Here Is What God Is Teaching Me About Demo Day – Smith Family Vlog #4

A few weeks ago my husband and I closed escrow on our very first home. We fell in love with a place that needed a lot of work. What we thought a weekend of demolition would be, turned into a few weeks. After peeling off one layer after another, we realized the house needed more than what we expected.

I love the show Fixer Upper. I am sure that the show inspired our desire and confidence to even take on this wild project. Every step of the way I have wanted to call Chip and Jo and ask them their opinions! We did luck out…we have friends that love this kind of adventure too!  The husband is project managing and the wife is my designer. It is working out perfectly for Aaron and I, who have no idea what we are doing.

Almost everyone’s favorite part of Fixer Upper is DEMO DAY! That and the reveal, am I right?! So we tried to film our days of demo for you. Our house is a 1960’s ranch style that had a few additions. If you want to see what we have been ripping apart check our our family Vlog.

Here is what God is teaching me about demo day and how it is necessary for our hearts. Just like walls came down in our home and my husband pried nails out of wood and ripped sheeting off of the roof… we need to give God that kind of access to our hearts. There are layers of unwanted behaviors, sin, and strongholds buried deep, and parts of our character that need to be removed. We have hidden garbage in our hearts and minds, we have parts of our character that are rotting. And we won’t even know it until we allow God to peel the layers back.

It is hard work. It sucks to have everything opened up and vulnerable to other elements. But what is more detrimental is the corrosion that will take place if we don’t get ourselves transformed by the Holy Spirit.

God is the true architect, the brave designer, and incredible author of our lives. He knows how to deconstruct the parts of us that need to be removed and graft in the parts of Him we need. If we don’t let Him in, then the poor insulation, the bent nails, the bowing ceiling, the mold, the broken glass, it will all threaten our ability to provide a safe place for us to live and a safe place others can find friendship and love.

Demo Day is messy. Clean-up is required. The process to build up after demolition takes time. So when God comes into your heart to tear some ruins out, expect the same. It is messy, emotionally messy. Clean-up and taking steps to help clean-up are required. Building up from where you are takes time, so don’t get discouraged. Trust God and have faith that in His time, you will be transformed.

Here are some photos of our progress! 

This first picture is of our kitchen. Doesn’t look like much yet! Cabinets should be here in the next two weeks!


This is the hallway down the south wing. Haha this house is so long! Our laundry room will be on the left side and our office will be on the right.




Our bathrooms! The back one is the master that use to just be a toilet and vanity with a small room for a washer and dryer. Now I can see it coming together to feel like a master bath.



View from the backyard! There is trash everywhere!


Stay tuned for more next week! It is going to start looking like a new house really soon!

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