were all ready to turn around and go. It was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, it just didn’t live up to this standard I had always hoped for.

None the less, I was super grateful we got to see Glass Beach! Seeing the ocean up close and personal, no matter what part of it, always amazes me.

While in Southern California, we didn’t do much vlogging…instead we hung out with family, attended my cousin’s wedding, got Olive’s lip untied at the same place we had Eliott’s done and then prepared for our meet-up.

Meet-up’s are always a blessing to Aaron and I. It is a chance for us to meet the people we encourage online and see them face-to-face. Here are a few snapshots of those who came to hang with us for a bit:


During meet-ups there is usually no agenda other than meeting one another…however, for this particular one, Aaron did give a little inspirational message for marriages as you will see in our vlog. I couldn’t record the whole thing but you can see a glimpse of it.

This vlog is Part 3 of our trip from Oregon to California. (Part 1 & 2 HERE) We hope you enjoy!

More photos from our California adventure!






So far, both of our kids had lip ties and Eliott had a tongue tie as well. We went to James T. Jesse for both of their corrections. It is a nice place in Southern California and it is a super quick procedure. Ice cream always helps afterward too!


This couple, Tom & Heidi, are mentioned in my book The Unveiled Wife, credited for being used by God to save our marriage. Forever Best Friends!




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